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Julia J Medina Jul 2013
When I pass by you
You won't even know that I was there
For I am nothing but a clear soul
I want to appear before everyone
But my sadness just swallowed me whole
In the darkness that is where I am calling home
Can I escape if just one person can see through me?
I hope that can be true
Julia J Medina Jul 2013
My windows are barred
All of the doors are pad locked
The alarms are on
I am stuck inside my room
The only thing I see is the sky which is really blue
If only I can grow wings
So I can escape this cage
So I can finally do something else for a change
Julia J Medina Jun 2013
Our past may come to haunt us
Should we run
Or should we face it

Should we be mad
Or should we be scared

Our past may encounter with us in the present
But does it mean that it can ruin our lives
We shouldn't because we learned from our past
So it doesn't mean we can't fix the present

Lets see if we can do something in the present
So we can make up for our past mistakes
Julia J Medina Jun 2013
My eyes are open
But my heart is closed

All I do is see
But my heart never skips a beat

Its like no matter what
My heart will never skip a beat for me
No matter how many nice guys I meet

Is my heart trying to be mean to me
Or is it just warning me

Or is the real problem really me
Julia J Medina Jun 2013
My life has just ended
Or has it barely begun

It feels like I have been thrown
Into a life I've never encountered

The walls I had have disappeared
Which means I am free
But where should I go
Since I have never been anywhere
But here

I guess I have to start somewhere
So my new life can begin
I wrote this poem on my graduation day
Julia J Medina Jun 2013
Love can be like water that can save you or it can be poison that can **** you. Would you drink it freely or better yet drink it without curiosity about it. Either way love can be a gamble.
Julia J Medina Jun 2013
When you push love to me
I will walk away from you
But if you follow me
Something bad might happen to you
The only thing that will hold my heart
Is my guitar
But the person that will stop you
Are my brothers
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