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Jowelle Mizero Apr 2017
But I was a bird,
and you should have known
I’d fly away.

I was not made to be caged,
but you can watch me fly.
Jowelle Mizero Apr 2017
A lion roars.

I hear it within me,
a steady reverberation
animating my soul.

I am power.
Jowelle Mizero Mar 2017
Today is yesterday's tomorrow.

Our moments are collecting,
building a past.

Each second writes the
story we'll read
when tomorrow becomes today.
Jowelle Mizero Feb 2017
As you inhale,
I exhale.
We are human,
together in this
breath of life,
moving in this
perfect rhythm.
Jowelle Mizero Feb 2017
I fell hard
and my bones shattered like glass.

As I watched my pieces scatter,
I realized that my mistake was
trusting you.

I didn't fall.
You dropped me.
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