Joshua Jones Nov 2012

Dusk brings the night, and nightmares
Roars echo in the darkened sky
And even the bravest hide in mortal terror
Glaring at the darkness waiting
On this night it may come for us all
Now dawn's light reveals what the nightmare has taken
Some say this dragon is a curse for living

Joshua Jones Nov 2012

I open that which I loved
touching that which gives love
removed that which grants breath
ripped open that which housed my child
pulled out that which grants nourishment
threw away that which gets overlooked
discarded that which passes it all
carved out that which eggs are made

I washed my hands of her
leaving her life surrounding her on the floor
now searching for a new soul to carve
to deliver a new heartache

Joshua Jones Nov 2012

He waits at the end of the street
I think the fog follows him
He can smell her fear
The street lights flicker and dim
Those glowing red eyes, their prey did meet
This night for her would prove grim
At this hour of late he draws near
Her screams gave him a gorgeous hymn
She laid ripped apart, as her blood runs down his lips

Joshua Jones Nov 2012

Her eyes are so beautiful, a shade of green I have never seen
With a voice that could calm any broken heart
After all these years I couldn't believe she still longs for me at night

But now her beauty turned into something different
She stood facing me, so close I could smell her perfume
The look on her face...
I smiled and told her how much I love her
She pleads with me not to do this...
She cries and begs...
I leaned in to kiss her, those lips were always so soft...
"Please, baby don't!, NO NO PLEASE NO!"....


She cries over my body.

Joshua Jones Nov 2012

So I wait for her...
Wreaked with suffering and abandonment
Tossed into this realm of discord
Minutes seem like decades as time perverts
     while I'm with her millenniums dissipate in seconds
I love her so and yet she torments me with such precision
     you would think she hates me for all I have done

...Revelation of reality...

Does she love me, does she secretly despise me
Will she cast me aside, cull me at every chance
Have I wronged that which I seek to praise
Within my twisted reality have I created this love from lust
Have the demons in the dark corners finally gained the upper hand
Can this be... No... I wont let you win this time
But the questions still linger in my chaotic thoughts...

So I wait for her...
Wreaked with suffering and abandonment
Tossed into this realm of discord

Joshua Jones Nov 2012

Like the rain,
Like the snow,
Like the leaves,
Just as the millions before me,
Just as the billions after me,
I will surely fall.

Joshua Jones Sep 2012

I lay awake at night looking up into the darkness
Flashes of our time together keep me dreaming
Wondering if you too lay awake dreaming into the darkness
Walking on that beach listening to the waves crash ashore
The night air is cool, and the stars are bright
From the darkness a light shines
Walking toward me... it's you
Your white gown flowing in the wind, the night air caressing your face
I take you in my arms, I found you
You look up at me with those beautiful brown eyes
Saying the words that echo in the wind:
"My love for you is everlasting."
I hold you tight as the wind cries out and dies, the waves fall in silence
You look up at me and whisper my name...
I open my eyes to find myself alone
Sitting up asking out loud"
"Was it just a dream?
Throwing the sheets back I freeze...
I smile as I see the sand laying at my feet

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