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Did that just happen?
Or was it just a dream?
Maybe I'll just lead myself to believe
That it was all a dream
Including the scent of your skin
And the feel of your lips
Against mine in the pale moonlight
And your warmth swallowing me once again
I'll convince myself it was a dream
So I don't get burned again.

But, it felt so different
Like we were starting again
Two new people in two new lives
Two people with the tools to make it through
With the tools to start anew
Feeling the same would have been great
But, I would have had to politely depart
Because it would have been the same road
Just a different time
Same place
But, it felt so different.

I think it's safe to let myself believe
It was all just a dream
But, you know me
I was never one to be safe
But, I've turned a new leaf
So it'll remain a dream
For now...
Just let me know if I'm wrong
Let me know if it happened
Let me know if we really sang that song
Because I meant every word I said
When I said I was in it for the long haul
We may be a little bent
But, we can learn to love again
Oh...and there I go...

Saying the things we never said
How can this be the end?
Even if it was just a dream
It's one I hope to have again
And again and again
Well, you get the idea
So just let me know
There's no rush to the end
Though I'll always be there for you, friend
Even if it's only a dream
I'll be with you until the bitter end
Call me a hopeless romantic
For these love driven antics
But, since you've been gone things just got so clear
And, in all honesty, I have nothing to fear
Because even if it was a dream
My eyes will always gleam
Because you helped give me strength
A voice
You helped me find my own mind
And that isn't a dream.

Did that happen?
Yes, it did
Will it stay reality
Or will I have to believe it's a dream?
I don't know, my dear
You tell me.

— The End —