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Judypatooote Aug 2016
My great grandpa Pete
was a handsome man

I would look into his eyes
and somehow understand

His hair was all white
and his eyes power blue

He spoke only German
But I always knew

That he loved me, for you see
He would always share his rock candy with me.

He gave me a doll
with a painted face

It was made of oil cloth
and had no lace

It's torn and ripped
but that doesn't matter to me

Because when I look at that doll
It brings back a memory

My only memory
of my great grandpa Pete

My doll and my candy
Now isn't that SWEET?

by ~ Judy
My great grandpa Pete lived with my grandma....i would stop by after school and sneek up to see great grandpa Pete...a great memory...
Judypatooote Jun 2016
When you are a child you want a dog to play with.
If your a girl you dress it up in doll clothes
you talk to it, put it in a buggy and push it around.
Thats what I did.
As an only child this dog was my buddy.
That dog's name was Trixie.

Then when you are in your second childhood
as a senior citizen you have a dog
who you talk to, he wiggles his tail
he goes for walks with you, sniffing every
blade of grass
and would eat his meal with me.
This dog's name was Buddy.

A dog is like family
whether you are young or old.
they capture your heart.
And then when they die
They break your heart.

RIP ~ BUDDY 16 years old....
Judypatooote Feb 2016
Hopalong Cassidy

When I was a little girl
Hopalong Cassidy
Was my hero
I would watch him on the television  
Riding his horse Topper
And then
Hiding behind chairs
Running from one to the other
Shooting the bad guys
With my finger gun.
One birthday my mom surprised me
With a whole Hopalong Cassidy outfit.
I had a vest with fringe,
The cowgirl skirt, the hat
And best of all
A Hopalong Cassidy WATCH
And a silver play gun in a holster
In my imagination
Back in the 40's
To play Cowboys and Indians
To shoot the bad guys
With a finger gun
Or a silver play gun
To use the word Indians
Without offending anyone
So Sad that kids can't play
Cowboys and Indians anymore
Because you wouldn't know
If that gun was real

By judy
I wrote rhis poem when i read an artical on a 5 year old boy who was exspelled from his school for pointing is finger at another student and saying bang bang.  What a different world we live in now compared to back when...
Judypatooote Jan 2016

Why is it so important
to leave that snowman hanging
On your front door
Until it stops snowing?

Why is it so important
To switch that snowman up
For a Valentine heart
All red, pink and frilly
On the first day of February
Hoping someone
Remembers you with
A red rose or a box of candy?

Why is it so important
On the first day of March
To turn everything green
For St. Patrick's day,
Green hair, green beer
And a huge green shamrock
Hanging on your door
Green is Contagious
After all it's the color of money
Who doesn't love that and

Why is it so important
To finally haul out that cute
Easter wreath
The one with a little bunny
And speckled eggs
With Easter grass hanging down.
And a few jelly beans scattered around.
Its now on my door

Why is it so important
That we change with the season
What hangs on our front door?
We have Spring flowers,
4th of July, halloween,
Thanksgiving and the beautiful
Christmas wreath...

By judy
I always change the wreath on my front door. I love Holidays.
Judypatooote Jan 2016
When your an only child
and have a dog,
that dog becomes your best friend.
My dogs name was Trixie
a little fox terrier
who was as gentle
as a best friend could be.
We would sit underneath
the dining room table
while mom sewed, and
I would dress Trixie up
in baby clothes
and push her around
in my doll buggy.
As a best friend
Trixie just layed there
like she knew she should.
Why should she,
because I talked her into it.
Dogs understand things
more than we realize.
One Christmas Eve
Trixie ate a whole bowl of
chocolate German *** Candy.
Imported from Germany
She lived to wag her tail for us.
that candy had real *** in it.
She wagged her tail, and staggered
as she walked.
Trixie never chewed up things,
or bothered anything,
it was Christmas Eve
and I think that the devil
told her to do it....
My best friend Trixie
lived for many, many years
and they say chocolate can
**** a dog, and certainly
*** didn't seem like it
was made for a dog.
Having Trixie as my best friend
made my childhood days
really fun.

By judy
A childhood memory.
Judypatooote Jan 2016
Isn't it Grand?

We had a rolling kitchen door,
and I would play elevator.
All by myself...

Going Up!

Because as a child the
elevators in the stores
had an elevator operator,
who would call out the floors,
and they had beautiful
music playing, that is why it is
called elevator music...

Isn't it Grand?

I would get in my dads Mercury
car, grab a cattail from the ditch
and pretend I was driving to the carryout.
I'd pretend the music was playing
while pretending to be smoking
the cattail...I even would put my
arm out the window
pretending it was the turn signals.
All by myself...

Slowing Down!

My dad would take me to the carryout,
in the summer while at the cottage.
I would always con him into buying me
Chocolate Cow pop, and a sucker...
Worth the ride...

Isn't it Grand?

While at the cottage, to pass time away,
I would walk down the beach
where trees had fallen into the water.
In my mind I was a gymnast.
I would jump on the tree which
was large and old with big branches
sticking out of the water.
I would hold my arms out to the side,
sing a song and walk like a gymnast...
All by myself...


If I got bored, mom would have me
weeding the sand, down on the beach.
so if I complained, then my mom would
Use her Imagination...

Isn't it grand?

by ~ Judy
Growing up an only child, i had to use my imagination to fill my days.
Judypatooote Jan 2016
I'm having a memory...
It's hot out,
I'm young,
I have a good body,
(well better body)
I'm in a two piece bathing suit,
Covered with baby oil
Mixed with iodine,
Laying on my chaise lounge,
With the sprinkler misting me,
Drinking a cold ice tea,
Two sugars and lemon,
Listening to Al Green sing...
Oh dear,
I just woke up,
Al Green is still singing,
But I'm flopped in my lazy boy chair
With my memory pillow
In back for my back...
The two piece bathing suit
And good body are gone...
And it's white outside...
Where did the time go?

By Judy
As a young mom, we never had a pool, so this was my way of cooling off and relaxing...
When your young, you don't appreciate memories, it takes age and the ability to remember anything that makes life special...i was a lucky one who has great memories...
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