Mar 21 Zoey
Some pray to not feel guilty
because they know
they've made someone unhappy
not intentionally, no
but for our pleasure, maybe
Right, wrong, don't follow
it escapes our mind till its too late
that it becomes unnecessary
to just say sorry
  Mar 6 Zoey
You make me so happy, but I'll never tell you, cause my feelings are confidential... And my moods temperamental...
  Mar 6 Zoey
Amanda Francis
I went to bed with flowers in my hands and woke up carressing a rifle.
My delusion of self can offer me no help, cause you've been twisting sides.
Making me fall in love with you, you're waging a war of lies.

Cold metal sooths open wounds, I never knew you could be this cruel.
fragments of the mirror stare back at the fragments that remain.
Theres nothing I can see that looks anything like me.

So' I'm wondering where I am and who you are?
and when this ever got this far?
I idolised you and now i despise everything you do.
I can't stop myself asking, am I falling out of love with you?

— The End —