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Aug 2019 · 213
Missing you...
Joyce Aug 2019
Because of you I believe in myself again.
You show me how special I am
and that I matter.
You show me sunshine after the rain.
If I feel lonely, you make me feel better.
I miss you everyday.
Your voice and the things
you say to me.
Your touches that warm my heart.
Being with you makes me feel free.
You must know that I will
always be there for you.
Expressing my feelings is what I do.
Aug 2019 · 170
A beautiful person
Joyce Aug 2019
It still feels blurry in my head.
By all the words you said.
I understand how you think.
And I feel you how you feel.
Like a ship that won't sink.
You will sail over rough seas.
And you will not give up
the peace has returned.
We sometimes forget the pain that burns.
But I'll wait for you
no matter how long you need.
You mean love for me.
A beautiful person is what I see.
I hope to see you in my dreams.
I really want to be with you
is what I mean.
Aug 2019 · 208
Time and space
Joyce Aug 2019
I miss your sparkling voice.
I have to give you space.
I promised you to accept your choice.
You said please don't be sad.
The only thing I want is what we had.
You gave me warmth
that I missed so much.
Your attention and security.
A sweet and gentle touch.
I don't want to cry.
Still tears escape from my eyes.
Feel numb and do my best to stay strong.
I feel the love heavy in my heart
that I carry with me.
In my dreams i see the smile
on your face.
You kissed my lips and hold me tight.
I feel your warmth when my eyes
meet this morning light.
I believe in you that you will
win this fight.
Take your time it is not a race.
I will be patient and give you
the time and space....
Sharing emotions
Aug 2019 · 203
My naked soul...
Joyce Aug 2019
You came into my life
You touched my heart
so intensely.
That there was someone
who fits you perfectly.
Your love grew in me.
You saved me from loneliness.
You made me feel love again.
You don't feel the way you
would like to feel.
The wound is still fresh
and needs time to heal.
I will be there for you
when you are ready.
Give you love and stability.
My thoughts rattle through my mind.
I don't want to lose what
I finally found.
I feel you in the depths
of my soul.
From me to you
Aug 2019 · 510
Your guardian angel...
Joyce Aug 2019
I'll take you under my wings.
Feel my feathers on every
piece of your skin.
Feel the wind caressing through your hair.
Leave your worries behind.
Feel the peace in your mind.
Feel the love flowing through your veins.
Free yourself from these chains.
I will support you in everything you do.
I give all my love to you.
Feeling protected
Aug 2019 · 132
Your love...
Joyce Aug 2019
Your love is like a drug.
I need to have it.
Your words makes me feel stronger.
My heart can’t beat no longer.
If you are not here with me.
I want to feel you skin on skin.
Feel the warmth of your breathing.
While our noses tease each other.
You make me so happy.
When I’m with you.
I’m standing with a army.
Together we win every fight.
In dark nights we follow
the stars that shine light.
I Wish you were here.
So I can kiss you my dear.
Aug 2019 · 747
Forever in your heart
Joyce Aug 2019
I wish you where here with me.
So I could touch you gently.
Hold you in my arms and stroking through your hair.
Whisper sweet words in your ear.
Feel your soft lips on mine.
Love is a such red thin line.
I would do anything to take
your pain away.
I need you to hear me say.
My love for you is like a beating heart.
Apr 2017 · 838
Mixed feelings
Joyce Apr 2017
Stuck between wright or wrong.
All my emotions that I feel so strong.
It feels like swimming without
finding the shore.
Grasping for air.
Trying to find this open door.
In darker night searching for light.
My words will filter my blind sight.
Finding peace in my soul.
My heart is unfaithful.
Keeping my head up.
Trying to keep my eyes from crying.
Outside I'm laughing but from
the inside I'm dying.
Joyce Apr 2017
I feel your soft lips.
I see the sparkle in your eyes.
I hear the sound of your voice.
My heart is crushed by this choice.
We have this amazing connection.
Such a magnetic attraction.
You feed my mind with words
I'd like to hear.
You make me feel stronger
without any fear.
Please get out of my head.
I say to myself as I lay in my bed.
You make me feel weak.
Because you are in my heart.
Controlling every heartbeat.
Apr 2017 · 586
My confession
Joyce Apr 2017
We said goodbye.
I'm not gonna cry.
You make me feel happy.
My fire was burning.
I could smile all day.
This feeling of yearning.
I feel the passion
and it made me feel free.
Like honey so sweet.
With such high intensity.
I know it was wrong.
But this feeling felt so strong.
I needed you more.
More than you needed me.
Deep in my heart I knew
this could never be.
I don't blame it on you.
Just don't understand
my feelings for you.
I have to let you go.
Time to end this show.
Before it gets out of hand.
This feeling will fade away.
And disappear like footprints
in the sand...
May 2016 · 640
A slightest touch...
Joyce May 2016
When my heart stops beating.
And my mouth quiet breathing.
My skin turns cold.
No tears to dry.
No one to hold.
Some day I will see.
The truth will set me free.
I hope you will always
remember me.
With a smile on your face.
A memory in your heart.
I don't wish all that much.
Only kind words with
a slightest touch.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Silently hoping
Joyce Mar 2016
I love you.
I miss you.
My heart is bleeding.
Empty feeling inside.
Tears behind
a smile collide.
Dark clouds are
blinding my sight.
Ice cold wind
touches my skin.
The pain I feel within.
Still floating.
Silently hoping.
A voice across
the ocean.
Mar 2016 · 1.0k
In dreams we will see
Joyce Mar 2016
Beautiful night.
Heart full of love.
My mind so quiet.
Put your trust in me.
Hear my voice so gently.
Feel the breeze
caressing your face.
Embrace shining stars
in black space.
Say kind words before
you go to sleep.
Close your eyes.
In dreams we will see.
Each other so happy
and carefree.
Mar 2016 · 470
Love drowning in the ocean
Joyce Mar 2016
I stare at a picture.
We look at each other.
Our eyes do not lie.
Some feelings you
can not hide.
Only a picture of
you and me.
Can bring so many
Feelings that we
can not express.
My pulse racing
through my chest.
I miss us.
My river is flowing.
Feels like my heart
is exploding.
Love drowning
in the ocean.
My words in silence.
My thoughts full
of emotions.
Mar 2016 · 696
Set your mind free
Joyce Mar 2016
Hug me.
Read me.
Trust me.
Follow the
wind and sea.
Show yourself.
So everyone can see.
Let your heart speak.
Let your soul breathe.
Connect with people.
Set your mind free.
Feb 2016 · 744
With a smile on my face
Joyce Feb 2016
Another day goes by.
Dark night turns into blue sky.
Every morning birds
sing their glory.
Silent nights when dreams
controls our mind.
Every day we take a chance.
Live our lives
and finding our balance.
Another year goes by.
I'm so thankful for all
beauty to see.
The love I share with you.
Is a gift from my heart so true.
Today I will celebrate.
With a smile on my face.
And feeling so joyfully.
Happy birthday to me.
Feb 2016 · 943
A memory still inside of me
Joyce Feb 2016
So delicious.
So sweet.
So lovely we
could meet.
I like you.
And crave you.
In my mind
I still taste you.
Remember the
smell of your skin.
Your touch so
A memory still
inside of me.
Feb 2016 · 815
My love is howling
Joyce Feb 2016
Day and night shifting.
When the sun kisses
the moon.
Birds sleep in trees.
Hear a calming breeze
through leaves.
Quietness set
your mind at ease.
My head is spinning
Thoughts still fighting
on battleground.
Do you feel my struggle
without hearing sounds.
My soul is drowning.
My love is howling.
Your words keeps me going.
They hold me and tease me.
Comfort me deeply.
My eyes wins the fight.
Time for sleeping.
A big kiss good night.
Feb 2016 · 750
Make today so wonderful
Joyce Feb 2016
Good morning.
Good day.
Good evening
I say.
Sun is shining.
People are smiling.
Hope you will
find your way.
Breath in some fresh air.
Feel the wind through
your hair.
Feel the love in your heart.
Make today so wonderful.
Put on your smile so beautiful.
Feb 2016 · 808
Feel free to share love
Joyce Feb 2016
Oh how I love my bed.
Early morning sleepy head.
Time to get up.
Put on some clothes
and a smile for goodluck.
If you are sleeping.
I wish you sweet dreams.
If you just open your eyes.
Hope you will see the sun
and blue sky.
Morning thoughts they
dance and sway.
Feel free to share love
and have a perfect day.
Joyce Feb 2016
In a lonely world.
People are busy
with doing nothing.
Walk around while
playing with their cell phones.
Talking and sending messages.
Nobody is paying attention.
Everyone is on their own.
Every day we feel
more alone.
Creating online
we like to share.
But does anyone care.
To show all places.
Making pictures
of smiling faces.
You can wait to see
how much everyone
likes you or write
nice comments so
that you can replay to.
A small digital kind
of happiness.
Is feeding you kindness.
Just a thought in mind.
There is not a lonely world.
Only people who
want to be heard.
Feb 2016 · 1.7k
Together we move forward
Joyce Feb 2016
As I am reading.
My mind is feeding.
My soul is feeling.
My heart is crying.
Your words they haunt me.
The more I read.
The more they please me.
Teasing my brain neurons.
Tickle my thinner skin.
Feels so alive.
When you take me in.
Into your soul
and fragile mind.
I can almost feel your
heartbeat racing.
Dark shadows chasing.
Hear you mentally breaking.
In your words
I know who you are.
You carry a heavy burden.
I can't carry it for you.
But I can pick you up.
And together we move forward.
Feb 2016 · 992
A soul recovers again
Joyce Feb 2016
You see it all.
When darkness falls.
In shimmering light.
The unbearable fight.
A black deep ocean.
Redeem all shadows
of emotions.
Feel free to let tears
flow into the sea.
We can't always
be happy and
feeling joyfully.
But that's okay.
We are all human.
The deepest red
flowing through
our veins.
Revealing black pain.
A soul recovers again.
Feb 2016 · 670
Enjoy your morning thoughts
Joyce Feb 2016
When you wake up
from dreaming.
Your eyelids move slowly.
Your body feels warm
and cuddly.
Move closer and kiss
you gently.
This morning simple
words I say.
Enjoy your morning
And have a lovely
Feb 2016 · 646
Joyce Feb 2016
Strength and honor.
Words before battle.
Sword and shield.
Silence reveals.
Your hand touching
grain field.
Fighting for Rome.
So far away from home.
A general who became
a slave.
A slave who became
a gladiator.
Fighting for your life.
A husband from
a murderd wife.
A father from
a murderd son.
You must continue.
Until your task is done.
Last fight in the Coliseum.
Will bring you peace
and freedom.
Love the movie.
The gladiator
Feb 2016 · 480
Lighten my day
Joyce Feb 2016
Lighten my day.
Blue sky is coming my way.
A bunny hopping around.
My thoughts are loud.
But I hear no sound.
Be safe on ice cold ground.
You are beautiful in every
kind of way.
Wake up with a smile
and have a wonderful day.
Feb 2016 · 525
Feel invinsible
Joyce Feb 2016
Your smile so irresistible.
A captured moment
is unphotographable.
Your words are so beautiful.
They sound like music
so lovable.
Our friendship is capable
to make us feel invinsible.
Feb 2016 · 528
A heart full of dreams
Joyce Feb 2016
A heart full of dreams.
They linger in my mind.
Try to reach out.
Not afraid to make mistakes.
They are lessons we can
learn from them in every kind.
Never let fear get in your way.
It is just a thought we
could through away.
Live your dream.
They are yours to experience.
You can follow your heart
and find your own balance.
Feb 2016 · 1.7k
The smell of spring perfume
Joyce Feb 2016
Sunny sunny day.
How beauty can take
your breath away.
People are smiling.
While the warmth
of sunlight is shining.
On faces so delight.
In forest so brightly.
Little ducks are swimming.
in sweet water.
A baby swan is cuddling
her mother.
Colored flowers
and plants that bloom.
The smell of spring perfume.
Feb 2016 · 472
Blisfully my soul begins
Joyce Feb 2016
Frost on my window pane.
Cold sky blow clouds away.
Another day comes our way.
To reveal all your thoughts in grey.
Listen to birds they sing.
Blisfully my soul begins.
To feel love and share it with you.
Because your words of happiness
brings a smile on my face today.
In all my heart I will carry you.
Hope you will have awesome day.
Feb 2016 · 1.3k
I feel your skin
Joyce Feb 2016
Close your eyes
my dear.
Last words whispering
in my ear.
I feel your skin.
Such heavenly sin.
Your hand carressing
my waiste.
Your kisses so sweet.
Don't wake up
in this dream
where we meet.
Joyce Feb 2016
Wish you could
read my mind.
So you could see
my thoughts.
Feel what I feel.
Show you my vulnerability.
My heart longs for your
love so tenderly.
You will see my soul
in all its sensitivity.
My flaws are not
just sweet poetry.
If you could only see.
My thoughts without
hiding my fragility.
Feb 2016 · 1.9k
Quiet morning I embrace
Joyce Feb 2016
The cold wind touches
my face.
Slowly I wake up.
Quiet morning I embrace.
Thoughts keep spinning
in my head.
Beautiful words you
have said.
You touch my soul.
Making me whole.
In my heart you
will always stay.
If you read my words.
Have a lovely monday.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Would you be my valentine
Joyce Feb 2016
I could be yours.
Would you be mine.
Light my candles.
Drink a glass of wine.
Talk to my soul.
Feeling so divine.
You are so very special.
Would you be me valentine.
Feb 2016 · 606
Humble words like an anchor
Joyce Feb 2016
I see you through
my screen.
Your words sweet
in my mouth.
Juicy like a nectarine.
Delicious hot chocolate
with whipped cream.
Fulfilled my longing dream.
Desire for more.
That is where my heart
is beating for.
You make my soul
a little brighter.
You relieves my pain
a little lighter.
Makes my heart
feel warmer.
Your love makes
me stronger.
I hope I can return
the favor.
Humble words like
an anchor.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
In your love of perfect sin
Joyce Feb 2016
Like a bird singing
so fragile.
Tiny heart but such
a fighter.
See her light shining
Wants to take your
pain away.
listen to the sound
of your voice.
Hope you will find
her and keep her safe.
Safe in your heart
not locked away.
Wish I could swim
in your love of perfect sin.
Joyce Feb 2016
We could never dance.
Look into each others eyes.
Holding hands.
Feeling your shoulder.
Your hand slides lower.
Music on the background.
Sounds so soothing.
Our hips moving slowly.
Sway to the rhythm of love.
Your position fits like a glove.
My body aches with longing.
Linger on your lips.
Tingling fingertips.
Magical dark night.
your silhouette shade
in moonlight.
Feb 2016 · 670
Wishing you my love today
Joyce Feb 2016
Beautiful friday.
So happy you came today.
Last day of working.
Nearly approaching.
To saturday and sunday.
Just getting on my way.
While birds whistle their
sounds of play.
The air I breathe so quietly.
Wishing you my love today.
Feb 2016 · 451
Your mind in curiosity
Joyce Feb 2016
Do you even know I exist.
In dark shimmering night.
Are you able to resist.
Words of love and happiness.
Feeling amazingly intensively.
Your mind in curiosity.
Wants to know more
of how it could be.
Biting your lip softly.
Caressing your soul gently.
What I really want you to see.
Is the beauty inside of you.
A sparkle through marbles.
Let it shine through eternity.
Just some thoughts
of a girl you don't really see.
Only words you read
in her poetry.
Feb 2016 · 697
Feels my soul connection
Joyce Feb 2016
A ring is round
and has no end.
It has no sharp edges.
Nor will it bend.
Love is precious.
It has no limit.
You can reach the top.
And still can't beat it.
Your high is your addiction.
Feeling so confused.
Is it real or is it fiction.
Can you handle my
love affection.
Your heart feels my
soul connection.
Inspired by The Lord of the Rings.
Love that movie.
Feb 2016 · 909
Thoughts running wild
Joyce Feb 2016
Let your words
be the mirror of your soul.
Let your thoughts
speak the language of
love all around the world.
Let your spirit
Inspire yourself and others.
Feel free to live your life
without disguise.
Remember good memories.
Leave behind the pain
suffer and the lies.
let your conscience
be your guide.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Cross my ocean
Joyce Feb 2016
Undress me
with your eyes.
Whisper love
into my ears.
Let go of your fears.
Touch my soul with
all your loving heart.
Cross my ocean.
Put it in motion.
Share your passion
of pure devotion.
Look into my eyes
and feel the wamth
of the sun
in brightest blue sky.
Feb 2016 · 360
Put on your favorite smile
Joyce Feb 2016
So early this morning.
I open my eyes.
By the sound of bird tjilping.
They sing me a song.
So proudly happy and strong.
Pure is nature with her beauty.
Makes me feel comfortably
coming home.
My smile I wear on
my face so amazing.
Feel the love of this beautiful
And so I bring you this message
Put on your favorite smile
and have yourself a lovely day.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
May your dreams be sweet
Joyce Feb 2016
I would like to wish
you good night.
Tuck you into bed.
Give you a smile.
A gentle kiss on
your forehead.
Watch you fall asleep.
May your dreams
be sweet.
Last words tonight.
Until next time we meet.
Feb 2016 · 798
Crawling under my skin
Joyce Feb 2016
You are like a spider.
Hide in small places.
I got stuck in your web.
Leaves no traces.
As I try to escape.
I feel myself getting weaker.
Don't want to give in.
Into your poison of sin.
Secuded on soft satin.
Crawling under my skin.
The world feels
so much better.
As I'm writing you
this letter.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
A tear in your eye
Joyce Feb 2016
A tear in your eye.
By words in this life.
They can feel so humble.
Your soul so breakable.
Your love so untameable.
Sometimes my heart
can feel so brittle.
I can cry out in words.
So I can spread my wings
and fly like an eagle.
Inspired by Traveler
Feb 2016 · 346
Let your heart broken
Joyce Feb 2016
Tears are falling down.
Leave your troubles behind.
Searching for peace in your soul.
A broken heart so refined.
Lost in fragile mind.
Swimming around and around.
Deeper into the depth
of the sea.
Almost drowning getting so tired.
More energy is required.
To beat your demons.
Rewind your confessions.
Haunted by your past.
Trying so hard
while you swim so fast.
Out of breath and
grasping for air.
You try to reach the shore
but nobody is there.
You think to yourself,
this is not fair.
All your love
gone and replaced.
So many words unspoken.
Let your heart broken.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
My beautiful sin
Joyce Feb 2016
We collide in this
world we're living.
Time stops as we see each other.
Everything moves in slow motion.
Your eyes hide an emotion.
My heart overflows.
My brains lose all signals.
My hands are trembling.
My heartbeat is racing.
My voice is shaky.
Knees are feeling weak.
I can bearly speak.
This is what you
do to me.
It should be illegal.
How you take control
over all my senses.
The passion I feel within.
Your are my majestic wings.
I will never forget.
My beautiful sin.
Feb 2016 · 1.5k
First day of the week
Joyce Feb 2016
First day of the week.
Glad we could meet.
A new day.
A new beginning.
Another chance
to go out and learning.
Exploring and searching.
Meet new people and sharing.
Take time for reading.
Believing and recieving.
Your words make
my day so appealing.
Like a soft summer breeze
on my skin so soothing.
Hope you are smiling
while reading my writing.
Feb 2016 · 963
Leaving today behind
Joyce Feb 2016
Shades of night.
If we turn off the lights.
Thoughts leave our mind.
Our souls utterly unwind.
Leaving today behind.
In our dreams we will find.
Stories we create.
They can be so vivid.
By closing your eyes
I hope you experience.
This beautiful story
with love flowing in it.
So I wish you
good night.
By taking a flight.
To dreamland
into the moonlight.
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