ख्वाहिशें मचलना सिखाती है।
हकीकतें लगाम देना सिखाती है।
Desires teach how to be crazy!
Realities teach how to control!

When people lie,


in calculating
my intelligence level...

Haha.. haha

19 th October 2016
*Writing happened overnight
Some pent up thoughts
Confused no where completely understood
Clarity and Connect
With self
The need to express well

Wrote the night whole
Out ,came The Soul '

Held defences high
Not wanting to break the shell
Some chapters always
Never to be visited

Yet life can be strange and funny
However well planned
It takes it own course
Makes you read listen and understand
And learn those very lessons

The student in me
Awakened Anew

Glad to have found my words
Or maybe the words found me
The right tone for the inner voice
Well timed
No more confined

My journey at HP
Has been intense
Learnings immense

Reading all your words , sharing mine
The encouragement and love
A connect with a family unknown
A feeling so warm to have arrived home *

A protective family
Not a worry about the unknown(life)
Lessons unknown
Make you stronger
And our children(catalysts) bring in a greater sense of responsibility and learning

An unfinished piece in my mind
Leave it as it is
As  many more lessons to be learned

Thank you all for the connect, the motivation, inspiration and love .
Love peace and blessings to you all !!
Good morning/Good evening/Good night :)
My greetings to all .

It's Diwali Tonight Festival of Lights
Celebratory Mood Festive Food
Gifts and Treats, Sharing a Delight

The House Well  Lit
Decorated in Bridal Colours

The Courtyard and Front Door
Decorated is the Floor
In Colourful
Designs and Patterns  

The Porch Lit Bright
With Earthen and Sky Lamps
And Decorative Lights

Welcoming The Goddess 'Laxmi'
For Good Luck , Wealth and Prosperity

Fineries Adorned
The Family comes together in the evening
Reverently Offering Prayers
Following the Rituals .

Friends come visiting
Sharing the Love Warmth and Light
Mithai and more Mithai
Calories not bothered About
Once in a year it's a Delight

Children burst Crackers
And Light  up Sparklers
The Night Sky lights up Bright
Yes it's the Festival of Lights
Spreading Happiness and Cheer
The Light within Burns Bright

Mithai -Sweets
Rangoli- Powdered colours used for drawing designs on the floor.
flower petals are also used to make Rangoli  designs

Happy Diwali my dear friends

I light a candle of love
Lord, may it burn true
May it burn ever brightly in my heart
The flame of Love for You

I light a candle which burns ever bright
To overcome delusions
May all darkness take flight

I light a candle of knowledge
To dispel all ignorance in me
Illuminate my intellect
That I am one with Thee

I light a candle of hope
May it burn away all despair
Leaving only The Beloved
No here  ~  Or there

Inspired by Diwali...

A festival of lights
Let the light in
And accept the darkness
From within!

Diwali is the festival of light
Showing us to focus on the brighter side of the darkness.
Happy Diwali to all of you!

Decorate this Diwali
with the depth of relations,
Not with the height of
decibels in explosions.

Let's spread the fragrance
of mutual joy and laughter,
It's unfair to pollute with
the smoke of cracker.

Let's make noise together
when our country shines,
Let's not annoy the neighbors
with the unwanted sounds.

Let's scatter the light
of love and care,
Let's illuminate the heart's
with concern and share!

Let's respect the five
valuable gifts of nature,
Freely available are fire-

Volunteer for safety
health and friendliess,
In this way "HAPPY DIWALI"
makes a true sense!

Diwali is a festival of light n warmth of relations..
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