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julian Jan 13
Why do people leave some at the end hanging?
It’s a question that I wanted to be answered
Since the day you left me wondering
Why we stopped talking
julian Feb 2021
always been the wall
never been the one who lean’s on
julian Feb 2021
we should never settle for less
for we deserve nothing but the best
however, we become so dense
to people who are not worthy for our self
julian Feb 2021
i was longing for love
it’s actually been years already
but i’ve realized
that up until now
maybe there isn’t anyone
because the love i should have-
should start within myself
self love should always comes first:)
julian Oct 2020
everything will surely change
because nothing in this world is permanent
however,  it’s still a matter of choosing between
it is what it is
change to have the best and less regrets
although change is constant, it’s still depends if we are willingly to let that something really be changed. you decide your own life and not by fate. Don’t let yourself flow with the waves, have a floater haha lol :)
julian Oct 2020
some are desperate looking for love
and they seem to forget,
that they should love, not because they’re sad
- love is not just a simple thing, it’s a serious matter. It needs commitment and most especially, you should love yourself first before entering it. Don’t say you love a person when you still don’t know what love is :)

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