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Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Love Will Never Die
Juniper Deel Aug 2014
Love is like the fear in hope,
When men gain too much pride.
Although it seems to ever fade,
Love will never die.

And while the world is staved of faith,
And evil will be ever great,
Love can change and save the world,
And love will never die.

Peace on earth has never been,
But it will come with strong-willed men,
Charging through with open arms,
Love will come again.

We do what's right,
And fight to see the light.
It beckons, shining through a tiny hole. For as we get stronger...
So does the burning coal.

And as we know in our hearts
That love will come again,
We raise up flaming souls

Undefeatable within.
Aug 2014 · 406
Good Writers
Juniper Deel Aug 2014
A good writer
doesn't need to curse
in order to express emotions
or make a point.
Things like "I'm so ******* depressed" is NOT true poetry
Jul 2014 · 373
Take On The Night
Juniper Deel Jul 2014
Tonight I'm going to be me, and I'm going to be strong. Not the indecisive or confused teenager I usually am.
I will know what I want, and do everything with spirit and fire. I am proud of myself and who I am.
Jul 2014 · 732
Juniper Deel Jul 2014
My body wants lust
My heart wants love
And my mind is confused
Jun 2014 · 336
Perfection In You
Juniper Deel Jun 2014
I want to live simply;
And enjoy the small things in nature.

-When I invision my idea of a perfect life...
I see us; running through wheat fields hand in hand.
For no reason other than to feel the tickle of grain
As it brushes against our sun kissed calves.

I see dark, rolling clouds dominate the sky
And they weep for the tragic reality we live in.
But as you look at me
With raindrops sliding down your eyelashes
I know that we can be detached from actuality
Jun 2014 · 240
The Heart Is Demandimg
Juniper Deel Jun 2014
Rarely does the heart know what it wants; but when this unforgiving ***** does; there's no stopping something that beats every second. The heart holds all the power; with every pulse your stars are determined. You could fall in love...or you could die. And just like that a heart can stop beating, or it can start beating for someone else.
Juniper Deel Jun 2014
I want to drink you all night long...
So fill my glass with moonlit walks,
And late night talks.

We'll drink
And be crazy together,
But it can't last forever.

So in this moment...
Bottoms up!
Maybe another round?
Jun 2014 · 431
Who am I?
Juniper Deel Jun 2014
I so desperately want to be completely understood; I don't know who I am, and it's confusing and frustrating at the same time. If I had someone else in my head, finding yours truly wouldn't be nearly as scary as it is alone.
May 2014 · 634
Juniper Deel May 2014
Happiness can cause sadness; In the sense that when we have incredible moments that seem perfect, the feeling of ecstasy that pulses through your veins doesn't last. I live for those moments. The ones that carve a smile on your face and a story in your heart. The ones that take your breath away. The ones that, no matter how hard you try they can't be put into words. And I get sad when it's cold outside and my soul aches for the freedom of summer. I think back about all the times we had and how now they are memories that I try to relive. I wish I could be stuck in those moments forever; to be completely and utterly independent in a haze of pure happiness until the end of time.
May 2014 · 352
Untethered Romance
Juniper Deel May 2014
They sat by the river
On a perfect spring day,
She danced about him
In the middle of May.

Her arms above her head
Her little white dress

A crown of wildflowers
Atop her light main
Couldn't be held down
Not even in chains.

Biting his lip
He couldn't take it anymore.
And pulling her down
To the carpet of green
Her rainbow crown fell
And they made love with the trees.
May 2014 · 326
Another Life
Juniper Deel May 2014
Late nights lead to early mornings when your on my mind. So close yet so far. This drunken dream of ours has shattered, just like the mirror above my heart when you broke it.

How can I go to the ocean when your eyes are the same color? Tell me, how I'm supposed to make myself feel loved? It takes two to tango but baby I'm a wallflower that doesn't bloom for anyone else.

I want you to rumple my hair the way you do the sheets, messy. Trace a love story upon my neck,
One that only we can read.
Ingrain it into my skin so it's there forever. You know I would catch you a star, but oh you'd only catch a cold.

And sometimes I think I'm going mad,
Constantly tormented by your lack of presence. Maybe in another life we will get through the storm, cause the wind is a swirling disaster and my heart is icy without  you.
May 2014 · 429
Stars vs. Life
Juniper Deel May 2014
It's nights like tonight
That make me wish
I was under the stars.
To lay on my back
In awe and gaze.
The constellations make life
Feel so utterly simple.
May 2014 · 478
Guilty Desire
Juniper Deel May 2014
Flushed cheeks
Wild eyes
Alcohol on his lips.
Wind blown hair
Salty air
I can feel his fingertips.
Hot breath
On my neck
And your hands on my hips.
May 2014 · 3.9k
Some Nights
Juniper Deel May 2014
Some nights
I lay awake,
And wonder what life would be like
If you loved me too.

Your eyes so blue.
And a heart so true.
Lovesick in it's deepest degree.
Oh I wish you could see,
My point of view.
May 2014 · 285
Young Love's Tragic Flame
Juniper Deel May 2014
He liked
Those dark girls
The ones that
Wear all black
And lots of makeup.
Disturbed and insecure,
They were always
The ones for him.

But she was light and different,
And he fell harder
For her
Than the shooting stars
In the night summer

It was a love
Deeper than the ocean.
And nothing even needed
To be said.
Sometimes you would
See them smiling
At each other silently.
And you knew they
Were speaking with
Their eyes.

The two of them
Changed each other.
And they loved more
Than they had thought
She opened up his heart,
With a key she still keeps.

And for her,
He was the bad boy
In a black leather jacket.
He gave her
A sense of wildness
That she so desperately craved.
A rush, a high.
Being "bad" was fun
When they were together.

And the sunset continued
To hum their love song,
As they kissed underneath
God's masterpiece;
In a fury of color
Then darkness.

But if you were
To ask them now,
What went wrong
And why the sky doesn't
Sing anymore;
There would be no answer.
Because they didn't
**** their love.
The people around them did.

It's been almost
Three years,
He was forced to move away
And they haven't
Seen each other sense.
He's taller and more handsome now.
She filled out and looks better.
They both matured.

It's heart breaking really...
Because that fire
Burned so brightly
And now it's just
A pile of ashes
In the corners of
Their heart's.
May 2014 · 628
Bathing In Tears
Juniper Deel May 2014
Crying in the shower
Makes me feel like
The rest of the world
Is crying along with me
May 2014 · 338
Freedom Anthem
Juniper Deel May 2014
I want to be
Your late night
Barefoot on the beach.
Your sunshine
Swimming in the waves.
I want to be your
Freedom anthem.
Apr 2014 · 503
Black Scars
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
What if scars were black?
A deep and cold black.
We'd see all the pain
That people try to lack and conceal,
Sadness exposed.
And the world would know what it does to people.
Apr 2014 · 545
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
This is my life...
I hate that I'm not seeing more.
I hate that I'm not experiencing more.
I feel like I am wasting my life away
Into nothing.

And I hate that everyday
I'm held prisoner inside a government funded, cold brick building with people who drive me mad.
It only leaves me craving **more
I feel like I'm waisting my life away and it scares me that I won't do anything amazing
Apr 2014 · 682
High Hopes
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Is it too high of an expectation
For someone to treasure me?
Too much to hope for?
Does that only happen in fairy tales,
Or once every hundredth couple?
I hope not...
I want someone who adores me so much they can't find words.
Apr 2014 · 331
Summer Lovin'
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
I want cherry blossoms
To put in my hair,
And a sun dress to wear
On hot summer days.

Kiss my neck so I can
Feel your warm breath,
And take me out late
On a dark summer night.

Give me some lovin'
To spoil my heart,
This summer won't end
We're a rare form of art.
Summer romances are the best
Apr 2014 · 321
A Vast Lover's Ocean
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Oh that hour of ecstasy,  
Two hearts did enchant.
Burning madness
Overwhelming passion
A vast lover's ocean of fire.

She said unto him,
"Take upon my heart
For keeping,
And comfort me darling
In my days of weeping."

And he did.
But thus lovers fate
Suggest foreboding.

Once she did not return.
And her lover was overtaken by grief.
Words of the dead conflicting him.
Unsure and melancholy
He disappeared.

No one really knows,
They say he locked himself up
And away from life.
Misery was the drug
Of which he never restrained.

But I can see him laying there,
Thoughts of his precious lover
Running though that tired mind.
And buried deep within,
He has still kept her heart
Just like she said.
And he'll never give in.
Some people won't understand this.
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Wild Child
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
I am as wild as the ink from my pen
Apr 2014 · 347
Fill me up
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
I feel empty
Completely emotionless
And it's awful.

All I know is that I want something
To fill me up
But I don't know what that something is
This blankness within confuses me
It's bewitching and perplexing at the same time.
Apr 2014 · 239
Untitled Poems
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Untitled poems are always the best
Because poetry can't be labeled.
To me it's a miracle
The way a poet can convey emotions using words.
Some are better than others
But no one can identify
Every emotion they've ever experienced.
And if someone says they are able to
Then that someone is lying.
But that's a whole other ball game.

**Untitled poems are the best
Apr 2014 · 513
It's Done
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
No it's true
I'm not like the other girls.
We both know this isn't fate
But don't hate me
For pretending.

Let's take a walk
Or more of a run
An adventure without destination.
Follow me dear
You've got everything to fear
But accompany me
My beloved
To the fountain of youth

My allusions of grandure
They only reverse reality.
Like the smell after rain
Oh I can't get enough.
Enough of this spectacular illusion before me.

They say dreaming is a waist of time
But honestly
That couldn't be further from the truth.
How else I ask
Are we to escape this place
Only to face nothing but beauty

Now the time has come
To show me a world of splendor
Never again will I be numb.
Oh lover of mine it's done.
Apr 2014 · 2.2k
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Our souls are intwined
Like the roots of a tree
Forever togeather, internally free
Our hearts grow as one
Like a small baby fern
And we fall in love as the leaves turn.
Apr 2014 · 1.9k
Fixing Motorcycles
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
You've got to be kidding me,
He looks just like your ******* dad.
Fifty and dirt poor, tell me this isn't you. Because darling him fixing motorcycles won't support your life style. And you'll end up in debit, filling away all your dreams and hopes. You were meant for more than this, can't you please be stronger? Stand up for what you deserve.
Apr 2014 · 201
Just A Child
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
I'm softly holding on to nothing.
But that's ok cause because I don't want everyone to see; see beyond my anything but normal self. Because I'm oh so crazy and wild, and at heart I'm still just a child.
Apr 2014 · 1.0k
Spoiled Love
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Kiss me hard under the starlight
Never let go I'm begging you
Hold me tight, this is just right
Your touch on my skin I'm alright.

Love me more than I can myself, cause I'll never really know just how.

Oh baby you've got me more than the sun,
But next thing I know you'll be pointing a gun.
Hands in the air don't shoot.
You ******* don't be a brut.

Apr 2014 · 230
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
he is clothed in adventure  
radiating beauty, and basking in danger.
all these things my soul desires
think of the end; oh my mind tires.
but the bad boys always look this way
masked by charm
and they all act the same
Apr 2014 · 804
Melancholy Ocean
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Some days I feel I will drown in my own melancholy. Swallowed up by the need for elegance. Waves of thought silently crashing into me.
Mar 2014 · 207
Friends Again
Juniper Deel Mar 2014
Oh how things have changed.
I used to bury my face in your jacket,
Now I miss your smell.
The flavor of longing has left a dismal taste in my mouth.
Oh the times we had,
Playing in the fruit trees.
It brought me a feeling I cant have back.
Looking at that black and white picture of us;
I miss you even more.

And the last time I saw you,
I swear the tears where near.
Because betrayal is a punch to the heart.
I cant take this anymore.

There is an emptiness within,
It's thicker than this March snow.
Because you left me so fast,
And I cant take this anymore.
Mar 2014 · 203
Live On
Juniper Deel Mar 2014
Im scared I wont be able to do all I want in life;
Because when you compare the world to a human life time
Everything seems small.
But on my ever growing list
Living in fear is not on it.
So for now I'll complete the first,
And live on so happily.

— The End —