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Judy Klein Nov 2013
The old fire place
was least 90 years old
It came with the cabin as the story unfolds
it was a log cabin with a stone chimney
the chimney ran all the way down in side
Where near was a chair where the bearded man reside
Now as the story is told
The wood was cut and properly stacked
Along side the fire place was a burlap sack
we looked through the window and what did we see
lots of toys and a Christmas tree
dancing elf's were all about
was a huge locomotive train sitting on a track
going around and round click clack
bells were ringing
The angles were singing
  Christmas chimes were hanging
there was even a drum set banging
our child eyes were all lit up
as we lean against the window pane,
looking in and seeing the tree filled with candy canes
as the little elf's drank out of Christmas cups
There was Santa loving it so much
wow their getting ready for the Christmas year
** ** ** we heard him say
as his long white beard was white and gray
we have to make the toys
for all the little girls and boys
dancing and prancing  running all about
Mrs Clause is in the kitchen hearing her shout
baking cookies
pies and candy canes ties
hair pulled back with her apron on
Singing Christmas songs
The little else was singing along
wrapping presents and filling socks
Near Santa chair hung the Christmas clock
oh how exciting this Christmas year
awaiting for the reindeer to appear
on Christmas eve night that's coming near
Santa string the wood in the old fire place
warming the cabin for the season race
whistling and singing all night  long
Christmas eve the reindeer came
Dasher and prancer,
Donne,r and blithesome
Rudolph the famous reindeer of all
not finished ,need to put in a poem...
Judy Klein Nov 2013
Thanks giving
Is a day we all wait for,
the women in the kitchen
baking  apple and Pumpkin pies
Men are still out hunting with the other guys
What a wonderful time of the year to spend
With all your family and friends
Preparing for the preparation
excitement for the celebration
O what a wonderful time of the year.
Not fished yet still working on this poem
Judy Klein Oct 2013
The mirror of life
You look into it and who do you see
some one looking back and is looking at me.
Need to finish
Judy Klein Oct 2013
The Mirror of Life
looking into the mirror who do I see
Some one looking back, and it was me.
Once such a beauty and always on stage
Years later she looking back and how she has aged.
Aging is a beautiful and full of wisdom
It does pay a price and them some.
Some times what appears we lost,
it was time to leave be hind.
Midlife is not a crisis;
it's a time of rebirth to find
it's a time not to accept your death;
you have a lot of wonderful years left
It's a time to accept your life.
live it as there no to morrow
and never a day with any sorrow
The mirror of Life
You are beautiful and that so right
aging is a miracle of process
and it just don't happen over night.
But look in the mirror and who do you see
Some one beautiful looking back at me.
Judy Klein Oct 2013
A Book With Dust
Sat on the book case and never been touched
Now this book was big in size
The knowledge more than I realized
Every book had been read
except this book with a golden edge
I would dust the case and take a look
but always went passed that certain book
as years went by I had a library room
every book bought was read very soon
except between them all sat this book
and every now and them I glance with a look
One day as I was putting books back
this large book fell off the shelf and opened
and when I looked down the words were  loudly spoken
it read
I tell you, everyone who acknowledges me before others,
the son of man also will acknowledge before the angles of God;
but who ever denies me before others will be denied before the
angels of God.
Luke 12:8-9
Over all these years and with the unknown
Here lies the book with all  answer unfold en
This large book with the golden edge
sitting on the shelf near the ledge
was the book of the Bible
The most important book in the world
Judy Klein Oct 2013
people that died and came back
amazing miracle and that's a fact
a nurse Witness what its like
that life does go on
  to the other side and be yond
we need life with faith
that's alot for some to take
On the other side yes theirs heaven
those who were present to witness at eleven
The reality is that its a fact and a miracle
From here to the other side
Believing the reality in heaven
who were saved and came back
no longer cling to the earthly thing
when others that experience what it brings
there they were and did not want to come back.
this is real reality and that's a fact
In one split second their souls disapears
Prayers transcends time and places with no fears
  souls from here to the other side
death experience can be a wonderful thing
passing over and coming back on angle wings
death can happen in a miraculous way,
it can also happen any day
our souls come in and our souls leave
We only stay til eternity.
Need to put this in the words of a poem, in the making Name of it will be "From here to the other side"
Judy Klein Oct 2013
My Journal is a hard cover binder
It always lays on my coffee table liner
It's from Costa Rican
It's not allowed to even peek in
It's made from natural fibre paper
also sits a Candle from the yankie candle maker
Only my hands hold this book
and the pen writes the note's
for me to take a look
My writings are deep and full of scares
With hate, love and passion they are
Screts that follow my senses
On each page there's written words
words that were never spoken
Like a ship that sales at night
on the ocean far away
sits a boat lite house
I'm alone in my pages
Started young and into my ages
sighs and tears were dropping here
Like rain drops in the ocean with a boat
sinking be yon the pier
Need to finish
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