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JC Jul 10
Well here's a freestyle
Let me rap a mile
As I put on a smile
And think of tiny tiles
Like stepping stones
Or skeleton bones
To make words flow
Off the top of my head and
In yo girls bed
Yeah I'm freestyling
I'm straight up wildin'
I've got the mileage
For proverbial cartilage
Calcium, muscle, all the organs are here
For an MC that everyone fears
Let me take a breath
And wallow in death
From the mic massacre
You feeling the burn?
Yeah, get lost, ****
I love poetry.
JC Jun 21
Here I am
A lonely poet
But a poet forever to be

As I wish and I wait
For a dream to escape
And possess a lover's embrace

To which I scoff
And shake my head
But hate for it not to come true

As well as I want
I'll script my heart out
And begin my journey anew

But writing I shall
And writing I will
For a poet I truly am

For I write and I weep
For the dreams I keep
Thus the new day began
  Jun 18 JC
Summer nature song
Sweet chorus and cry from far
Birds flies with freedom
Just came back from an outing. It's a lovely day out today!
Stay safe and well today, everyone!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
JC Jun 11
Don't ever give your heart
To someone who doesn't want it
JC Jun 3
To why I write
It's because I can

As to what I write
Anything, man

I'm not your average poet
Writing about life's hidden meanings

I'm just the average poet
Writing about life's greatest mysteries

Also, my poems don't make sense
Is this satire?
JC May 31
Another day, another dollar
I’m here again
Making a difference
Either bigger or smaller

Than the day before

I rush and I pray
For someone to stay
With me
But I understand that I’ll wake up
And realize life is only
One day at a time

So it’s making a difference
That matters
Either bigger or smaller

Than the day before
JC May 31
What is 2020?
In America, it's a lot
Lootings, shooting, people with diseases
The chaos never ceases

I was once proud of this nation
Today, I'm not so sure
Nobody likes each other
And I feel like everyone is to blame

Maybe we can band together
For one last struggle
Against ourselves
But only God can predict our Fate

And it's only May
Can someone tell me
Everything is okay?
Drunk but stable. Comments please!
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