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Julianna Jul 2016
I struggle to accept that I am allowed to take up space.
Julianna Jul 2016
Thank you.
Thank you for illuminating my world
With the vibrant hues of your affection.
Thank you for heaving my dead weight
Past out of the trench it had been painfully
Occupying for years.
Thank you for convincing me
I am worthy of happiness.
Julianna Jan 2016
I'm afraid of becoming my old self of twisted ways.
Julianna Jan 2016
It's a funny thing to love someone.
To the rest of the world,
He seems humdrum and ordinary,
To me, he is wondrous and great.
I cannot rid my mind of him
As I replay thoughts of us together
Over and over while laying in bed
Julianna Dec 2015
Each day of my breathing existence,
I wonder what saintly act
I must've done to deserve such
An altruistic and affectionate
Person in my life.
Every night before bed
I lay in reverie, dreaming
Of a future with you by my side.
Foolishness has a beautiful facet,
And oh, how I love being foolish
With you.
  Dec 2015 Julianna
I know I'm not enough.
I promise, I know. So please,
I'm begging you,
stop reminding me.
I promise, I never forget.
But sometimes I get tired of
being sad, being upset.
I start to hold myself higher,
I let myself get past that roadblock.
But then you drop it suddenly atop me,
and I'm left further down the track than
I ever was before.
I know I'm not enough.
How many times will you remind me?
Julianna Nov 2015
I apologize
For encumbering you
With my despondency.
I'm sorry I cannot
Match the perfection
That is your being.
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