Zoey Apr 26
Is it possible?
After everything you have known turns out to be distorted and foggy.

The memories you thought you had suddenly change.

But how can you leave? When he begs, and confesses his love for you.

Surely he can’t be lying this time?
Or he’d let you leave.
Is it possible to trust someone who has broken your trust in the worst way?
  Mar 21 Zoey
Some pray to not feel guilty
because they know
they've made someone unhappy
not intentionally, no
but for our pleasure, maybe
Right, wrong, don't follow
it escapes our mind till its too late
that it becomes unnecessary
to just say sorry
  Mar 21 Zoey
Take my hand and lead the way
tell me all you want to say
Whisper softly in my ear,
all those things I want to hear
Kiss my lips and touch my skin
bring out passions deep within
Pull me close and hold me near
take away my pain and fear
In the darkness of the night,
be my beacon, shine your light
In the brightness of the sun,
show me that you are the one
Give me wings so I can fly
for I can soar when you're nearby
Enter my heart, break down the wall,
it's time for me to watch it fall
I've been a prisoner, can't you see
Break my chains and set me free
Strip me of my armor tight
you'll find I won't put up a fight
Release my soul held deep within
For you’re in my heart where love begins

Zoey Mar 11
The beginning.
The sweet beginning.
When butterflies rage in your stomach and flutter up your chest.
The sweaty palms and the beating of the heart which feels like it’s ripping you from the inside out.
The eyes and smile that capture you at first glance and bring out your curiosity.
But.. curiosity killed the cat?
Are these eyes of loyalty?
Does his words speak truth?
So I hold back, of course.
He slowly breaks me,
Just letting himself right into my heart.
I thought I was holding back
Zoey Mar 11
i broke the rules for you and a part of me changed.

Mesmerised for so long,
The lies you told spin like a web from a spider in a cold dark corner. cold dark corner I want to curl up in. Tangle myself up in this web you made.

The thing about finding out the lies. It changes memories. It taints them.

Almost if none of it was real. Not the way you thought it was anyway. But it’s okay, I forgave you. I broke all my rules for you.
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