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Josh Dauberman Jan 2016
Sometimes I sit and wonder
About stuff I do not know
Like, what the earth was like a hundred years ago
Did cavemen ride on dinosaurs?
Did flowers even grow?
Did spiders rule the earth?
Were deserts filled with snow?
There were no books or humans
So how are we to know,
What the earth was like a hundred years ago.
  Apr 2015 Josh Dauberman
Jared Eli
My friend Kellie makes me smile
She's amazing and hardly knows it while
Her boyfriend drains the life from her
Leaving her crying; his intentions were
To show how she made him feel
But whose hurt is worse, whose harm more real?
I can't judge but I can see
Her sitting disconsolate endlessly
And though she tries to to fake that she's well
She's not; her smile's a grimace and that I can tell
But I hate when she feels bad and I don't know what to do
Virtual giant squeeze hug: this one's for you
Josh Dauberman Apr 2015
We are the dreamers,
Bound together by fate,
With hearts of joy.

We are the dreamers,
The ones who are crazy enough,
As they all will say.

We are the dreamers,
Who will make a change,
They will call us strange.

We are the dreamers,
We are the unpretentious millennials,
Galvanized, united, and motivated.
  Apr 2015 Josh Dauberman
Joel M Frye
why a poet?
because a poet
hears the words
which sing the
purest harmonies
because a poet
paints their portraits
in pastels
of phrases
because a poet
dances their agonies
into leaps of faith
and pirouettes
of passion
because a poet
the beauty
in the commonplace
and captures
the moment
in a snapshot
of ink and white
because a bloodless world
cuts itself
a thousand times

and the poet bleeds
For my friends here and around the world on World Poetry Day.
  Apr 2015 Josh Dauberman
Love her like
She's the raging sea,
Unrestrained and dark and deep.
And you crave her touch
Through aching pores
As you slowly drown in sleep.

Love her like
She's the tender storm,
A lovely shade of grey.
Like with every whiff
Of breath she takes,
She's taking yours away.

Love her like
She's the silent clouds
With calmness floating by.
Like you'd want to make
Sweet love to her
Under the moon's apocalyptic eye.

Love her like
She's the blazing fire,
And you lust the candied pain.
Like she's the disease
That swallowed you whole
And you'd like to die again.

When her gentle touch
Makes your chest explode,
And your addiction is your girl.
Promise you'll love her
Through hell and back,
Or don't you dare love her at all.
Josh Dauberman Apr 2015
You shine a light,
On a cold and lascivious world.
You are the altruist,
On the coldest of winters.
You are the begetter,
Of the greatest scheme of all.
To steal my heart.
Note: This poem is not yet complete and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you,
Josh Dauberman
Josh Dauberman Apr 2015
There was once a little boy,
Who had the whole entire world.
Blinded by his rapacity,
He roamed the world,
Note: This poem is not complete and suggestions would be helpful and encouraging.

Thank You,
Josh Dauberman

— The End —