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JRF 7d
But seriously, Cupid.
How do you ask:
Will you be my Valentine?
I've never asked
JRF 7d
I'll remember the time,
When your words and smile,
Made me new.

It makes my chest sink,
In agony of what could have been.
A love I wanted to give,
That fell, pointlessly.

I still fell for her,
Even when she told me not to.

I'll remember the time,
When the words that escaped my lips,
felt like the perfect me.
Now only letters remind me of her voice,
Poetry for me.

When every word I used was for her,
And they ran out.
A drift of space,
A burning drought.

I'll remember the time,
When I told myself to stop writing about you.
If you feel something for someone, tell them.
JRF Jan 28
Storm water channelled by terracotta roofs,
Falling to the Earth like waterfalls.
Green plants clinging to the walls and you.
Dancing on the wet stone.
Just my imagination
JRF Jan 22
The dance of you,
Where embarrassment meets happiness,
That I got to see.

For one moment in my own world,
You were mine.
The sway of your hips,
The kiss of your lips,
The brown in your eyes.

The stare fixed,
When it's just me and you.

Feeling of silk,
The calm after the storm,
All night I'll spend,
For you to wake.

Just so I can feel calm,
Without worry,
With you safe,
I can finally rest,
With you on my chest.
The feeling of happiness I felt, one winters day.  With someone perfect.
JRF Dec 2018
The person next to me isn't you
Lost you to find myself again
Leaving behind a city of dreams
and nightmares
Fulled by my addiction
Of being me
A Blurr of green passes by
Backwards in grey light
Knowing that I'll make a new life
But not sure how
Tears fall, stinging my cheeks
As they drop to my chest
Once loved.
Always me.
Leaving a city to start a new life after a break up
JRF Dec 2018
That moment of time,
When you know you'll go.
When you leave it behind,
They say you'll never know.
To one day to return,
To find someone new.
Like we've got the time,
To wait in that queue.

I won't be back,
At least not here.
I'll search the earth,
Without any fear.
It's all for me,
But if I find you?
The world will change,
Into something new.

To say goodbye,
For the last time.
To say you'll come, that's a far cry.

But there will be one,
That I'll see.
It won't be here,
But we'll find our esprit.
On a land that we've never shared,
A ground never stood.
I won't return,
Because we are both driftwood.
When people say they will visit but never do
JRF Nov 2018
As the chest beats, one last time.
Not for death but for you.
Let it be final, I had no clue.

The shiver as your soul leaves mine,
Parted by the un-divine.
Creatures crawl from their comforts.

The bottom of the pile,
Friends removed in a flourish
All I've got left now is my courage.

Leave and grow, with you behind.
Try and move on, find some kind.
In the glimpse from within the darkness,
Reaching out to grasp my own mindfulness.

The ray of light breaks the shade.
Waiting for this pain to fade.
How long does it take to mend a broken heart?
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