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jul Dec 2018
i have flirted with death too much
and ive fallen in love.
our vows have been said
and now i live a life I am not content with.
and life taunts me with its bitterness
but yet i stay.
because death is a life i have to learn to love.
i belong to you, mi amor, mi vida.
jul Dec 2018
its hard to breathe when my
lungs are filled with substances i cannot name.
and its hard to see when my vision is
an empty whiskey bottle shattered in my brain.
diga buenas noches al chico malo
porque de repente estoy cansado.
say goodnight to the bad guy
because suddenly i am tired
jul Dec 2018
you’re poison and
ive been licking the bottle clean
countless nights ive forgotten
and ive been trying to remember
what sober feels like.
but you're better than any drug
ive ever had
and im addicted to you
jul Dec 2018
i open my mouth to scream,
to at least sob,
but my mouth is dry
and my eyes...
my eyes can no longer feel tears that trickle down towards my withered heart.
no longer living;
im blind of all things that once made me happy.
jul Dec 2018
subdue my cries,
if you can,
but ive been falling apart.
my emotions looking for empathy,
but i cannot help it
so help me.
jul Nov 2018
bring me closer to you,
until i am you.
until you breathe what i exhale, my agony,
until you understand why i am
but you do not, and you never will.
because the second you realize that ive almost fallen in love with the idea of you,
we start again;
at the beginning.
ive almost forgotten how we used to be, and you've seemed to already forgotten our conversations.
we are nothing but poets lost in love, in loneliness.
jul Nov 2018
you do not say goodnight to me anymore
  and because of that my nights do not end.
  my days do not begin until i pretend to forget
and i will fall asleep hoping that
not say goodnight

to someone else.
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