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Julie Schnell May 2018
Why do I give so much power
To the person
Who made me so weak
Julie Schnell May 2018
Trying to find a light
In a pitch black world

Attempting to get out
Of an endless labrynth

Feeling around for hope
With completely numb fingers

Yelling out for help
When completely alone

Taking a breath
While deep in the ocean

Loving someone
Who will never love you
im super emotional so here i am
Julie Schnell Oct 2017
You made me feel
Like I wasn't good enough

You made me think
That I was worthless

You told me
I was a waste of space

He makes me feel
Like I am more than enough

He makes me think
That I am a million dollars

He told me
That I am his world
I am back to writing! I know this *****, but I just wanted to put something up :)
Julie Schnell Feb 2017
Julie Schnell Jan 2017
You bring me joy
When no one else can
You calm my fears
When I have no control
You make me laugh
When I am drowning in tears
You stop my pain
When I am breaking in two
You saved me
When I needed it most
Julie Schnell Jan 2017
My heart races every time I see you
Not out of excitement or love
But out of anxiety and nerves

My body flinches every time you touch me
Not because of sparks being sent through me
But because I am scared to be hit

I don't feel any love towards you
But only hate
Julie Schnell Dec 2016
The ashes of a once strong love*
Lie spread across the cold floor
Being trampled on
By the feet of those
Who claim to care

They are all liars
They do not care
They whisper behind your back
And as they try to take the knife out
They stab your back even harder

You try to trust
You try your hardest
But it all crashes down
Surrounding you
Like the sadness controlling you

So you lay down
On the cold lifeless ground
Surrounded by the ashes
As you try to think
Of a single reason to take another breath
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