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JP Jan 2018
My words
that are written are swords.
They hold the truth
to my thoughts—
stabbing cold,
sometimes old
but always bold,
left to be spoiled
but I still hold.
It is time to speak of the untold.
Are you ready?
JP Nov 2017
Would you rather have a longer do while loop?
Should I change the datatypes of the variables stored?
From int
To bigint?

I’d rather not
Coz it should be fixed asap
If it’s a bug
Before it’s too late and the production has gone live
Programmer problems.
JP Nov 2017
You asked me,
"If there's recreation, would you still choose to love me?
I wish it's me.
Sorry, but I wish it's still me."

This is my answer, my love,
**"This is my recreation,
and I still choose you."
JP Nov 2017
It's so easy
to judge what you see,
to mock other's decisions,
when you don't actually know what's going on,
when you don't feel the same emotions,
when you're not in that exact same situation.

But, oh well,
it is human's expertise
to always throw judgment.
You're not wearing the same shoes as we are.
JP Nov 2017
I can bear all the mockery
I can bear all the insults
Throw them at me, feel free
After all, it is my fault

But what I can't bear is
When they badmouth you
When they treat you like an evil *****
Because I'm the only one who knows it isn't true

They didn't know how much you've suffered
From the hatred I cursed on you
They didn't know how much you've endured
As you let your guilt devour you

They weren't able to see you smile
Even though everything's not fine
They weren't able to see you trying your best
To go through life even though it's the hardest

They weren't able to see you struggle
As you try to become the villain to do what's right
As you swallowed the pain of hurting your lover
When all you ever wanted was to hold him tight

It's all too much for me
Especially when I pushed you to do all these things
When it was me who planted that seed that became everyone's tree
When I was the one to blame for all your pain

And yet despite all these
I chose to become selfish
If I can turn back time
I'd still do the same and make you mine

And yet despite all these
You too chose to become selfish
Because even though for a short time
You didn't want to see me cry

And so with the chance I have
I'll show you again my unchanging love
I'll stand by your side
I'll become your ally

They won't ever understand
And that I won't mind
Even though you'll let go of my hand
I'll fight, and I'm proud
JP Nov 2017
You’re the reason of my existence, the one first love that makes me alive
The love that even so many years couldn’t erase
Come back and find the place that’s yours
By my side

You’re my own breath, my open wound
You know I still remain even in your heart, right?
Do not turn away from your own truth
Come to me

From the moment I saw you, everything was transformed
Just whispering your name and my world shakes
Our bond is beyond time, we’re destined to be together
Come back to me once again
Dance with me towards dawn

You’re the only one for me
The only light of my vain existence
Only you makes me complete, my love

From the moment I saw you, even breathing… I can’t even breathe
Just whispering your name and my world shakes

Our bond is beyond time, we’re destined to be together
Now come back to me
Let’s dance together towards dawn
© Loving You Keeps Me Alive by Kim Junsu & Jung Sunah lyrics translation
Dracula The Musical OST
JP Nov 2017
I have listened to it,
I have felt it,
I have written about it,
all, before you did.
So don't fret
my old friend,
the atonement
for my sins
will soon be here
in just a blink,
just as you wish,
so just wait.
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