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JR Wimm Sep 2012
We hold on to what we cherish
Will this love ever perish?
We lie and deceive 
And never know who to believe

Is it another figment of my imagination?
How many life forms are in the constellation?

We never know who to trust
Is there love or only lust? 
this is really it for us...
JR Wimm Jun 2013
I wish you stuck around...
You would have  been the perfect character
You might have played the biggest role
Instead of one short chapter
JR Wimm Jun 2013
I dont want to be your first choice
I want to be your only choice
I don't know if you can here my voice
so would you please
just acknowledge me
sometimes I don't know what you see
so would you please
just acknowledge me
and set me free
Because I'll be everything you don't want from me

You know I  love the sea
I wish it was right infront of me
then I wouldn't be
left on the shore doomed for someone to beg me at my knees
I can't believe
how you didn't see that i was up to a mystery
My apology, but everything we had is history.

— The End —