A boy,
born of dirt and ash,
walks not alone in the shadows.

For he is accompanied by a heightened sense,
for who is to become, and for who he must destroy.

Lies spill forth from the mouths of those branded "Slaves."
Slaves to the Serpent riddled box they so desperately cling to.

His vision falls on the subjective view of right and wrong,
Good and Evil,
Just and Unjust.

Reality shattered by the sight of hungry mouths never to be fed,
Greedy hands that take, never to be sated,
and of the Love never to be had.

Put aside your pride, boy.
Fall the farthest you have ever fallen.
Then and only then, may you break into a million pieces.

From the ash of your misguided life,
you may rebuild yourself into more than a mere man.

From the shadows,
A King Rises.

I am the last enemy that shall be destroyed. Then, may I reign forever.
Joshua Hobbs Dec 2017

I was supposed to die on the Battlefield.
To be shipped off and fight for a Country that didn't want me,
there could be no greater honor.

Now, My nights are filled with short sleep and tall bottles.
Each day, blurrier than the last.
Women come and go,
never to be truly "Loved."

I write melancholy across cold keys,
post with cold eyes,
and entertain cold souls.

I want to scream...

To write a list of all things that I could say,
without ego,
that I truly "Hate."

Future ripped away by a man whose job it was;
To just say "No..."

Travelled to the top of the world, seeing the Northern lights,
suffering the bitter cold...
The starving nights,
feverish frights,
and never-ending verbal fights.

For what?

The paper that would allow me to fly...
Like a bird, far away.
To a woman who claimed to hold "Love."

Now, I'm back home.
Thousands of miles back home.
Staring at this blue moon in my eye.

Before I die alone,
Let me have Vengeance.

One can never truly understand the story of another. The Post Traumatic Stress that is brought on by even a song that brings us back to a place we were truly hurt.

We Crave attention from those who'll never give it,
acceptance from a Society that doesn't know it,
and Love from creatures built for Hate.

I ask you, Who is at fault?
Joshua Hobbs Dec 2017

A bastard Pup, no home to call his own.
Wandering the Wood, singing a lonely Song.
He howls at the Moon, whispers on the Wind.
His eyes watch, wondering who She will send.
Mother Nature is kind, but fearsome in her own right.
Day after Day, Night after Night.
The Pup forgets how to Love, but learns how to Fight.
His eyes no longer care, and only his Hunger grows.
Until that day that He met Her, and in that moment, He was Home.
Her voice was gentle, Her touch was Pure.
But this Pup was worried, this Pup was Unsure.
His past made him Undeserving, and he thought this, True.
So, the Pup made it clear, She and Him were Through.
Regretful nights followed, as the Pup lay Wake.
His broken heart shattered, how much more could it Take?
When the Pup returned to his loving Friend,
She exclaimed that she wouldn't return...
For, She knew how it would End.
Life is complicated, but... Isn't it always So?
If we can not break Free, how would we ever Know?
The Pup feels nothing but Shame,
Everything He has would gladly lay down his Claim.
To show the Girl that He was Wrong.
For Hope that once more, They'll both Sing to the Moon, their Song.

Get well soon, Snips. This Pup is tired of being a Lonesome Wolf.
Joshua Hobbs Dec 2017

Time will give us everything,
But also take from us, all we know.
We'll wish for Friday-
And ultimately wish our lives away.

Words that cripple us,
Will bring forth new scars.
We'll show them to the "One."
Who'll eventually be taken by Time.

We're all on a merry go round,
Only one way on and no way off.
Time can't really be defined.
No matter if it's just a moment,
Or perhaps a millennium...
Time will take you.

So, enjoy the loan Time has given you.
For when the Piper comes,
He always collects.

Do we have control?
Joshua Hobbs Dec 2017

I sit here, Thine memory O' mine.
Didst Thou see it?
The Setting Sun of a Dream long past.
One of sweet morning Tea;
One with warm midnight Hugs.

A lifetime ago,
Lost in the Tear;
It's destination: A young boy's Dream.
Placed upon Thy hand, sealed with a kiss.

The dying flame that kept my promise to Thee,
it's ashes now lay the soil of what is to become.

The miles I traveled, both Land and Sea,
even through the Air, I flew like a bird for Thee.
Now, I fear I may never see Thy smile again.

If I ever look for Thee, only pain will I find.
But I will keep the gifts Thou has given me.
Courage and Solace.

Courage, to live on without Thee.
To of taken that first step into a bigger world,
I could have never imagined.

Solace, to live on knowing I am a man of my word.
A word that was given to a young woman so long ago.

May Thine happiness be found amongst the Earthly fields.

I will miss her, but I can't let it kill me. The boy died on that trip. Now, only a man remains. I wish you all the best in life.
Joshua Hobbs Nov 2017

Like pages in a story,
one that I'll never read.
Staring at the ceiling wondering-
Why wasn't it to be?

Traversing the wastelands of one's own mind,
wading through the guilt,
and always out of time.

There's too much pressure...

Nothing you can say could hurt me more than I,
For, I am my own Enemy.
I am the Last Demon that shall die.

Surrounding voices with no voices heard,
only saddened faces,
empty mouths that speak a melancholy word.

A new friend, A new face.
Now, they're gone...
Another rat race.

I'll lay here, with this pen in my hand.
Stuck in gaze... Wondering,
who... Who was that man?

It was I, who I had seen.
Back in a time of Joy,
before I knew what real pain means.

Perhaps, I'll see you again one day.
When I finally give in...
When, on a cloud, I'll float away.

Joshua Hobbs Oct 2017

How long is Forever?
When I looked into your eyes,
They told me it meant never ending.
Your actions proved...
That Forever, was nothing more-
Than a moment in Time.

And what about Always?
It used to walk hand in hand with Forever.
Your words showed me that this too...
Meant only until you found greener pastors.

There, you'll graze until Time takes even that.
What then?
A New Forever...
A New Always....

When I look into your eyes,
I see a moment in Time.

You once said that we were Forever and Always. I wonder, do you say the same to her?
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