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Josh Murphy Apr 2017
The two of us are behind two faces.
Our two hearts broken in more than two places.

My one heart is focused on one partner.
My one goal is to please that heart of her's.

We'll bridge the gap and make amends.
And I'll prove that we are and always be, more than friends.
Josh Murphy Apr 2017
Cracked down, beyond existence,
Smashed down, beyond resistance,
Worn down, beyond persistence

Fight through your pain to maintain your commitments​.
Josh Murphy Mar 2015
1) She despises those who are late, and rewards the early. She closes her gates, that could be described as pearly.

2) Her presence is warm and unfelt by most, to describe in detail would only be to boast.

3) Material to read is what she gives us. We would rather bleed than have her not forgive us.

4) Before we realised, it was time to leave. We wanted to stay as we knew we would grieve.

5) Leaving was tough so we tried not to look back, but however long we stayed, we’d never fill our rucksack.
Josh Murphy May 2014
Planted there isolated,
Looks at it from a distance,
The flower is stuck,
Questioning its existence.

Planted just out of reach,
From the sunlight it craves,
Feeling no better,
Than moss in caves.

Gazing at the sunlight,
Twisting and reaching for rays,
But this flower hasn't felt warmth,
In far too many days.

It begins to die,
Slowly bowing its head,
It could have tried harder,
But it chose death instead.
Josh Murphy May 2014
You're the hard butter that rips my bread...
You're the moment my pencil breaks...
You're the gum stuck under a table that I accidentally touch...
You're the bent corners in my favourite book.
Josh Murphy Apr 2014
If life is a game,
Then I'm probably losing.
Beaten at every corner,
And I'm finally bruising.

But isn't it great,
To just play it with your friends?
'Cause remember if you end your game,
Then your friends game ends.
Suicide affects so many lives. For all of the people out there tempted, please keep this in mind. Don't be that person that ruins the game for others, because the game can be so much fun if you play it right and with the right people.
Josh Murphy Apr 2014
The war rages on,
Lead by an Angel and a Demon,
The battle for his soul,
No option of freedom.

They scream and shout,
Smash each other's skulls in,
Spill each other's blood,
But neither of them will win.

Angels and Demons,
Make his heart their battlefield,
They chop off each others limbs,
With the swords that they weald.

People think Demons are worse,
But Angels are just as bad,
At least Demons know what they want,
Angels are just mad.

Demons want him to suffer,
In depression and despair,
He thought he could rely on the Angels,
But they simply do not care.

Yea sure they fight back,
But not with their hearts,
They're just taking advantage of this boy,
Until the apocalypse starts.

He walks through school hallways,
Everyone is oblivious,
To the war inside his heart,
Why him? This is ridiculous.

They use his life as fuel,
And he realised he can't mend it,
So to cut off they're fuel supply,
He decides to **end it.
For when you have very mixed emotions and they seem to conflict each other and upset you.
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