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julia Jan 7
He has stars in his eyes,
The sparkles like I've never seen before,
He speaks like there are more than just the skies,
The words that comes out I just can't ignore,

And tonight I turn the thoughts  of him into flows of words,
But he deserve to be more than just in sentences,
He is more than just how he looks,
He is more than the cracks in his soul,

He is a living proof that someone can be so broken, yet still be so loving,
I fell in love with those broken pieces of him and that feels amazing.
julia Jan 7
Knowing that their words doesn't hurt like it used to,
Has made her feel like she can go through anything,
What they say don't make her feel blue, it made her feel brand new,
For all she had done is letting go of the string.
julia Jan 7
The fact is, I didn't get the closure (I think) I need,
I ended up chasing something doesn't need to be chased if it's true,
I ran after it like in a wild goose chase even when I know that's a race I'll never win,

Now I know it's never me that's weak, or never it's about how "too much" I am,
It's because it can only carry mediocrity,
and I'm not mediocre.
julia Jan 7
How would you define strength?
Is it when your heart shatters to the ground and still beats?
Is it when you were thrown against the wall and still lives?

The pain that I feel deep inside me, all the betrayals that cut into my chest, I still feel them,
The words that lingers in my mind,
Still pops up in my head sometimes,

"Forget and forgive", they say,
"Only if it's that easy", I whisper to myself,

Only if it's that easy to bear if all I said were less important than his,
Only if it's that good to hear when all I ever hear was "you are difficult",

It was all I ever knew - always being the wrong one,
I built him a home, not realizing I was losing my own,
Forgetting I was enough,
Everything that happened is meant for me to find the way home,

And that, my love, is just my beginning.
julia Jan 7
It was when I stopped building homes in others that I found the home in me,
It wasn't an easy journey, to be this free,
For I have loved and lost many things, for I have cried myself a river,

That I realized, I have found my forever.

— The End —