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Dec 2020 · 266
Say bye to love
Ju Clear Dec 2020
We loved we played we reproduced
We fought we built stronger
Now you have gone I wonder
Was it real
I am broken I will fix and rise stronger
Sep 2017 · 586
Bed time
Ju Clear Sep 2017
Love thy knashers
Come on love yourself I know it's late and an effort 
A bit baked
You have lost many 
One for Lilly
One for Freddy
One for Jerry
One for Clary
One knocked out by accident long ago
My smile gone for a while 
Distracted whacked
You can do this brush them knashers
It will be too late than you think
Enjoy those knashers 
It's later then you think
Enjoy yourself 
Knashers are not a dress rehearsal
Teeth for thought  brushing teeth
Sep 2017 · 837
Polly tunnel of love
Ju Clear Sep 2017
Polly Anna
Pollyanna you are my wheel of nutrition .
For 8 yrs you have empowerd me in your humid heat
You have made all the veggies for our plate
Lifted the weight of decisions from my head.
Seasonal is how we role .
Thank you Pollyanna for your warm embrace .
The ambudence of your veg is emense
Polly Anne oh my polly tunnel of nurtritional love 
With a new skin your keep on giving
Keeping a family in your season grow.
Seasonal is how we role
I love you Pollyanna my tunnel of meditation
My kitchen would not be the same without you .
Your solace is much needed come brexit
Seasonal is how we role
Food for thought while in my Polly tunnel
Sep 2017 · 332
Ju Clear Sep 2017
Pollyanna you are my wheel of nutrition .
For 8 yrs you have empowerd me in your humid heat
You have made all the veggies for our plate
Lifted the weight of decisions from my head.
Seasonal is how we role .
Thank you Pollyanna for your warm embrace .
The ambudence of your veg is emense
Polly Anne oh my polly tunnel of nurtritional love 
With a new skin your keep on giving
Keeping a family in your season grow.
Seasonal is how we role
I love you Pollyanna my tunnel of meditation
My kitchen would not be the same without you .
Your solace is much needed come brexit
Seasonal is how we role
Harvesting food for thought in my Polly tunnel
Aug 2017 · 846
Trumpy Wumpy
Ju Clear Aug 2017
Oh trumpy wumpy what's going down .
You can't go about town with those sort of vibes around
Your good news music has been profound some would say you have lost the plot
We would so like you more if you were not around.
Come on America rise up take action let's bring this clown down .
Oh trumpy wumpy what's going down.
Please stop making those sort of sounds
Peace on earth is the vibe we won't around.
Come on people of the land seize the power .
Make kindness your leader .
kindness Rules
Fed up with Trump
May 2017 · 561
Sea Shore
Ju Clear May 2017
Sea shore
Your wonders are immense
Shells starfish sand and sideways scampering ***** .
My eyes are full of your magnificence
Jelly fish stranded seaweed crunch.
My thoughts are dancing in your glory
Stones skeletons and sea potatoes
My feet crunch under your feasting table
Oyster shells winkles mussels and whelks limpets cockles .
My mind sings with
Story's washed up on the beach ,boots plastic bottles rubber gloves .
I will be back too delight my senses in
driftwood rafts , mingled in too the glory of a new story .
I will never bore while walking a new shore .
Take a bag and recycle our human waste from the many shores
Feb 2017 · 1.1k
Stem cells
Ju Clear Feb 2017
Whats the hype
Whats the truth
I've heard alsorts
I just want to know the score
The bottom line
Why can't science be more clear
Come on stem cells let us know your secrets
With out all the percentages and ifs and buts
a timescale would help
Is your magic for now or the next generation
I wait in hope With my subscription to science
Fed up with jargon reading the new scientist
Feb 2017 · 764
Ju Clear Feb 2017
My battery of joy is topped up
Weekends away spent with family
My Joy battery is topped up too max
Am ready for the rubble and trouble
Got to know your lows to feel the highs
My joy is on max
family dinners are happiness winners
Sisters brothers cousins nephews grandpa and Ma's
Am ready for the woe's and lows
My joy battery is topped up high
Smokes and drinks and catch up hi's
Children playing beaches waves
Am loaded to the max with love
My joy on high
I can ride these  stormy sky's
my joy battery is on max
Great family weekend spent at the sea 11 grandchildren 7 adults
Jan 2017 · 1.9k
Good mood music
Ju Clear Jan 2017
Good mood music is what's needed 
With lots of hope on the side
Mad dog mybe a peaceful chap
Reflected on wars that have been fort
Mad dog might fight for peace with verbal exchange

Good mood music is what's needed
With lots of hope on the side
Trumpy too may have changed his spots
Don't believe the hype might be his fight
Fairness equality trumps mantra

Good mood music is what's needed
With lots of hope on the side
Billions might be invested in health care for all
Trillions donated to shelter all 
Minions with millions feeding the poor

Good mood music is what's needed
With lots of hope on the side
Trumpy likes our planet green
Investing in alternative  technology 
Changing the climate for the better

Good mood music with  lashings of hope
and maybe fingers crossed 
Trumpy and his crew 
Rule fair making America great again
Reflecting hoping for the best
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
New year new me
Ju Clear Jan 2017
All guest are gone
Beds emptied
Wash is on
New year a new me

Stop my vices
For a fitter me to be
My mantra kindness
New year a new me

Yoga my roots
Love my stem
Seeds to grow
New year a new me

The world is ours
Cherish the now
Grow kinder branches
Be the leaves you want to see
New you new year
Pondering the new year
Still smoking
Dec 2016 · 802
Merry Kindmass
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Wishing all a joyous time
Party hard into the night
Making merry with one and all
Taking in Charlie boys simple words
Respect one another
For peace on earth
Kindness rules
A merry Kindmass to you all
Merry making to you all
Dec 2016 · 978
Good old Charlie boy
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Today made me smile
Charlie simple words
Respect one another
Charlie gonna make a cool king
Lucky are we a small island in the sea
Charlie is on peace side
Only the best reside
Dec 2016 · 1.5k
Kinder Yule
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Kinder Yule
The darkness is  nearly over
Days begin to be lighter
Celebrate into the night
Winter solstice into the light
Day breaks party on
Celebrate all that is good
Ideas flow
new stuff to grow
Soil to be loved
Plans are made
Celebrate earth
Less is more
I am armed with my kindness
Am having a kinder Yule
Hoping to spread it to you
Peace on earth and a kinder world
Kindness rules
Pagan soul
Dec 2016 · 809
Christmas gone mad
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Who's enjoying themselves
Not those standing in those long lines
Or those broke ticked up for 2017
What's going on with all the joy
We're has the fun gone
Look don't bother with consumerism
Let it go all that queuing lark
Get creative write a poem
For those you love
Make cake and give it away with glee
Kindness gives joy
Joy is happiness
Just whats  needed in this darkness
Merry kindness
Joy love kindness creativity
Dec 2016 · 539
Wee pinger
Ju Clear Dec 2016
One more wee pinger
Oh just one more before bed
The chat starts up
Feeling floaty and a wee bit bloaty
Forgetting my threads
Conversations middles and ends
Time for bed
No ,just one more
Wee pinger before bed
Chats are now more askew
Birds are chanting  
Flushes made
Heads are in beds
Smoking in doors
Dec 2016 · 1.4k
Human Kind
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Human Kind
Stand up for your rights
Pete sang
Nelson served time
The world carried on
Humanity celebrated
Peace on earth to all
Gods and godless unite
To  fill our world of love
For all those living on planet earth
kindness rules to save humankind
Human writes day
Dec 2016 · 2.1k
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Kind mass
When you are godless
It's a tricky time  of year
I like to celebrate earths trophy's
And bring light to the darkness
Meeting up with family and friends
Celebrating our year gone by
Being kind to one and all
Godless or not
A  mass of kindness
Is  spreading threw our world .
Habit forming win win with
Contagious joy of giving
Celebrate KIND MASS
KINDNESS RULEs every day
Working out family celebration  when you are godless .we are all HumanKIND
Dec 2016 · 1.1k
Tree murder
Ju Clear Dec 2016
Tree ******
We have the same Christmas tree argument each year
This year I won
We pruned a limb so the tree would live on
It's the small actions
Which will heal our world
Kindness to all things living
Kindness rules
Out with my kin looking for a limb of tree to prune
Nov 2016 · 1.3k
Mr President
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Mr president
I have a conflict of interest
I am not keen on how you go about your business
I am saddened by your big banking boys with roles
I am not sure you can run the US like a business
I feel more empathy is required

Mr president
Am still conflicted with your reign
Not over joyed by your chosen minions rolling in billions
Having money don't mean you know how to govern

Mr president
For me too take you seriously I feel you should liquidate your assets
Invest in the bottom
So all can be on top
Be kind
Give it away
you have another holiday
Put kindness in charge
Make America kind again
Kindness rules
Listening to the 5 pm news while cooking Mexican food
Nov 2016 · 1.0k
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Yoga a go go
Downward dog
Salute to the sun
Feel the burn
Awaken those solar plexus
Raise up
Standing leg
Control the wobble
Strengthen the core
Yoga a go go
Got to yoga class early and wrote this while being early
Nov 2016 · 833
Tec is taking over
Ju Clear Nov 2016
I ve banned tec from our table
Tec is the terrorist in town
I ve banned tec from the bedroom
Tec is numbing us
Interacting is not cool
Interfacing is what's happening
I neck the new illness
Talking face to face
Is old school
Back in the day
When hanging out on walls
At the phone box
Now people go no where
Snap chatting what's it app app app
Face ache
It's all too much for me
Overloads pointless
tec is taking over
Observations of my teenagers .
Nov 2016 · 1.7k
Our Farmer
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Our Farmer is different
He wants to change how things have been done
To make our world kinder to the slaved millkers
Some say radical,even risky

Our Farmer wants change
He wants to be kinder to the cow
Just milk once a day
Let cow and calf stay together

Our Farmer is being kinder to his herd
Giving kudos
To his products
Come full circle make cheese again

Our Farmer can see the future
No milk for the processors
Just milk for calf  little extra for cheese
Organic is the ethos

Our Farmer is making change
Making a Kinder world
We're produce is Kind
Animal welfare is high

Our farmer is being the kindness he wants to see in the world
                                       KINDNESS Rules
Inspired by a hard working farmer that is changing how things have been done
Nov 2016 · 2.1k
One world one love
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Bob sang about it
Martin dreamed it
John  and yoko did too
Jo spoke out
As Europeans we were close
One world one love
Leaders unite
Listen to our past
Make peace top of the pack
Lets not go back
Evolve for unity
Let's get together and be that all inclusive
one world
One love
Inspired by those that stayed true too peace love unity
Nov 2016 · 1.0k
The 4 ,Ds
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Feeling selfish
For resting
Councillor says
Your selfish for not resting
Do another day
Don't bother
4 kids to mother
Pain makes you nasty
Irritable emotional
Meds make you *****
Clumsy dangerous to drive
Rest is all I have
too be my best
Thinking the 4 Ds
Is how I role
Banish these feelings of guilt
I rest
To be my best .
It's challenging managing 4 kids and multiple sclerosis /pain
Nov 2016 · 3.4k
Life's good
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Your smile made me smile
Your story is my story
Your history my history
Your soul my soul
Together a decade
Feels like a life time
Mated like swans we drift around
Splashing  in this big deep pond
Loving our inter connected  worlds
Nurturing our kin
Facing challenges roller coasting  along life's edges
Ready and waiting to catch the rubble
Kisses so sweet that knees turn too jelly
Life's good
Heads together
Forward intoo our dreams
Awake in the sunrise hands connected
For now and eternity
Hang on in their love is out there ,for my true love Abram
Nov 2016 · 4.1k
Ju Clear Nov 2016
A kindness movement is creeping in to save our world .
It's in The USA
With people shouting out , let's make America kind again.
Human Kind is our nature the earth our mother.
Incredible army's are moving in ,writing on hills KINDNESS .
It's simple we are born to be kind
It's there in our human nature.
Captured in smiles feeding and nurturing .
Come on comrades raise up and be the kindness you want to see in this world
Kindness rules
Inspired by incredible edible Todmorden  the kindness movement
Nov 2016 · 6.9k
It's challenging managing
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Multiple Scleriosis
Aka Miserable Self
"Listen to your body"
Says MS nurse
Your mind keeps going
Burning sensations intermittent
Stabing and shooting in arms and legs
Crawling in your head
Numbness in your ***
Forget fullness
Wobbling  stumberling
Pregablin *****
Dampening your fuesed nerves
Limping dragging
Says MS nurse
Mind keeps going
Days are half days
Taken up by sleep
"pace yourself "
says MS nurse
Mind keeps going
job half done
Let go
"Use your alternative technology "
Says MS nurse
Mind keeps going
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Automatic car
It's challenging Managing Self
Be kinder to yourself
Kindness rules
Challenged by Multiple Sclerisos  ,mother hood ,
Nov 2016 · 1.4k
Hamster wheel of love
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Hamster wheel
Round and round

Monday next week
Months go by
Round and round

Round and round

Bound by love
we keep going on this wheel
Round and round
Mother of 4 is endless
Nov 2016 · 992
Ju Clear Nov 2016
Just found you have passed
Tears in my eyes as I write.
*** ,Lou and bob too
Your  sounds raised me

You thou *** I would joke about
"not more slit your wrist music "
Forgive me *** I was a kid
Your melloncolly lyrics so fluid and honest
You are the godfather of my lyrical raising .
Fair well my friend
Wrote off the top of my head when I found out of *** passing inspired by my mum and dads hippy raising  one love
Oct 2016 · 877
Bob and Lou
Ju Clear Oct 2016
Bob and Lou
You are my lyrical gods
Raised on hippy ness
Your tunes were intertwined
Bob you got a top prize
About time too with all that's blown in the wind
And Lou with your flowers every hour you have made many a day perfect
Bob you wandered a bit but we forgive
Glad am I of finding you both
Welcome a world of  Wilde sides and tambourine men .
Wrote off the top of my head when bob got his prize
Sep 2016 · 588
Ju Clear Sep 2016
For Now
Be still
Two in three out
Stay calm
Now is the place
Now is the time
put down
put out
Shut down
turn off
Two in three out

  in the
Inspired by the beat lkj

— The End —