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Juan Bot Mar 20
It rises above the clouds,
It is the master,
and the slave.
It is the wretched creature,
awaken from a thousand years of sleep.

But at what cost?
At what show will it play,
and to whom?

Its the sand from the sun,
the second note on every song,
A tuned instrument squealing at the command of its master.

A pig in the barn,
four legs,

The clock ticks each morning,
yet the sun settles every night.

When they come,
We will leave,
But in the direction of the rising moon.
Stay Safe everyone!
Juan Bot Mar 20
Dry up, little puddle,
Why not reveal your true form

Ascend into an illusion,
beyond human comprehension,
vanish from the eyes of your creator,
to float to another world.

What makes a great salad?
A stream of lettuce?
Book up? No! Book down.

What when where what,
Do you speak of such a manner?

Distributed upon his 7 sons,
Risen above the mountains,

He rises,
He shrieks,

But where is his wife?
Juan Bot Sep 2019
Where there are humans
You'll find flies,
And Buddhas.
After I travelled to Japan, I was inspired to write this haiku.
Juan Bot Jul 2019
Butter, like a fine piece of work
Is impacted upon the slim toast
Like grass on the soil
Like me with you.

For many years I've dream't
Unbeknownst of your presence,
Kneeling down before me,
And with those shine in your eyes,
Zig-zagging along the ground,
A fine snake trail leaves behind you.
Where did the time go?
And she still stares at me.
To my one and only love. Still there. Waiting...
Juan Bot May 2019
I am a biological weapon!
With my new favorite song.
It took seconds for John to realize that
it was his cellphone ringing.
He also hardly noticed the stop sign
right in front of him
as he crashed into the shrieking of a fire.
I am a beautiful day.
I say that with love.
Partially them to the slideshow for a couple of laughs.
the brown sugar.
I am sure you have to be a man,
and instead tilted is head of the Gavsie Dynasty.
Juan Bot Apr 2019
Twelve days away
I shudder in fear.
Eleven days away
I shed a tear.
Ten days away
I shift and shake nervous.
Nine days away
They say his roar is furocious.
Eight days away
Like the second coming he comes.
Seven days away
Like a boulder he weights 2000 tones.
Six days away
The children prey.
Five days away
It's the end of life's day.
Four days away
The loved ones are missed.
Three days away
Loved ones are kissed.
Two days away
We know that we are soon doomed.
One day away
The last supper is consumed.

The wrath of shim commences
And we die.
The Mayans said that the world will end in 2012. They were 7 years early.
Juan Bot Apr 2019
To live life you must pay a price
Not to whites
But to the system

What is the system
All the white cis gender males
The plague 2.0
The second coming

The evil **** that lie beneath the earth
I hate men
Yes I hate men

I am willing to rip off my own testicles
To join the female army
The true cartiers of good.

Because I am a feminist
And I'm proud!
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