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carter Jun 2022
moonlit skies, your hand in mine
you look so lovely, why am i so shy

i want you to feel loved
i'll keep you from being judged

no one has to know
we don't have to show
carter Jun 2022
i knew a girl, so sweet and so kind
i knew a girl who used to be mine
carter Jun 2022
Why don’t you just let down your walls?
You’ve been hiding for so long
carter Jan 2022
just another one leaving
another hole inside my heart starts growing

i still miss her
and i'll miss this girl too

never really got too close
never really got to know them like i should

before they'd be shipped of to a boarding school

and why? 'cuz they liked me
and they were told to only like guys

is it my fault? i was born in the wrong body
so what if they like me?

"love is love", it should be preached more often
but now, i'll just keep on hurting
why can't i have a successful relationship with a girl without her being sent to a boarding school? it's awful
carter Dec 2021
when you stop loving someone
they'll start to love you less
until the love is gone
carter Dec 2021
wish I could pull you right back into my life
wish I could pull you right back in my arms
wish I could pull you right back to me
carter Dec 2021
I've missed you since that day
I have to stop myself and say

"that was april 6th, years ago"
"now it's 2021 and I still can't seem to let it go"

spending late nights in your car
but we'd never really go that far
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