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Jayden Feb 2019
have you ever heard a song, that draws out so much emotion?
it allows all your feeling to flow through your eyes.
you just cry.
it almost sounds like the words are meant for you.
it brings back certain memories and experiences that you may never experience again.
and you just cry.
and listen.
to every word.
every beat.
there’s so much power,
in the sound of music.
Jayden Feb 2019
trust is very fragile.
in fact, speaking the word may break it.
it can twist and turn.
flip in side out, right side in.
but the moment you break it.
it’s hard to get back.
you might even lose it forever.
Jayden Feb 2019
he makes me happy.
happy birthday.
Jayden Feb 2019
You’re not invisible, only see through...
Jayden Jan 2019
they fill your head before you sleep.
when you’re trying to concentrate.
when you just wanna relax.
they are your worst enemy.
and your best friend.
they never failed you.
you always had something to think about.
something to worry about.
someone to worry about.
they would never leave you alone.
they were there in times of despair.
and times of happiness.
Jayden Jan 2019
i just got an award.
an award that means nothing.

mic drop
funny one just cause
Jayden Jan 2019
My therapist says I should do this and do that.
I say no.
And she says that’s exactly what’s wrong with me.
I disagree.
I’m mostly quiet
I prefer to keep to myself.
my thoughts.
My feelings.
My secrets.
They all belong to me.
My therapist says she can’t help me.
But that isn’t why I’m here.
Im here because people think somethings wrong with me.
But in reality.
They’re the problem.
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