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JCabanilla Jul 12
You weren't a saint
But it's okay
I love you and I like you
With flaws and imperfection
JCabanilla Jul 12
I miss our sweetnes,
I miss the feeling of moment that we first met.
I miss your sweetness,
I miss you and you only.
JCabanilla Jul 12
My words wasn't enough.
You still need someone else.
I'm still not enough.
You still need different words I guess.
JCabanilla Jul 6
You were my silhouette.
But you were also my favorite rendezvous.
You were the home I wanted,
But I wasn't the one you needed
Day 18 is too painful and personal so I won't be posting it
JCabanilla Jul 5
Have your serene smile,
And your night will be fine.
The sky will look surreal,
Full of star for you to see and feel.
JCabanilla Jul 5
Moonbeam makes your dream so sweet.
Stars will read you a right story,
And time slowly making you fall asleep.
A good night won't let you fall too deep.
JCabanilla Jul 3
The shooting star falls,
Have one wish for you to speak
Good night and sweet dreams.
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