These brains make me sick,
but they make me feel alive again.
I can close my eyes,
and see the life that used to be.

When I see the old memories,
It gives me time to pretend.
None of this is real,
and I'm no longer the enemy.

The eye was on the ball,
and the ball was blue.
We looked at the ball for years,
never thinking about it.

The eye caught a tiny speck,
and looked closely at it.
We filled a bucket with water,
revealing that the ball was yellow.

A bunny in the graveyard,
hopping from grave to grave.
The rain clouds form every Tuesday,
in a wishing well a hundred miles away.

Five years later,
a demolition crew destroys the forest surrounding the graveyard.
A bunny sees some rain clouds,
as the cover of a pool is pulled off.

If you don't like the
way you are, you can
change. There are steps
you can take; you don't
have to stay the same. It
may take lots of time, but
you can change; don't give

I'm not a lazy tower.
I'm a t-shirt worn.
I crank up the power.
I feel hell being born.

Joshua Marshall Apr 16

I promised I would be there for you,
and you believed in me.
I was never there for you,
not even for a day.

That's why you walked away.
You saw me as I was,
a phony to the core.
I have nothing in my store.

I'm sitting on a pile of gold,
looking into another world.
There's an end to this rope,
as the ketchup spills out.

I'm consuming pellets with
a fountain of youth, looking
into another world. Bowling
balls go flying, as knives get
swung through the air.

I'm becoming yellow in the
face, looking into another
world. Dusty clouds linger,
keeping an ancient wolverine

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