Jude Allen Apr 2016
Planets glide is perfect row
awaiting golden light of day;
To bask in warm eternal glow
And soak in every endless ray.

Two people dance in tender grasp
embraced as one- enamored sway-
that all who gaze and wander past
remember anniversary's day...

Happy anniversary my love...
For Her, on our anniversary.
Jude Allen Mar 2016
A thousand square pegs
are of no use when
confronted with a triangular hole.
Just as a colander
has no value to
carry soup to a bowl.
Like distant starlight
unseen in the sky when the sun
is so gold...
I am worthless,
no value to list-
and long to be finished
and relinquish my role.
"All this I cannot bear to witness any longer; Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home?" - Metallica
  Dec 2015 Jude Allen
In the silence of your breathing
My heart heals
My tears dry
My soul is at peace
In the purring of your slumber
My stress dissipates
My fears are quelled
My broken spirit fuses
In the comfort of your aura
I am who I am meant to be
I am someone I always dreamed of
I am... whole
I love you so very much
You are such a blessing
Jude Allen Oct 2015
Suddenly, what was right
is flawed;
Restricted, redacted, and outlawed-
forbidden fruit- by caprice, on a whim.
left untouched 'til
sanctioned again,
illicit though
this heart of mine-  
Unthinkable, untouchable, and forbidden-
At least I know my soul is free,
Unfettered 'til the end of time.
Jude Allen Jul 2015
I can't write
isn't mine to be written,
I can't complete
that don't want to be done;
I can't save
a word
that should best be forgotten,
I can't hold
to the light
at the set of the sun.
Jude Allen Jul 2015
When you're finished
with the last page,  
close the book...
Paraphrasing a character from the movie "The Love Bug".
Time to move on to the next creative endeavor...
  Jun 2015 Jude Allen
Birthed at the center of my soul
You are my very heart
You are the seed of compassion
And the water with which it blooms

Birthed at the center of my soul
You open the window of joy
And close the doors tinged blue
A teacher of spirits, of freedom

Birthed at the center of my soul
Your kindness bleeds into me
Saturating my casing
Rendering me tender, despite myself

Birthed at the center of my soul
We became...as intended
Entire beings
Flowing between a unified spirit
Connected now as then

Birthed at the center of my soul
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