I admire her,
The way she walks
The way she talks.
In my head,
She dances freely
To the everlasting tune
Of The Melancholy chime.
Canvas skin,
She paints a smile.
An ocean of tears,
Sail my ship.
A cracked horizon,
Guides my soul.
An emptiness without her,
Fulfilling lust with.
An outcast heart,
I gave to her.
The storm took it,
And there it stayed.
I miss her waves,
Her rising smile.
The smell of her sea,
Warmth of her touch.
If only I had been born of royalty,
That I might have claimed the Throne.
Lowly, am I.
But a man who would show the world,
How much my ocean is worth.
I pray for another storm,
Take my sail to lead the way.
Back into her arms,
Into the man she once saw in me.

It's funny, isn't it? This thing we feel. It takes away all of our pain, our doubts, our worries, and fears. So, that we may walk through miles and miles of Hell.

I know I haven't written for you in awhile,
But if I put my pen to this pad, would it make you smile?

What if my hands didn't feel the same?
Could I still take away those tears of pain?

And if I couldn't afford to gift the world,
Would you be sad to say you're my girl?

I just hope you know what I mean,
You're not a girl, Lady, you're my Queen.

An ocean away, but I'm never far.
Hell, Cutie, they have trains, planes, and even cars.

I'll make it right, I swear, but not right now.
I'll get us through these dark times no matter how.

I promise one day... We'll have it good.
Room service, 50 cars, like I said we would.

And all I need is a smile...
Take my hand, and stay, Baby for awhile.

I'll build an Empire forged from the motivation I feel when I see her smile.
Joshua Hobbs Apr 11

To me, she did not give birth.
But she's always helped me realize
How much I am worth.

We haven't always seen eye to eye
But for her acceptance,
I've often cried.

I'm not the easiest person to know
And when I'm hurting,
I hate to let it show...

But she's always there for me
Pushing me to be the best I can be.

Like a Guardian Angel unlike any other.
For this Guardian Angel,
Happens to be my Step Mother.

We fight, we cry, but for her of course I'd gladly die.
Joshua Hobbs Apr 10

Don't ever think that I'll stop loving you.
Not a day goes by that I don't think to myself
"What can I do?"
But there's nothing left for me to prove
And now the Devil and I dance to the same groove.

Long ago, I told you I'd be there, I was.
Long ago, I told you I'd buy you a ring, I did.
Long ago, I told you "Forever and Always."
I still mean it.

The Heavens still rest in your eyes
And every time I see them... Another piece of me inside, dies.

Because I still feel like I lied to you...
Even though I did everything I set out to do.

I just want you to know you're worth it.
You were then, you are now.

Joshua Hobbs Mar 14

Every evening
In the cold night's chill.
My mind wanders
Never able to be still.
I often think of you
And when I'll see you again.
I think of that young girl
I think of my friend.
Brought together by happenstance
And if I didn't think you were worth it
I wouldn't of taken the chance.
When I think of you
I smile and I cry.
Tears in my ocean
Unable to dry.
If I could right every wrong
I'd do it in a heart beat.
And use that beat for a song
That I'd sing for you
Put the lyrics in a ring for you
Bend my knee for you
Because I said it
I L.O.V.E. fallen for you.
And all I can see is the top in my view
But a King is nothing without his Queen
I just hope someday...
You'll understand what I mean.

If the only thing I accomplished was reminding her that she was worth risking everything, stepping into the unknown, and fighting through Hell. Then... I have accomplished everything I needed to. Call me blind, but if that's the case my eyes are just fine.
Joshua Hobbs Mar 5

In the midst of life
I often find myself lost in thought
Who I am
What I've done
Where I'm going
I write a long blank page with dreams
Dreams of blue skies
Dreams of open fields
Soft hair that smells of a foreign scent
The kind of smell that takes a man away
Away from the hustle and bustle
Away from all things unkind
I can't help but think of you
My ocean
I remember the first time
A cold December chill
An even colder heart yet to beat
I'm not a religious man
Never thought much of Angels
After that day
After I saw what sins I carried
And how your waves carried them away
I knew I had seen what I thought a lie
An Angel
Your smile was hurt but it was true
Something so beautiful
Pages could be written
Songs could be sang
But nothing would do it justice
For how I felt when it hit me
And how it brought me back
I made you a promise on a scared heart
A boy never set foot away from home
Traveled the world just to hold you
Went the distance to prove to you
You're worth it
To my Ocean
Thank you

I'd do it all again
Joshua Hobbs Feb 10

Behold! Upon my ledge sat a bird of Sun
with feathers that matched it's rays,
And wings that could cut the Sky.

I sat and watched in awe at Thee
as a boy would watch a fair maiden,
wondrous my thoughts led me astray.

With a hopeful eye and a sinful hand
I caged Thee where Thy stand,
And upon my ledge you would stay.

Seasons passed and I was happy still
but my maiden of Sun grew dim,
Her light was setting her rays fading.

I knew I could not keep Thee
for Thine beauty was pure,
So I let her go I let her soar.

I watched on no longer a boy
now a man with nothing,
But a feather of Sun...

If you love something, let it go.
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