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 Oct 2017 juniper jones
I am ready to fall for you
Chest open
Eyes full
Hands reaching
New love  
Heart racing
Skin tingling
Palms sweating
In my fist sits my soul
Open to you
I wear my feelings inside out
I. Can. Give. You. New. Love.
Let me give it to you.
 Oct 2017 juniper jones
She wasnt the girl who you fell in love with, she was the girl you never had to fall in love with, she was just there one day, and there she stayed.  To you she looked a little different, laughed a little different, smiled a little diffrent, but for some reason you liked the way she danced to John Mayer at 4 pm in the living room. You loved that she was diffrent. You loved that the stars above her bed were the only thing that could soothe her. Sock sliding across her linoleum floor was your favorite sport to play. You Could survive without her, but you didn't want too.
 Oct 2017 juniper jones
 Oct 2017 juniper jones
the next time
you try to rub salt
in my wounds

i'll smile at you
with apathy

i've already
hit rock bottom
and made it
back home.
you are stronger than your suffering.
 Oct 2017 juniper jones
you and i
we'll move on
and forget all of this.

and maybe we'll even
find whatever it was that
we were looking for elsewhere.

and perhaps
we'll understand
why it ended the way it did.

but what we had
was precious and it'll
always exist somewhere.

in dying leaves and
the silences we shared
and maybe, the moon too.
 Oct 2017 juniper jones
i wonder
if it's him i hate or
the way he makes me feel.
i’ve given up on days that begin in late afternoon,
skipped breakfast and lunch,
days that fade slowly and end with
****** cut-out holes in eyelids because
the second i close them and it all goes black,
every moment with you comes back
played on fast-forward, the memories moving so quickly
that both our faces are blurred
and it feels like everything i’ve ever felt for you
is overflowing the tub, filling the washroom with
suds that take forever to melt

i’ve given up on those days.

i’ve traded them for ones that begin with
sunrises instead of sunsets,
days that are spent falling forward
instead of trying to chase the past, and i don’t
look back and see something broken, or
something that was better off left unopened

i look back and see our bodies so close together
that you can’t tell where yours begins and mine ends,
i see my heart that grew twenty-three times its size,
i see you and me wrapped up in something that
i didn’t know existed outside of blurry 35 mm
and overdue and falling-apart library books
that sit on the nightstands of middle-aged women
who are bored with their lives

and i’m just so happy i got to love you at all.

but i’ve folded up all the days spent with you
and taped them in the messy pages of my journal
and now i’m running into the sun,
running away from every lie that’s trying to
wedge its way in between my ribs,
running in the opposite direction of words like "regret"
and any feeling that insists that none of it was worth it

because all of it was worth it.

every moment we were together pumps
through my veins, and it will always be there;
it will be there when we’ve both graduated,
when you move out west,
when you kiss your family goodnight,
when you sit in your backyard with tears
in your eyes because you’ve lived a life
you are proud of

it will be there when i finally make it to new york city,
when i kiss someone who isn’t you,
when i find the answers you inspired me to search for,
when i sit on my rooftop with tears on my cheeks
because i’ve lived a life fuller than i could’ve ever imagined

and you and i will live these lives apart,
we’ll move on and forget what it felt like
to wake up beside one another;
we’ll find what we’re looking for elsewhere
and we’ll understand why this all had to happen the way that it did

but what we had will always exist somewhere,
in rotting apples and old mail and unplayed mix CDs,
in mosaics that line the city streets, in sirens and
red and white flashing lights that shine through
your window while you are asleep

you and i were magic,
we always will be.

— The End —