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Justin Phipps Nov 2020
There is so much pain
in this world
the monster on the corner
looking at the girl.

People hate
and scratch each other
breaking hearts
killing mothers

So why do I feel my pain
so great?
I met a woman
a great woman, so great

She tore my heart
from my chest
left me there
a shell at best

With so much pain
why is mine so great?
Others have died,
I just feel like I might.
Justin Phipps Oct 2020
I cover my heart
in a layer of steel
so that the things she has said
I cannot feel

It makes it harder to push
the blood through my veins
but we can grow a little
learning from the pain

Your heart will grow stronger
in its little steel cage
keeping you centered
letting go of the rage

When your mind is healed
and your body has calmed
You'll notice the cold steel on your heart
is now in your palm.
Justin Phipps Oct 2020
Its 3am
Once again
In Buffalo
New York

Her doors squeak
and her floors creek
And my heart
Feels the pain

She tells me little
I tell her lots
My minds on love
Hers is not

The cats meow
At the winds howl
And tomorrow
Brings more hell

I want her deeply
I want her as mine
I move forward
She falls behind
Justin Phipps Oct 2020
I stare at the cord
connected to the wall
and think about the reason
I continue at all.

The friends I never
and the ones
I thought
I do,

The people at
arms length
that I wish I never

It's hard for me to swallow
the single serving friends
and to know that again tomorrow
they'll make friends again.
Justin Phipps Jan 2020
It used to be
that I would see
you inside my dreams.
My eyes were closed
and you were there
how I wanted you to be.
My eyes wide open
you were there
looking back
with love
for me.

Now the only way
to see your face
is to return to my dreams.

My eyes wide open
all I see
is what is left
of me.
Justin Phipps Dec 2019
With more knowledge and
Comes more compassion and
It is our flaw and our
We love and we

I wish I could go
to rid of this feeling of
Justin Phipps Dec 2019
I want to go home
and sit
looking out the window
at the dark street
and the lonely lamp light.

Few people pass by
eyes forward
or to the ground.
I wonder if they feel

They are my friends,
I think.
But they don't know my
name, or even that
I am here.

They are my friends
Woman in the purple jacket,
man in the black hat,
walking down my street.

I pretend to know them
and take two sips of beer.
One for me and
one for them.
I call the man Jack.
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