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2.8k · May 2014
JP Mantler May 2014
A Crop of Lies irrigate farmland
Deception grows and dies
Its corpse sustains
A cycle refrains

Cold, this night is
Cracks open the ground
Revealing a sight
Seeping through with light

Regions were found
To be taken and conquered
Sailors sailed to eat sailors
And they as well ate bread

Sounds of paranormal had
Guided every boat, then plane
Then spaceship, to the inside
Of a toy box they made

“These Crops dictate Truth”
Says Man (or monster)
Every night is cold; cracked
These Crops are impure

Livestock tell stories of their leader
It’s more of saying really
Because they’re ******* livestock
The Truth cannot tell nor talk

Reason slips off their skin
Like water off oil
Harder and harder it is
For Man to let joy soak in

Journeys of discovery
Travel through the television
Crisps, colas, pies, and cakes
Is what ******* does it

Beef pulp, French toast, tomato paste
Is what ******* does it
All we consume is ****
Crying fat morons decompose

“I really like the rain”
Says ****** with pudding stain
And her body melts and pours
As the rain does inexcusably

Great big dogs soak up in the rain
Unlike Man with his walking cane
They are all dying as they retreat
Underneath a roof of sin to replace

Emotional politicians claim they’re drug-free
As they smoke cigs and drink alcohol
Infant babies were torn apart in shopping malls
Did the World set them free?

Man (or monster) propose
To have a war on anything
Must any more children die?
Or can they get high; watch television?
What the **** is wrong with an aspect
Of harmless self-discovery
Can Man wager livestock’s epiphany?
Is it o.k. to live in a subdivision?

Or on a farm, or in the television?
Do these Crops have to dictate
Which victim we choose to mate?
To dictate our truth?

Can the fake astronaut admit?
He got ******* high; watched sitcoms
Ate potato chips, ate cereal out of the box
Never told a soul it was a hoax

Crops soak in the sweet rain
As the political Man weeps
These Crops become true
Dying Men no longer retreat

A Crop of Lies
Become so true
This wisdom is beauty
What we see now
Is as clear as day
2.4k · Jan 2015
JP Mantler Jan 2015
The attention-grubbing *****
Will sit out on the floor
Waiting to be ****** by a
Siamese sock puppet duck

Its quirky little smile
Will show only for a while
Toothpaste soda and Hot Gin Sour
It's all up and about in a stour

Poor sodding toothless *****
Goes to playpen and dances around
Empirical     to   the   idea'r    of
the crowd  wanting    a     ****
2.2k · Aug 2017
The London Sauna
JP Mantler Aug 2017
My eyes burning, sweet tears of relief
My lungs filled with, hot humid watery vapor
My sweat they splash, fiercely onto the hot scolding stones
The rainfall, I am cool and clean

But there's something inside, that disagrees
Resents the humidity, with serendipity
He smiles at me in the sauna mirror,
We got a bomb strapped, we got the trigger
At the London Sauna

I stare at the shower stall bandaid
Clinging at the edge of the dark drain
I **** on it,
It falls down into the sewer's abyss
My body loose and free
I am drained and depleted
2.0k · Oct 2014
Fuck Off
JP Mantler Oct 2014
You're an unhealthy fixation
Your dark obsessed heart
Should be an evisceration
Your stupidity stored away
Should be stored away,
You're an unhealthy fixation
Those bold words after inhalation
Make me ***** with blood
Let those words bleed on the page,
And then you will know entirely
That you are uncouth and stupid
You're an unhealthy fixation
Fixated on her, selfishly,
1.8k · Sep 2015
JP Mantler Sep 2015
Remember when we used to play-fight on your same kitchen floor as mine
My little empath, I am so deeply sorry

I was your cruel filter which made me go blind, and to not realize how much further pain I had brought to you, I did not mind

You will always be mine, my beautiful empath
Your hair so much sunnier but your soul darkened from my distance
Your restless, enticed passion which breathes heavily in your eyes, I beg to return

If only I had listened to your beautiful cries, my sweet empath
We may have had another chance to find our young hearts again
1.8k · May 2014
Trout Wipes
JP Mantler May 2014
There were gnomes within
The abyss
Crying because they had
No way home
Cowering below water
Trout wipes
Spawning the souring eggs
They laid
Sun-shower clouds spawn
On and on and on

Crying beyond the fathom
Of the Heavens
Armadillo shrimp sunbathe
The bubbling sea bath
Trout wipes' infectious wrath
Drift off current
Tremble off the beat
Induce a treasuring smile
Recover from the bipolar company
Trout wipes
1.6k · Apr 2014
Livid Companionship
JP Mantler Apr 2014
~ You strange ****
You ****** ****
You‘re something else, you
You might not be well

The self-preaching
Was getting old
Even when it was new
They all knew

There is something
Wrong about your English
Something makes them wonder
If you‘re really all in there

When one said you were trash
You thought the cynics would
Make everything better
It never did last
Scary girl with big buns
On her shrunken head
Thinks you better quiet
And only listen instead
The dwarfs cursed you
To the ******* ground
You slime, you puke
They burn and bury
You to the very ground

Those kisses were curses
You stupid slime, you
The guardian never watched
Over you to stop the blackness
Which crept unto you

Now you‘re some tainted ****
And they all know you‘re untrue
And they drool acid on you
When the brain deters
From all that filth in your mind
You‘ll realize the bacteria
Will make you go blind
And as you sink in the water
You've once walked on
Your stupid ****** up fans
Will all be gone
1.6k · Dec 2013
Joyful Harm
JP Mantler Dec 2013
Some days he'll dress in new or old
But with a smile always so sharp
His walking charm will take a toll
When the woman turns to dark

His snaking charm strolls to the pub
Where the slags and twonks *** around
Nothing but warm hands and pint to grub
Where the woman he sees is found

She spits bleeding words from her filthy mouth
As he scorns them back with his hand
The red only cries when she screams in doubt
The snake gives her his looking glan

Someone thought to call for help
But no help had ever arrived
The barman listened to the poor woman's yelp
People pretend she never cried

The smiling man of ruthless charm
Walks down the stairs of death
Vehemence covered with blood and sin
Whereas mannequin slags spread grim

In forms of angelic old and new
His inhibited shape had grew
More evil it grew as his smile knew
His deliverance was joyful harm

He preached to barman to slags to twonks
His ways of nature so brash and ******
From snake to wolf to man dressed well
Even a preacher of God his allure so grand

The cunting ***** bemoaned downwards
Dampened with red paint shrieked foreign words
With her limbs cut open, "Deliverance is God"
Finding it was the charming man who smiled as a sod
JP Mantler Jan 2014
Spectral watchers envision the horizon
It knows quite what is to come next
Storm such abrupt it cries out as Poseidon
The barbarians pound their chest

Pretty grass grows so well after rainfall
Love is smelt as Spring had come
Pretty people grow out of soils to crawl
The silvery love enchanted all numb

Precious seeds had given
All to be a waste for
Wasted only day by day

But seeds can sprout from Sun-ray

Sun's ray
Sun's ray

Sprout the seed
Some day

Sun's ray
Sun's ray

Sprout the seed
Some day
1.3k · Dec 2013
JP Mantler Dec 2013
Drapes of madness cover the sky
As fiends run and cower to hide
Nevertheless they prey on the young
As the young go to sleep

When the light breaks through the village womb
The delirium burrows to sleep
Oil paintings of bride and groom
Made for fiends to keep

Friends of fiends mope and mope
Lamenting in fear; they cope and cope
Hence their gentle persistence
To shy away their evil

Sky shifts from orange vigor to madness
The fangs of loved ones feed off one another
Fiends run and cower to their only Mistress
Deep within the sappy dark cypress

When their bodies frolic with need
The pale eyes of love dance and feed
Luminous they are in front of black cloth
Draping the beautiful sky
1.3k · Nov 2014
Raspberries and Ginger Ale
JP Mantler Nov 2014
Raspberries and ginger ale
Never can I tell
If they end well

Last prairie unsettled
Not claimed yet
From greed

Mechanical rattle comes from kitchen
A power tool dancing
Upbeat digital alarm

Click, juernk, juniper
All noises unsaleable
Fingerless to put on

Fearless finicky me
I'm angsty and funny
And stupid and satiated

Satiated with alertness
Created by newspaper
Hated by voices
Do not read.
1.2k · Dec 2013
My Body
JP Mantler Dec 2013
My body once an ocean,
Water seeped through my pores,
Now a dry crustacean
Discontent shall be no more

My body a euphoric journey
In a wavely atomic state
In faithful hopes of good fate
No more cynicism, no more hate

No more No more,
I shall do without,
Without animus, without fear
And nor any further shedding of tear

My body a talkative spirit
Good spirit talk some more
Engage the well-winded conversation
But not end in confused frustration

My body animates love from
The surface of my Eyes
I do not wish for anymore Cries
Unneeded to despise

My body with yours
Perfection that pours
Connection that will ever last
Both in present and in past

You and me,
We equate you see,
Like two pods in a pea,
Or is it the other way around?

For beloved Eternity,
Our Universe smiles at each other,
In sane glee
Insane and happy  

Our devotion cystic
The warmth holistic
We protect from Sadistic
Do you see? We click

My body once an ocean
Water seeped through my pores,
Now a dry crustacean
Discontent shall be no more
1.2k · Dec 2013
Distaste of the Iniquitous
JP Mantler Dec 2013
I don't like him
He is a nuisance
I don't like him
I'd fond his death
I don't like him
I'd share nothing with him
I don't like him
I would like to gouge his eyes out
Until they pop.
Until blood-tears scream down
His ******* face
I form mucous to
Spit in his ******* snake face
I want to see bits of his skull torn out
I do not like him
I want to squeeze through my hands in the decapitated
Head and grab out his ******* brain,

Bits of his skull
I would like that.
Gone he'd be
I would like that

I would like to hurt him
I don't like him
I want to see all his ******* blood
Pour majestically out of every
******* opening, every hole
I see of his, I want his greedy black heart
Suffocated with cyanide
I want his poisoned soul *******
Burned until I smell
His burning, searing flesh
That screams with help
I would to do all of this and laugh and laugh

I wish he would realize how much he has gained
I will excrete on his ugly ******* red car.

I dream morbid, I dream morbid lovely thoughts to leave his
Lifeless *****-self in the ugly ******* red car
For him to rot he shall as a male-****
A **** of degenerate foolery
Unjust as unwise, he froths degradation

A form of devolution,
As treacherous cliffs weakened
from sun and water
Treachery engrossed with black thoughts
As he falls he will bring all,
who he can find to fall with him

Drenched with whoreness
A ******* thought enriches degenerate
I would dream to castrate him
Destroy his club, **** the ******* worm
Turn unto ****.

Turn unto ****

Turn unto platter of wet sponges
Turn him into a casket of bleeding organs

I do,
I do not like him,
No I do not.

Filthy Male-*****, ****
His corpse shall forever mold with self-hatred

Disgusting waste of gluttonous entity.

Biological waste universal waste

I do not like him
Blood chunks pool over out of his skull
I do not like him, All his filth-blood
Dried out, I do not like him
Tongue pulled out, neck snapped
Brain matter scooped out, the ******* worm
Thief, Cheat, Male-*****. I do not like him

But I do not hate him.
1.1k · Mar 2015
My Twenty Lines ( 'Cets )
JP Mantler Mar 2015
Time isn't wasted with you, my darling
But I'll drag you to be happy
That's not what you want
Tame you like a child, I know my darling
I'm just a selfish brick wall of unheard thoughts

Teach you to be happy, I can't my darling
For moments ago, I felt like I was falling
For moments ago, it felt like I was falling

But now it's very so that we've hit the ground
My sweet girl, what is it you've found

I can make most smile
But you're one of the few
Your mouth doesn't even break
I can't say it's you

Go back to Hawaii if
that is where it all was
Go back to Hawaii
And stay there, in Hawaii
I'll drink down my 'cets
As I think of Hawaii
JP Mantler Jan 2014
Gasoline and matches
Combust to sudden ashes
The life flutters still

Parachute men fly away
Away to a place of yesterday
The still flutters as life, yeah
Yeah, the still flutters, yeah

Ghosts of magic
Tame their lovers
Lovers begin to disappear

Saturn savvy
Construct crafty
Happy Happy
Who is to know

Sharp eyes of moonlight
Evoke to wakeness
Preceding a restless dream

Deranged puppets
No longer puppets
The life flutters calm

Enveloped crumpets
Sent me as thanks
Of a cloud
From a crowd

Whose thoughts frigid weak
I come for thee
A Magical Ghost

Mind a'so bleak
Dry from Sahara
Ghost cry Clara
I cry Clara
988 · Sep 2015
Whimsical Musical
JP Mantler Sep 2015
Soft spoken useless friend I am
Stupid quiet bird
Hot and hardened as
Near Summer heat
The coroner is coming

Poor dead boy, She had never loved him
She had never loved him
Poor dead boy, Her love a whim
Her love went on as a whim

Soft subtle licking lips, she is
Stupid pause and funny woes
Cleo Patra sporting shoes
Cellophane hearts bring *******
Lust of laughter to forge
Whistlebees dance around an answer
Like follicles on molding porridge
Like on ***-slave rabbits
Drinking powdered juice
And those two **** the poor boy
A second time where he can no longer
Take pretty pictures of where he had wandered
Eaten by the photographer's endeavour
968 · May 2014
JP Mantler May 2014
Where can I buy to live free ?
Where can I trade off this fallacy ?
Deprived; it's sickening
Where can I find a decent meal ?

There dandelions grow
So very sweet, the tangy texture
To make dandelion wine
I can wake up in drunken slump
Recognizing the fallacies

Its viscose pour of never ending
Paradox pours into my pond of thoughts
Half-pint quavering drunkards
Groan as quavering buzzards
With half the mind as mine

Where can I trade off these endless hours ?
When can I regain temperature ?
In this cold-sharp shower, my conscience
Feel the spores scour within the makeup

Where can I flee ?
From the heart of this country
Why I am I so hungry ?
It's deprivation, I tell you

Quivering motherless tenders
Mend their makeup with dandelions
Bearing of petulant *******
I, abashed of how I render
Under the pitiful aspersion
908 · Dec 2013
The Bull and its Shoulders
JP Mantler Dec 2013
He was Mordovan which to dispute raised on the shoulders of a bull and carbon monoxide poisoning from drinking moonshine samovar on the dispute. Not too encouraging.

He was Mordovan who had traveled on the shoulders of a bull. His ***** steamed from the cold frost grass  after the drinking of his disputes.

He was Mordovan which to dispute an eternal damage of drinking his ancestors' remains, the moonshine potent as Hell-fire. As carbon monoxide poisoned his body, he had fell off the shoulders of a bull.

Not too encouraging.
881 · Dec 2013
Hallow e'en Fishing
JP Mantler Dec 2013
Bein' out in lake
Catchin'  bass
A piece of cake
Don't take eyes
Off the candy
Catchin' sucker'd
Be dandy

Sweet-tooth'd scaring night
Rollin' hard
High kite
Lounging in floaty ecstatic
Roll still
Admire the galactic

Traverse through waters
I heard mutters
Hashish-bier thoughts unclear
In hand
A welcome of dry land

Pulsation of bass I hear
Naked timid music
Synth-like rave
Mystical Acoustic

Land so dry had drag'd me in
With cold sweating fear
She whisper'd
'trek 'r treat mm' dear'
842 · Jul 2015
Fireplace Thoughts
JP Mantler Jul 2015
The earthside glistens from rainfall's night
Sun of our God, glimmering daylight

What will we hear today?
What will we see today?

Rippling rivers traverse downstream
The creatures of Nature seldom seen

Plantations growth tame when lost
Only to find what life could  cost

*What could we feel today?
What could we be today?
Circa 2012. , written on a cardboard plate.
785 · Jul 2015
JP Mantler Jul 2015
She loves insulated cable kiss fights
What, the lion mouse or something
Civil action quiets the pratt
You talk to me like a brick and a lampost.
Love me the media
***** peel for us, you
a germ in the cesspool
Debate ******* worship of theatre
Less is more, a comic-******

She is less insulated with comic-******
The lion debates mice of worship
For civil germ to host pratt-party
And a lampost
You talk and peel like bad skin
**** me the media
Dirt worshipped in the hairy eyes
a sappy sad man who is exposed
Something ******* and unknown
More is shown through  less of talk
780 · Dec 2013
Eviction (Trip-Peak)
JP Mantler Dec 2013
Our minds warp,
Twist into viscose vapour.
Our bright minds in labour,
Know too much to speak.

We are evading
We are evading

Bright minds evading,
Bright minds escaping

This world is only artificial
What we see is commercial

Travelling through ******-warp, We see the Sun and Moon,
The Eyes of God, move through the diseased space, Immune,
Impregnable to God’s cloak;
Yes we see you. Yes we can.
713 · Mar 2015
Venting To A Toaster
JP Mantler Mar 2015
If I still make you feel unimportant
Then I'll bang my head a lot harder
Maybe exceed the expectations
Maybe plead for insanity

Do you not feel loved when I hold you in bed?
Too cold under the sheets for the eyes to shutter
You told me it never happened
You told me it never happened

Make me sit in the corner -- in the corner
And whine about life, and yeah, it's life
Another cloudy day where I can't see you
Just show me it all -- show me it all

I'm a stupid, sorry seedling
I'm nothing and you're the World
I'm nothing and you're cloudy and it hurts
I'm stupid and I'm lazy -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry
678 · Jan 2015
My Inhibited Journal
JP Mantler Jan 2015
The earth was grounded
Everything was grounded
And for that matter
It was a matter of colour
And perception
Which had helped me
Search for the connection

I cried in joy at all
And the sounds of all
Which had brought me closer
To the peak of which I had came

My head was a river
And the burning tears came
Within the joyous excitement
I was ecstasy as they were
Creatures of purpose
670 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. VII
JP Mantler Aug 2015
I am drunk again
waiting for the cab
The heavy rain washes
my spirit
Let us spare a fish bowl
for the lonely homeless man
The drunkard Saints I shall
miss them all
When I'm drunk again
I'll give them a call*

Farewell French Quarter
I bid you goodnight.
It's raining here as well.
Circa May 2015
664 · Jan 2014
"Arcanum Plantae"
JP Mantler Jan 2014
Into the delusion of night,
Our minds in the midst
Of euphoric delirium,
****** bright

Smoke of shroom dust,
Upon the loft
Ourselves the plant in brain,
Implanted within ourselves of cells

The invisible cells no longer,
As we glow in the rectangular prism
Free and breaking through,
My mind melts in mush

Sphinx statue sits still,
In his unChristly  pyramid
For a millennium we dilatatur,
Swept into a World already left behind

*Nosmetipsos plantarum in cerebrum,
Nosmetipsos plantarum in cerebrum,
Nosmetipsos plantarum in cerebrum

Animi futui, Animi futui . . . Animi futui
Animi futui, Animi futui . . . Animi futui
658 · Apr 2018
JP Mantler Apr 2018
Celebrity car crash,
Diana's obliterated,
so sad so sad, and the world goes round

Twenty-one years later, and it's no accident
The Ryder had killed them poor *******
But we'll get the *******, we'll get the *******

The sidewalk ain't safe, the playground ain't safe, the schools ain't safe, but hey, my home is safe for now

I'll eat spaghetti out of a can if I have to,
I'll **** in the bucket if I have to,
Just to keep my poor *** safe from the loonies

Marked safe, I'm listening to static all of the time
Living under the rock is cool and calm
Until the jackhammer penetrates my skull

You're safe, you're not safe,
and the world goes round
655 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. II
JP Mantler Aug 2015
The same one stands out on the balcony
Waiting for God to make her move
Dauphine shies the busy-bodied streets
Locks hotel door and cries for no reason
Sailors storm the streets with wooden hands
Grabbing and touching a ***** with termites
Pests lay dead on Toulouse
Katrina laughs at her *****, wet mess
Circa May 2015
628 · Nov 2015
Typical Acting Behaviour
JP Mantler Nov 2015
Can't explain, your lack of concern
Shallow mind in the shallow gutter
With all the other dark souls warm from their own light
They scare you; you can't help but lock the door and overheat
Keep yourself away from these ugly people
So you can only lose it on yourself
I'm your Quasimodo dancing on stage with no music
Because I'm the music and it makes us all sick

With all their behavioral token  and superior thoughts
You smile hatefully and spit in their eyes
You walk so high and you think of yourself
You think you're a prophet to everyone's problems
You are comic relief but you are not pain relief
I'm a problem to everyone and most especially you
I'm a ******* and I want you to know that
And that I'm always your low-life Apocrypha
Also know that suicide is the hardest place
for the living and breathing
And that sinners laugh below in a Heaven without actors
Because they know how hard they try

No you don't
So they perish
They don't ask for help
I waste everyday I try with myself

I give all my energy for you
You tell me who I am like I am
your holy bible

You're pathetic
609 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. III
JP Mantler Aug 2015
The Miss Daisy sank
She was two hundred feet tall
With no worries at all
There are buskers all around and about

The swamp bar is clean
For my good friend Jimmy
He's here to play
He's come a long way

He is music to my ears
With my pack of 'Boros and my bourbon glass
He straightens the queers

The music floods me with joy
Like a dark cloud of sunshine

I drink to him
I'm the last to stay
I'm dying to play

*Dauphine cries to the sounds of sunken hope and dread
The sound is buried with dying laughter
The drummer is dead
The band plays on
Circa May 2015
606 · Jul 2015
Orange People Sigh
JP Mantler Jul 2015
I wish the sun was always set The orange glow on my burdened mind
I wish for the drug-induced warmth To embrace me as I run
I'd run down the orange shadowy road where I'd see rows and rows of my orangy white house I'd search for little but stumble across many
An alien crash site at my old school A sadness overwhelm, I'd beg
For return, the orange people sigh
Tell me to go, tell me then

It's the sun in their eyes that tell me to go, they tell me to go, so I leave

I leave
JP Mantler Dec 2014
Can you not see me with the lights on?
Am I better to be seen in the dark?
When coolness creeps in our warmth
Is something wrong?

When the winter woods start to creak
And the fiery kindling cracks
Will coolness collect our souls
From the beautiful, burning fire?

And will my sunshine continue
To beat down on your darkness
And will I start to shiver from
how much sun I get
Deliver, deliver

How much more do we have?
I'll build you another home
And lock myself in the canister
So I can live in my work
Play with my work
And never stop to sleep, think, or feel and I will squeal at the edges hurt my shrunken baby head and bang on the edges with my shrunken baby head and I will scream for revenge and hurt my soft, soft voice and I could have bled but I won't because of you, Because I love you, So I will choose another day where work becomes a drug of choice and my illiteracy becomes my democracy, and how I feel that I am misspelled
But how you can right me just fine. How do you do that?
What is your magic?
Where is your rabbit?
I can feel canister's heat melting me
Gluing me onto it's surface
Your smile serves purpose

And your angelic blonde intrigue
Lets my fingers weave and weave
Through every shape and form
Of every sailing ship's storm
And the seashores sunny-blue welcome
Had spotted my loved one's realm

Her and I, we had sunk before we could swim
But we enjoyed drowning in ourselves
The Coral Reef was purple and orange
It had glistened with depth

But sharks had shown us how to swim
And now we swim in blood
We'll learn how to sink again
I know we will
595 · Mar 2018
Glistening Moray
JP Mantler Mar 2018
I promise I'll be on my best behavior
But I hear a thing calling me for the keys
As lofty as I try, they drop into oblivion
Serious, I better come back to inhibit
The picture opens up sideways
And they single me out like a crusty chutzpah
The peeling pages ffffffffffffff nnnn
Coccinellidae attacks his family grave light
A nod to the growling and glistening moray next to me
He is big, and he is covered in my spit -- I tell him one
Find a better party whose postponed
I have no idea what this one is about.
587 · Jan 2014
The Night of Pigs
JP Mantler Jan 2014
She had whor'd in the night as a boorish pig
Feelings unchanged the whorish pig
A distant lover still in hand
But the colours now are much too bland

Their two hearts resonate in emotional key
When will she come back? When will she be free?
Late at night she arrives back home
Only to wake, in morn to freely roam

The repulsive act of selfishness
Leaves every kiss a bitter kiss
And as her soul dries up; shrivels away
He may revive her; return someday

When they feel each other, the comfort does show
The bond fights; repels the martyred foe
Emotional key enriches their mind
Connectivity demonstrates the soulful kind

She had came back at night with the love still burning
He was waiting in the kitchen, his stomach churning
As she walked up to hug him, he asked where she'd been
She said, "Nowhere, love. I have been right here."
581 · Jan 2014
O' Lady You
JP Mantler Jan 2014
My lady, she can't get o'er me
My lady, she can't get o'er me
My lady, she always wanna be
My lady, she can't get o'er me

My lady, she got no more time
My lady, she thinks she's all fine
                . . .  thinks she's all fine

My honey, her heads all o'er
She's been searching for that four-leaf clover
She's been searching for that four-leaf clover
But it's nowhere to be found

Love stings but hornets can heal
Gorgeous woman, she do wanna feel
                                                 . . .  feel
                                          . . .  oh yeah

Love can sting but I can't go
Gorgeous woman, I did have ya so
But you ain't mine no more . . .
You ain't mine no more . . .

My poor lady, she'd been hurting
My poor honey, she'd been caught me flirtin'
Sweet gorgeous, there's no more groovin'
I'm sorry baby, there's no more groovin'

O' lady, you'd best be through'in
O' lady, you'd best be through'in

O' lady, we'd best be through'in
O' lady, we'd best be through'in

O'lady you'd best be through now
O'lady we'd best be through now

We'd best be . . . .  . . . .
We'd best be . . . .  . . . .
We'd best be . . . .  . . . .
We'd best be . . . .  . . . .
We'd best be . . . .  . . . .

*O'lady we'd best through
And outta the moonlight
Oh yea, Me and You
We'd best be through
581 · Feb 2016
JP Mantler Feb 2016
I'll be sure to shut myself down for you
The silent screen that ****** so loud
I'll be sure to let them all heckle
As I pass on to the next crowd

I can hear their laughter but never their hearts
Because I'm the guilty one that never fights back
I'm the one that should be a miserable ****
Because everything is so happy go lucky

I'm the one shunned from the core of the earth
I'm the one left outside, ****** on like a ****
572 · Jan 2017
The Clairvoyant Gulch
JP Mantler Jan 2017

“The power to perceive something impossible persuades me. I must pick a place.” The Clairvoyant Gulch.

This person pounds the ground with persistence. A penchant to procreate perception. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

Passing away into peach fuzz and polyandry. Pretty Polly plans to participate in the process. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

Princess Penelope ****** on Polly. Paczki the predator penetrates the preposterous Polly.
The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The President of the Polyandry Psychics proposes: let Polly go but only with the presentation.
The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The Polyandry People peer and pry for what will Polly present. The poor prissy presents her *****. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

She placidly plucks the ***** to pay the People. But she then panics and pours pomegranate red over a ***. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The *** then becomes an urn so precious that the People pray. Polly feels penitent of her peccadillo. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The President points to the urn. Paczki the predator places ingredients into the ***: pig’s tail, pesto and plantar’s wart. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The Polyanderthals round about and puke into the ***. Polly prepares a peyote dish that will pause time. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The President and People consume the ***. It tastes vile and profane, they puke again. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

The Polyantherhals turn around to find Polly unpresent. They **** and pant in confused anger. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

Polly is passing the time, possessing a power within the Earth’s core. Her polyethylene pants protect her from the core’s melting point. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

As for the People, it was not practical for them to be presented such profane magic. Their perception of the universal paradigm had been inverted in perpetuum. The Clairvoyant Gulch.

As for the Polyanderthalic *** of ****** pomegranate juice, the President sold the item through Paypal to a polyandry professor living in Piccadilly. The People never practiced polyandry in perpetuum. Ever again.

~The Clairvoyant Gulch
565 · Jan 2014
Sing the Songs of Nature
JP Mantler Jan 2014
When I sing my songs by the willow tree
He'll listen to the words and smile down at me
The willow tree, he loves to groove his dance
As he sings our songs in a loving trance

The dwarf willow joins and sings the song and dance
He's so odd, he never had a chance
Dancing willows groove to my guitar
Dancing willows move as well as the stars

Male catkin grows right by my side
The willows smile, keep the groove on the grass
The pretty earth's sentiment will never die
Observe the natures through our looking glass

We will all come as one and sing the beautiful song
Willow trees and flowers make up my only world
Dancing, singing, jamming makes my mind just twirl
Nature is my nurture, it is where I belong
564 · Mar 2016
JP Mantler Mar 2016
I can hear caffeine pills rattling in his pocket, he's got the speed of a jack rabbit,
I drove by my old friend who held a bouquet of flowers, and she's gonna meet up with him and steal the Eiffel tower

I just smile and drive on by

He's been sleepy-eyed, he's sure he's some cartoon, some kind of washed up loony-toon

I scrutinized his silver tie and his shiny tuxedo shoes, I tantalized the neighbour's daughter until I had my chance
561 · Mar 2015
Trimming the Madcap
JP Mantler Mar 2015
I used to have passion
I used to have it along time ago
Now I just sit here
And take action

I'm a sad opportunist
Who lacks a bleeding heart
Without a beat or pulse
Just lock me away

I'm too busy, oh, I am
Too busy everyday
Lock me away, please
For I must be a monster

Oh, I cannot see what I should be seeing
I am too blinded by opened doors
You should crush it while you have the chance
An opportunistic chore

Oh, I'm too busy, I
The relentless sovereign
Stoked with such dreams
Prying off my partnership

*My love, my love
Of all such kinds
So well conceited
Yet I'm blind

I think it's good that you're trying hard
But you'd rather now bury me in our yard
I'm a stubborn wall who can still feel
My darling opportunist,
Our time may yield
558 · May 2014
The Coddled Miscreant
JP Mantler May 2014
Shake this obliquity
Shake this obliquity
Out of the system
Abort the democratics
And silly semantics
Eat this eat that
Gnaw away at the ear
'Till pudding seeps out'
Let them fear

Don't be so finicky
Helicopter parents
Secure and stabilize
The family threshold is breaking
Fibers wearing out and oh
Turning apart so well

As it runs down my leg
The embarrassment and pride shed
Unlike the hide I wear so boldly

Shake this obliquity*
Restore all clarity
And wander through its waste
Pondering and pondering
Now so weak from harsh critique
Don't cry home for sympathy


Everyone wants it genetically modified
An intricate soul; not real but imaginary
All the telepathy is getting to me

Faraway lookalikes
Are jumping in my head
They're ******* on his parade
I know; it's not my parade

The painted eyebrows panic
With indulging fear
And all those protective eyes leer
For those caretakers are manic
And the feeling  is static
Because all this never shakes away

Delving into their induction
I am paranoid they see me an idiot
I am a coddled miscreant
557 · Oct 2014
Journal Six
JP Mantler Oct 2014
the meaning of life is pecan pie;* the meaning of life is crunchy, candy-sweet and savory happiness. Life is easy as pie. Life is a piece of cake. When life gives you clouds, it gives you polluted rain and psychedelic frogs which give you ecstasy. Life means that this computer is too ******* slow, and I need to ***** some garbage about what life means to me.
553 · May 2014
Wandering Serpent
JP Mantler May 2014
You can wander with me, darling. Live your love with me.
Live in a sea of trance, girl. Oh, if you ever see.

Don’t show me your only Mistress. Don’t drown me in the blue.
Oh, just come with me, baby. You’re the only one I ever knew.

Won’t you read this sacred passage? Won’t you tell me what it means?
Push a little bit hard now. Y’er heart glows, it only seems.

Desperation wrings my body. I can never-ever push you awa-ay.
I’m really not your worry, baby. Will fantasy make you stay?

Take me, baby, to y’er Mistress. Give me, give me all you got.
You’d make with any kind of serpent. Y’er heart’s dark, it’s what I thought.
547 · Jan 2016
JP Mantler Jan 2016
Maybe I'm empathizing a nervousness you don't even have
Maybe I'm scared of who I really am
Maybe I'll just laugh
545 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. VI
JP Mantler Aug 2015
I still feel like a child
But with greater patience
The car honks

I feel like I will die sooner than it feels

The same old flowers, the same old pattern
And the door swings again back and forth from the soothing winds
Circa May 2015
536 · Aug 2015
JP Mantler Aug 2015
Man plays his guitar as he sits in the grass
With Frisbees flying over his head
The man has a stash
Which gives us our moments
What makes things expensive
I don't understand
But what I know is that
living is the best I can

Peter Gabriel's got sun in his eyes
He's still searching but hasn't got a clue cause he's blind

What a sad picnic party and its melting form
Let's ditch this place so we don't have to mourn

Let's go away from the stupid, sad people

So      we     can      be        sad      on         our                      own
  Sad                on         our            own       on      our   own
Sad           on      and    off        and    on   and    off
     Sad    on  our           own              on         our   own       sad
532 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. IV
JP Mantler Aug 2015
The streets scatter with life
A man with an electronic cross preaches in the streets of Bourbon
He's sad and confused, he's doesn't scare the dumb, drunk townfolk
Circa May 2015
519 · Oct 2014
Naive Dream
JP Mantler Oct 2014
You're dreaming a naive dream
You're dreaming, silly boy

You're dreaming; not a real thing
It's all your hope, silly boy
Wake up

It's nothing, but a naive dream
Dream, dream; silly dream
Wake up

Silly boy; young and stupid
You're reaching for the stars
And you'll burn out like
the rest of them

Naive dream; it's not for you
It's not for them as well; you're no gem
You won't change for the same people
who have slaughtered you

Dream, dream

Dream away
And reminisce, silly boy
When you begin to let go, you back out into reality.
515 · Aug 2015
New Orleans Pt. V
JP Mantler Aug 2015
We're on our cemetery walk
It's hot, sticky and quiet
The Schallenberg trash is full

"Ex umbris et imaginibus ad veritem"

Bus boy and bus girl
Dreaming the jazz theme
The American dream
There's grits on the table
Another sad fable of dreamers with big, crazy dreams

And I flick the cigarette **** on the *****'s SUV
I flee, I hide behind the Southern white veil
I ******* cower

Lady talks with her hands
I cannot ******* understand
The car horns beep again
And the drag queens chase men

It is all just wizard propaganda
It is all a ******* hoax
I want to stab my boss
I want to **** him
Ex umbris et imaginibus ad veritem
Circa May 2015
513 · Dec 2014
Journal Twelve
JP Mantler Dec 2014
Journal 12
My briefs were frozen because I put them in the freezer. I thought that freezing my unmentionables would make me a stronger person. I was alarmed by how ******* small my genitalia shrunk. Wow. My briefs were so ******* cold. Cause they were frozen. Holy ****. I walked outside in these briefs and wondered if I had remembered my lunch box. Holy ****. There was an egg salad sandwich in that lunch box.
*I ran frantically across the road back to my house, but a car ran me over. My skull had been concussed and decapitated on the windshield of that ******’s car. Man. I wish I had worn those bunny slippers, because those were my lucky bunny slippers.
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