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Eberhardt Aug 2019
I stand at the tip of a steep mountain
Brandishing the sword I found on the way up
I wore a leotard so the whole world down
Down below could see my big, almond thighs
Arms raised above my head I can almost touch the sky
This is my victory pose
I’ve been planning it
Since I began to climb -
How to show them I’ve won
Now, I know no one can see me
But this is my victory
Eberhardt Feb 2019
I am quiet, still
A body of water at rest
Waiting to be disturbed
Eberhardt Feb 2019
Her - a red duck
with yellow-winged brothers

She walks red, sheds red
unlike them and
Her mother - a buttercup:
a flower in the field -
or her father - a ripe lemon
budding from the tree overhead

Her family - sunlight
that never sets
Her - a rarity in the early evening sky
Eberhardt Feb 2019
The raven picks at the garbage
Bag on the side of the road
She chews at the plastic
Rips it open with her beak
Out pours rotting gold
Her cache, nest egg, treasure
Trove of wasted remains
She sifts through the straws,
Used napkins, brown bags,
Leftover peels, scraps, debris
For the sweet morsels of meat
Protected like pearls in the ruffage
She feasts at the side of the road
Unafraid - no one can touch her
Eberhardt Feb 2019
The princess shaves her armpits
Everyday because if she doesn’t
The people will whisper
About the dark stains under her arms
Whenever she fixes her crown
Eberhardt Feb 2019
Sometimes I imagine standing beside a river
And slipping.
I’m swallowed by the water
Dragged by the current to the edge of the cliff
Where the river dips
And I can see nothing beyond it but a mist
Like gates guarding the entrance to whatever lies beyond
I’m just about to scream when the river
Covers my mouth with its cold hands
And escorts me through the gates
Eberhardt Feb 2019
If I sketched an angel without wings
would you be able to tell
she’s an angel?
The sky behind her would be pale yellow
The world below, gray
Like the color of the outline of her frame
I’d describe her face as angelic
Which is supposed to give it away
But maybe you’d only say she looks nice
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