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Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
When you stare at someone and feel like you are more strong your complete in a way that you cant explain..when all ur problems seem to end when you hear her voice when you find yourself smiling for no reason when you stare at her when sometimes you dream that she will be their with you watching the stars  when a minute cant pass without you thinking of her when you envy or feel jelous when you see another boy talking to her when you become speechles everytime she stares at you just knw that you have fallen.. .nt in a ditch not in a dip hole but in love
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
Just like the solar system,
You always plan-et  out.
Just like the universe,
Your are all that matters.
Just like a computer,
You are my CPU.
I keep myself busy
With the things I do
But still all I think is you

"The more you let yourself go,
The less others let you go",
This is what you know.
I know my memories are in your heart,
not just in your note.

You are like a good book
Its not by the look.
If anyone thinks I'm lying,
Please come and take a look.

Loyalty is what we seek in friendship
And on that loyal sea,
There you sail with your ship.
Just like a shepherd with his sheep
Your eyes is always staring
Oh! You are so caring,
Please don't you sleep?

Our old text is what I read,
and this makes me laugh like an idiot
Funny,just to let you know i miss you a lot ..

We may not have it all together,
But just know that together,
we have all.
Because without "U"
There will be Us
And without "I"
There will be no Life
My love for you is for life.
Love will never lie
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
When a just think of her a feel my heart smiling how how can this be i used to hate her but there dayz its sarcastic i adore her i see her and  a fyl ma heart aching for her touch......her lips kissing me all day long.....her tounge touching mine exploring my the deepest end...but thats just a dream hope it will come true...but a dont bealive in dreams  do you yes do you but i dont care  i will fight for her.....coz what am feeling inside  is real i love her even though sometimez back she was just a friend.....but she has a dude she loves her so much and i cant break their relationship......but why do i love her the its weared and am tell her how will she react i dont knw hope she will understand me..coz i love her
I will love you till am 70
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
You see what a hate and love ladies with all of my heart they make you feel alive but make you feel like a fool sometime's they make you go nuts in a gwd way and also a bad way....girlz too u u got me in a dillema u see u are so seducing and cant pass without me staring to you...but hearts dont lie i saw these last chic and i cant take her out of my mind she is hot she is cute she is adorable she is more beautiful hope she will be mine and mine alone...;-)
Women ladies girls
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
Do you think i will forget you easyly you knox yourself thats impossible darling you always in my mind you soft lips ur curveceous body  ur smile ur thigh oh i cant i cant it will be a true lie if i tell you just go coz i will never think of knw what every microsecond you smile ur cute eyes comes to my thoughts and i cant deny these feeling am feeling inside I LOVE YOU owkay just knw that darling no one can ever take you place and space love you
Love humbles a man
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
I already miss you and i was with you a few seconds ago then what will i do if you go if you go and never come back i will also gave me the urge to move on with life just you sight made me understand what you and i know best but your gone gone for good how will life be will i live to see the morning star or the evening star will i meet anyone who will captivate my soul like you did.....its ironic that though we loved each other so much you did not tell me goodbye you didnt give me the last kiss like you did before but i dont blame you lets blame death it doesnt takes anyone rich or poor beautiful like you my darling or an ugly person THATS DEATH
Death dosn't choose
Josiah kiprop Sep 2015
One message reacived......
is it from my mum..
Is it from the landlord
is it from my dad
is it from my girlfriend..
After opening the text i could nt bealive my eyes....why cant she let me stay in peace why does she keep on bothering my  marriage...her name is tracey a girl i had been dating buh just dumbed me because i was not rich.... And i left her even though i loved her with all my heart....i knew that the love i felt for her will never fade away....but soon enough i came to find my true love... tracey's love was first love...and first love never dies but true love comes and buries it alive.......i met my true love her name is melissa i love her but not the way i do for tracey but their is no turning back  i am married...and thats why i cant reply traceys text even though i love her...
**First love never dies but true love buries it**
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