Planting seeds all alike
Some rot and lose the might
Toil he does for every grain
be it sun or the wanting rain
Watering and tending
With his bare hands
Watching the field of happy thoughts
Beaming with happiness,he stands tall
The farmer
With a happy crop
well deep
in the middle
in a huddle
that shimmers
in the pond
the bass and bluegill
play and jump,
the sun in merry
summer sparkle,
waves amok.
the turtles
in the cattails
sleep and f*ck,
sweet and slow
in humid bask
near the willow
and the milkweed
at the silver edge
the schools
of fish and horny
frogs are laying
eggs, the water
awash in cresting
froth, rippling
life in blues
and greens
in hot July's
long, warm nights
of swimming
in the cold spots
of the pond's
black deep,
where the fish
grow fat
to eat.

कुछ लमहे
बिखरा दें दिल की ज़मी पे,
बारिशें हैं
शायद उधर
मोहब्बतें पनप जाएं...

Let's disperse
some moments on
the land of hearts,

It's rainy season
maybe the love
germinates there.....

उदासियों का एक कारवां लिए फिरती हैं
ये शामें जाने क्यूँ फिर भी तन्हा गुज़रती हैं

Move with
a caravan of melancholy,
Yet the evenings pass on lonely!!

Feeling lonely....
Drenched in diamonds
The Soaked silken necklace
Jewels of Nature
Nature makes its own art .

not retrieved on time,
If preserved carefully....
"the valuables" and "the moments"!
keep spending on your people..

life is like a bird
set it free on time,
will forget to fly
if caged for long!

वक़्त पे खुला छोड़ दो जिंदगी को
उड़ नही पाते हैं परिंदे लंबी क़ैद के बाद
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