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Joshua Gilton Sep 2011
We live in a society that treats us as Pawns.
I have no intentions in taking the bullet for the Kings of industry.
I take no comfort in the twisted words of the political Bishops sidestepping there way into power.
Noble Knights  follow the corrupt Queen to protect the interest of enslavement.
The Castle walls are built by the Rooks from the bones of the defiant.
There is no where to move or breathe but on this board of hardship.
( 9-22-11   8:08pm )
Joshua Gilton Sep 2011
I come to you now, and I am drunk

Even though whiskey has slurred my words

My thoughts come still and steady

I come to you now with a body tired

I come to you now an ever so lonely man

I come to you now on the brink of tears and war

I come to you now afraid because I am without fear

I come to you swinging with closed fist and an open heart

I come to my senses but reality causes me to loose my mind

I come to you now to sleep on your couch because I am still very drunk

I come to you now to repay old favors and owe new ones

I come to you now to reassure my self that I will never need you

But I come to you now because I do


I come again now sober

I have come to see drunken thought blatantly clear

I see sober words to hide thoughts away in riddles

But inebriation brings simplicity to this script

I go away from you now with a full mind and a confused heart

But I go to a bright outlook on a bleak future.
Joshua Gilton Sep 2011
Burning leaves in a dark hour
From Dutch fields sweetest flower
In spire me, turn these tears of old
Into sweet rain that waters my soul
May death to peace never be uttered
Were befriending a foe cause discourse to flutter
Like the flicker of a dying flame
May self expression never fade me to shame
For my sad thoughts miss gives some
Empty peace, from whence they've come
Understand do I not, for I choose not
Some questions left to God that purpose forgot
I defy my tears
I defy my weakness
That I may break thought jagged fears
And overcome bitter bleakness

The scorn of my minds undying questions
Burns in confusion with each internal session
May my need to understand never be too much to mention
But now I must go, I have dropped a stone in this pool of reflection
Joshua Gilton Sep 2011
Precious liquid cloak of my heart

You babble with peace of a gentle stream.
You are the water that can revive me

You rage like blood poring from the veins on a battlefield.
You consume me as I lay bleeding waiting to dye the ground beneath.

You apply your stroke on the canvas, forming something beautiful, If even only to the artist.

You sweet release, you everlasting friend,
With your sweeping path left behind after your Journey across the pages, I am soothed and I am comforted.
Joshua Gilton Jun 2011
I’m just sitting here in the dark, waiting for this life of mine to start.
Wondering before I leave this world, will I leave a mark?
Or is it true, and I’ve been doomed, from the start.
But I’m getting so tired of being so alone,
Take this burden off my back and leave it on the road
Got to leave this place before it swallows me whole
Find a little fresh air that really suites my soul
And I’m headin out  on the road,
finding that fresh air, that suites my soul
And I’m headed out on the road, were it leads I don’t know
Now I got some good friends, and there going to go with me
Like good old Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy
We headed out west till we found the sea.
Hoping on this journey we find the meaning of the word free
Cause we’re breaking those bonds of that mental slavery
That were given cause we live in this society
And we are all looking for a little something to believe
But my position on that decision is completely up to me
And we headed out on the road,
finding that fresh air, that suites our soul
And we headed out on the road, were it leads I don’t want to know
Now driving across the land, and sleeping in a van
Sweating in the dessert air, getting that beach sand our hair
Sleeping on misty mountain tops, getting woke up by the cops
Just going what we can, trying to find out how to be a man
Playing music in the street, for a little change and something to eat
Spending all you time and all your cash for a little bit of fun
and a whole lot of gas
When you heading out on the road,
finding that fresh air that suites your soul
And you head out, out on the road,
were it leads you ain’t ever going to know
And you head out, out on the road,
You find that fresh air and it suites your soul
And you head out, out on the road; you find it leads you home
(Zeus's Woodshed)
Joshua Gilton Jun 2011
Lonesome crusader and ancient gladiator,
He is taking love from the hater while being loyal to his traitor.
Constantly his own narrator, singing those old songs, on his path, as he walks along,
Looking for some forgotten town, with no one around who would try to bring him down.
Were he could not be found
Find his peace in the sounds, as his flesh fades back to dust back beneath the ground.
Joshua Gilton Jun 2011
Folding Foes, walk yourself down the Georgian line
Sweet savanna wrap around porches in summer sweat
Crushing companies sipping sweet tea on pedestals above me
Anchored at average is that old adage that it attached to the lattice that they try to get past us.
Nailed shoes to our feet and glued to our seat, living in lies and deceit, trying to force our defeat and to break the decree
Held solemnly,
And somberly,
By you
And by me.
Thee, the only lonely listeners of our own sweet soliloquies
In ripping tides of attention tearing through hate and affection,
Is found a pain never to mention for any chosen direction.
Now our learning gets lost in the lesson.
It started with tension, then moves to intervention, but ends with rejection.
Where now it lends to those friends that tend to your need to mend
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