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Saumya Dec 2018
There is a difference between wanting to die and not being scared of death
Saumya Apr 2020
Romance is sweet nothingness
Saumya Jan 2020
If you had nothing to hide why was no one supposed to know
Saumya Jan 2019
You can always misspell Santa for Satan so be careful of what you wish you ;)
Saumya May 2020
Can a love that began with someone else's sacrifice have a happy ending?

A love secret and unconfessed.
A love so great that even torment is sweet for me
Saumya Apr 2020
Tossed and turned in bed for the past two hours,
This isn't insomnia but you.
Saumya Dec 2018
Our hearts were at the same pace that day but we didn't know how we felt for each other
Saumya Jan 2019
I might not be here for the whole of February (and March MAYBE)
I have these exams, Boards which are specifically for tenth graders. I'll get preparation leave for it.
So I'll be at my father's place for next month to prepare!
I might not have access to any electronic devices there since I don't have my own phone so it'll be difficult keeping up with HP.
That's pretty much it I guess xD
Thank You for all the love though. This has really been fun so far! =)
Saumya Jan 2019
"Prey on the weak too much and they become predators"
I read it somewhere and it has been my favourite quote since then
Saumya Jan 2021
Now and then, here and there
I'm burning in violet flame.
Writing stuff that only makes sense to me
But it's fascinating how when someone else will read this and form a perception completely different from mine and maybe even relate to it
Saumya May 2022
Hello everyone, how have you been?
It feels weird that I stopped using HP and haven't been here for more than a year. I used to call it home and I left it unannounced.
A lot has changed during the past year and yet I feel a strange sensation on coming back here like going through an old album while you were on a cleaning mission.
Thank you for taking out time and reading this!
This is not a poem. Just a short note
Saumya Apr 2020
If it was just the two of us in the world, would you like to look at me then?
Saumya Feb 2021
My stomach has butterflies and I'm the cocoon
Saumya Jan 2020
A desire which cannot be hidden is covered by an even bigger desire
Saumya Jan 2019
You kicked me out off your life
And I, fell in the puddle of poetry.
Which has embraced me since then.
This never happened to me though.
A friend of mine introduced me to the world of poems.
Saumya Dec 2018
If you've fallen into a pit then you don't need a ladder to come out but a desire
Saumya Sep 2018
I'm not scared of the tenebrosity of a room, I'm scared of the thoughts which struck me.

I'm not scared of humans, I'm scared of the demon which resides in them.

I'm not scared of being alone, I'm scared people will forget me if I'm not in touch with them.

I'm not scared of going naked in the outside world, I'm scared of losing my self-esteem.

I'm not scared of the society, I'm scared of the hoaxes they spread.

I'm not scared of your love, I'm scared of being abandoned by you.

I'm not scared of dying, I'm scared that I haven't lived enough.

I'm not scared of making memories either good or bad, I'm scared of these memories fading away.

I'm not scared of the past or the future, I'm scared of the present.

I'm not scared of slumping, I'm scared of failure.

I'm not scared of asking questions, I'm scared they'll remain unanswered.

I'm not scared of being corrupt, I'm scared of losing myself. The sacred me.

I'm not scared of the aftermath, I'm scared of the side-effects it has.

I'm not scared of being scared, I'm scared that you'll think I'm frail.

this is my first poem.
Saumya Nov 2018
The tighter and closer I try to grasp you, the far you seem to go away.
But probably it's faith.
I'll probably wait for the time when our parallel destinies cross path again.
Saumya Jan 2019
This land is not suitable for Real Magicians anymore
Saumya Jan 2019
Even insignificance is worth millions
when it is pressed out off your lips
and fall onto my deaf ears
Saumya Nov 2018
The only thing I know about myself is I'm full of words yet unable to express myself
Saumya Aug 2019
Once a doubt hits your mind
it spreads like wild fire
Saumya Nov 2019
Don't succumb to your distractions because they're temporary but the effect of the efforts you put in now will last a lifetime.
Saumya Dec 2018
Whatever you lose, you'll find it again.
Whatever you throw away, you'll never get it back.
Saumya Feb 2020
Bloom anyway
Don't let anyone stop you
Saumya Aug 2019
My love blossomed for you, grew into a beautiful pink rose and began wilting as well but you were busy admiring other flowers all along
Saumya Nov 2018
During my lay offs,
You fill in my head.
In a head full of dreams you've found a corner.
You make me wonder, if I'm too free to think of someone as petty as you or am I too busy thinking of someone as beautiful as you.
School crushes *sighs and shrugs*
Saumya Mar 2020
Death is always left for the living
Saumya Feb 2021
I'm forgetting how to smile
My life is driven by my goals
More I move in their direction, the less focused I feel
I feel immense turmoil inside me, I want to be on the top but my results..
I want to cry but tears don't roll down,
I feel full all the time.
Nothing makes me happy.
I'm tired
Just punched random words. This isn't a poem
It something very raw. Thoughts straight out of my head
Saumya Dec 2018
We're like dispersed seeds.
We've no specific destination.
We're just blowing in the wind.
Once we've reached,
We either fertilise or wait for the right plant.
Or worse, yearn to go back to where we came from.
Saumya Mar 2021
Even seemingly harmless words can be cruel acts for some
Saumya Feb 2020
Break your walls down before they break you
Saumya Sep 2018
Your heart is as crumpled as the wrinkles on your face
The fading pages of your life story
Were alive by the fresh ink of your son's love
The pain of his betrayal was more than labour ever was
However, life gave you another chance
when the life's most beautiful news dawned upon you
You were bearing a child again
A news as divine and blissful as god himself
Like a little kid on the road brought you a rose made out of soiled paper
It's just a fragment of something I had written
Saumya Jan 2019
Poetry is what happens when You
Stop Thinking and Start Feeling
Saumya Oct 2019
Why does our soul crave someone else when we're so complete in ourselves.
Saumya Jan 2019
Ordinary Fellas : Objectifying
Poets : Personifying
Saumya Aug 2020
"At your door,
Do I turn and walk away this time?
If I'm brave, have courage then you'd know, the way I look at you,
the words I try to say,
you catch me in my stare.
I smile and turn away."
This is one of my favourite lyrics. The song is, as the title reads, Kiss me by Le Flex
Saumya Jan 2019
A problem only becomes a problem only if you believe it to be

Often others see you as you see yourself
Palace of Illusions ~ Chitra Banerjee
Saumya Aug 2020
How many times have you said it?
And How many times have you executed it?
Saumya Dec 2018
Saying that you're not important is like saying we shouldn't learn to read or write because it doesn't sustain our lives.
Saumya Nov 2018
You might love a monster it might even love you back but it doesn't change its nature
Saumya Nov 2018
Don't wear a mask for so long that you forget who you were beneath it
Saumya Jan 2019
I can see the love of my life,
Eating a sandwich in 4D
Saumya Jun 2019
Appearance is the devil, it ignores all principles and values. Lookism will probably never disappear
Saumya May 2020
People don't only get drunk over alcohol but everything they won't hesitate to love
Saumya Oct 2018
Everything seems so fragile, so delicately held together, the fields, the shimmer of the grey sky that the slightest disturbance, the smallest blunder would shatter it all.

You've made a mistake they always taught you not to in the ring. You've backed yourself in a corner, you're on the ropes and they're going to massacre you. So get yourself together, start moving, get out of the corner. You can do it!
Saumya Jan 2019
l o v e y o u r s e l f
Saumya Aug 2020
I felt a connection, did you too?
Saumya May 2020
I actually thought I was special
Saumya Nov 2018
Everything exists just because you're there to see them.
The mountains, the oceans, fields..All exist when you open your eyes.
Same goes for the people who hurt you, they exist only when you recognise them.
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