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Poetry Addict Oct 11
The silhouette of a jumper
Dirties the sky. A protest
Against the universe, one last
Obscenity hurled at the street.

The jump echoes inside me.
Another Icarus. Can I claim to be so noble
To fail so utterly?

The taste of blood fills my mouth in sympathy.
Oedipus tore at his eyes when he saw his mistakes.
Fate loads the die.
"he turns his crazed eyes, and all of life’s experiences
well up, like a pool of guilt, in his gaze..."
--Cesar Vallejo
Poetry Addict Oct 11
The grass wept for her, the ice whispered--
A miscast Adam threw the fruit like a protester’s stone.

And this flesh of your flesh, a rib overthrown by stars
This Eve stepped forward with a smile, in
For a fragile moment in my life.
  Sep 2 Poetry Addict
The softest thing,
the sound of

a single
of a dry eye,

that slightest scratching sensation
of your lens against you lids,
reminds you
Heavy perfume of cedar
Overwhelms the nostrils

Needles crush underfoot
Alone without You, Lord
I seek you in birdsong

swelling the heart.
I no longer believe, but at times I'm almost inspired to.
Tangled in waves
Bathed in solitude and breeze
We battle the water

Wind brushes me
Senses awakened and touched
I breathe newborn

Into the void of sky
I sigh
Don't actually swim out there--dangerous--but the water is still beautiful.
A self unraveled by knowledge
A Faust, memories perched like bird
Squawking and squawking

Driving down country roads
Remembering, like a repeating tape,
What we have just seen
Lost wanderers. I feel we are all Faust, in a way.
My life is a black comedy, its airtime rapidly evaporating
the autumn of my childhood’s eden.
Fragment from a longer poem.
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