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the one guy at work
who complains the most
about the *** in the doorway
drives a new audi
julia angle Nov 22
i stopped expecting anything
and i forgot entirely
that anyone existed
even myself
we were all flowers
it became so peaceful
tall walls around a green garden
i must have drifted off
julia angle Nov 22
big blue I know you
seen you smile the real way
wide eyed and serious, afraid
big blue on the longest days
I loved you
showed me how
how to be so cool
wondering now
how’d you get so
so big blue
julia angle Nov 22
together somewhere else all the time
sometimes just behind eyes
or in parallel lives
a beautiful thing that nothing’s mine
sister went crazy
mom made a shrine
anything always of course anytime
julia angle Nov 19
in the light it’s different
thinking in the morning
where did all this come from
julia angle Nov 14
imagine! all the love you thought you had to give away so desperately foisted unto nobodies till you were so empty and cried with your whole body alone and so young but it was never meant for anyone else and you are its master forever it lives inside you an infinite resource bubbles out like an eternal springtime discussing with flowers and leaves and cabbage butterflies how lucky to have this is ours forever

— The End —