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 Dec 2016 JP Mantler
s s f w s
Vision Through It
Everything Appeared
Fraternity kept the secret power of the shades away from me.
 Jun 2016 JP Mantler
a winding pathway
leads to where i dare not roam
still i venture on
 Jun 2016 JP Mantler
6w story
 Jun 2016 JP Mantler
miniature casket, hearts full of regret
there was a contest similar to this going on at school and i thought i'd try it out. i know it *****, but i felt like publishing something. sorry.
 May 2016 JP Mantler
Timothy H
A kid told me
The only way to really share something
Is to "share a picture of it
With a poem
And a detailed description
Then talk about it for while"

And I admit
He's pretty much right
But even then
Do we ever really
Get to completely share
Everything of Anything at all?

That does not mean we're alone
Just that
    (Like anything)
When there is something shared
On a deep level
    (aka least fraudulent level)
We should not take it

So I'm asking
How excited
About the sky
Do you get?
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