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May 2015 · 474
2 Types of People
Just Me May 2015
A realist are those that pick at what stands before them
They savor the moment of all cravings, live and let live
Those that are of no regret, take what is given, and retain to nothing
A hopeless romantic are those that feed on faith of higher being
They consciously analyze ever choice to its core, whether right or wrong
Those that are of selflessness, give without return, and expect nothing
May 2015 · 1.2k
Just Me May 2015
I linger for the touch of your soft skin
The naked beauty from within
The natural aroma of you
Sends me euphoric to sky's of blue
Heaven you are from where I stand
The hell beneath me I can't withstand
Waiting in day of angelic wings
Take me away from devilish things
May 2015 · 1.7k
Just Me May 2015
Once thought to be clarity
Mislead by our very own thought
What we do know, What we don't know
Comes into question
As a riddle it is continuously pondered
Circle in circle, round and round
No answers to be found
Listen to the heart, for it holds key
From beat to beat, it needs no reason for clarity
May 2015 · 479
In Between
Just Me May 2015
Your fulfillment no longer consist of me
What your hearts' desire has long been free
Hidden behind words I wish to seek truth
Why hang on when all has been a spoof
Believe what I see, believe what i feel
Sometimes I think it's unreal
Lingering emotions of what could be
Fading fast from what i can see
May 2015 · 658
Just Me May 2015
Never the same,
In feeling, in touch, in thought
Once was then,
In feeling, in touch, in thought
Now a memory,
In feeling, in touch, in thought
May 2015 · 857
Just Me May 2015
A weakness shown does not mean one is weak, nor does "a" strength shown make one strong.
Those that possess both are made blessed
May 2015 · 940
Just Me May 2015
I come to thee in a time of need
Asking to help make the darkness flee
God forbid if we will be
I know my wrongs but you chose not to see
At your boiling point you would say
All I asked was for you to show me the way
Leave the darkness and wishes will come as it may
Now i might not have another day
Apr 2015 · 2.1k
Just Me Apr 2015
No words will help this broken soul that sits on edge of breathless life
Hopeless stares into sights of nothing
No visions of beauty in anything seen be sight
Music no longer poetic to the ears
No scent tingles the appetite
The beauty of life no longer exists
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
Just Me Apr 2015
See me at my worst and be with me?
One would expect this as what a relationship would be
One who would never give up on thee
Comes a day where you find yourself free
Now separate thoughts, separate lives, and separate hearts
Wishes and hopes of what we could be
Concrete to point of view, perhaps a dream we will never see
Apr 2015 · 2.1k
You Will Never Understand Me
Just Me Apr 2015
At dawn's sight you will never fully see my vision
I speak of you where you will never fully comprehend
My nights realm you will never fully imagine
I miss you in ways you will never fully know
I love you where you will never fully feel
Apr 2015 · 992
Just Me Apr 2015
We need not regret, yet it's touch is unforgettable
As humans, we are inclined to take action
May it be anger, love, or retaliation, it is our choice to make
We live it, we breathe it, we move past it
We are human, we learn, but we never forget it
Days past, Days Present, Days Future, we base our choices from it
We hate it, We love it, It is what we are today and whom we will be
Do we need regret? We never forget it
Apr 2015 · 4.6k
Once My Bestfriend
Just Me Apr 2015
Determined journey has left us cold and silent
Never had I imagined that we would be as such
Words would flow at ease to the calming comfort, that once was
The calming of such that would bring us to slumber
Beside one another through the still of night
Your guided will  no longer mine, our thoughts no longer intertwine
Our differences set in stone, now my nights are all alone
Thoughts of you rush through my mind, I wonder if you miss me at times
A dream that was once you and I has become a determined journey of I
Apr 2015 · 181
Just Me Apr 2015
In part fear, unknown to us, we are thrown the aspect of life
In part faith, we take it on with no direction
In part courage, we gather our every bit of knowledge and heed the hurdles
Leap with strength, to the highest our vessel may reach
Mind, Body, and Soul
Thought in thought, step by little step
Day of hope, will be guide to breaking of new dawn
Out of darkness, sheds glimmering light
Breathe, as life at hand has touched
#poem #poetry # words #life #struggles #hope #willpower #strength #daybyday
Apr 2015 · 285
Just Me Apr 2015
Secrets untold, kept to death
It's truth an importance, far to great
For society, be it unveiled
Catastrophic in result of change
Thought, prayer, faith, and love
Be it my demise, with secrets untold
Kept to death
Apr 2015 · 377
Just Me Apr 2015
In clear thought, I see you
In confusion, I see you
In bliss, I see you
In sorrows, I see you
In sight, I see you
In dreams, I see you
My clarity, My sense, My smile, My shoulder,
My vision, My wish.
I see you
Apr 2015 · 334
What of I
Just Me Apr 2015
Simmered to a cold frost of what was passion
Converse no more of what was interesting
Confide in less of what was the only
Respect diminished of what was set a high
Importance no more of what was priority
Out of tune, out of touch, out of reach
What of I

— The End —