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julian Nov 26
5 years ago you and I became classmates
we just stared each other at first
and later on, become the closest friends

there were no exact words
that slipped out of your mouth that you actually liked me
but your actions has a lot to tell about it

our laughs, smiles, sharing of stories
was just a normal thing for me to do with any of my close friends
little did i know, it’s where it all started.

i remember us,
just laughing , sharing stories & snacks all day
we were just enjoying both of our accompany
god, we were so happy
i actually missed it

but one day, the way you stared at my eyes
was different already
when i’m laughing
i catch you looking at me
and sometimes, ends up smiling too

there was this feeling of unease
my heart was pounding so loud
and i know it’s wrong
because you’re taken already
my friend -
she’s still in a relationship, they’re actually staying strong and been together about 7 years already <3!
julian Oct 24
everything will surely change
because nothing in this world is permanent
however,  it’s still a matter of choosing between
it is what it is
change to have the best and less regrets
although change is constant, it’s still depends if we are willingly to let that something really be changed. you decide your own life and not by fate. Don’t let yourself flow with the waves, have a floater haha lol :)
julian Oct 22
some are desperate looking for love
and they seem to forget,
that they should love, not because they’re sad
- love is not just a simple thing, it’s a serious matter. It needs commitment and most especially, you should love yourself first before entering it. Don’t say you love a person when you still don’t know what love is :)

julian Oct 21
why do people change?
is it because we’ve changed also?
or just because they met someone new,
& probably someone better to us?

why do people change?
it ***** overthinking it
we’re on one page before
now we’re on the edges of our own sits

why do people change?
i always asked myself that
it’s a bit strange
because we are creating sentences & eventually,
you already marked a dot.

why do people change?
why changed?

julian Aug 23
past few months,
im just barely living
eating, sleeping , & just reading
im all sad & exhaust.
doesn’t have the reason to be happy at all
my body can’t feel the excitement anymore
am i that sad?
julian May 23
you could’ve been my best
i still chose the worst
julian May 17
the wound doesn’t hurt anymore
it just needs some compression
to satisfy and prove
that its actually okay
just like in us, i finally moved on but i just need some assurance that you’re actually fine now cause what i did to you, still haunts me every
now & then

wound = us
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