JP Mar 18

In fight
whenever your woman
talk about 'divorce'
What she mean not separation
she means, "Give me attention'...

JP Mar 17

when lovers
decided to continue relationship
to next level
Each of them
bring thier reservations
to reconcile and accommodate
for the third.
the birth of third in between them
called Marriage...

JP Mar 17

I was confessing
my true identity to him
he was not my friend,
Just a co-passenger
a kind of strange trust.
we depart
I had an understanding
that I just spoke to myself
and the stranger
was just a medium..

JP Mar 17

We fought each other
and we forgot
about our relationship
I loved her
to heal my wound
I never know
she too loved for hers

JP Mar 16

When you love someone,
How can you hate him in future
love and hate
belong to different world
If you able to switch world
in relationship, it's not love.
an understanding
When people in love
they carry 'hate' as security
and in hate
they carry love as security
So, love is just a need of others
to satisfy our inner and outer needs..

JP Mar 15

a bee
came in front of me
did a big dance
it took me to book exhibition
collected  some honey
and added in my book-hive..

JP Mar 15

near to my bookshelf
could hear loud noises
it comes from fiction books
family inside are inviting
to join and celebrate...

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