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  Mar 2016 Josh Gam
Ever wonder what a real man is like? Let me tell you.

A real man cares about what goes on in your head.
All the others just care about getting you to bed.
A real man gives you a special place in his heart.
Them other guys just want you to spread your legs apart.

A true man wants to ease all of your pain.
A "player" wants you for his own gain.
A real man isn't scared for you to see his tears.
Them other boys will never tell you their fears.

(Insert rant) A sign that you've found a real man is when you are both able to share your all of your worries, anxieties, and personal cares with each other; and can do so in faith that he's not only listening, but caring.

A real man is there through thick and thin.
Other guys just want your skin.
You can look a real man deep into his eyes,
And know that he's not hiding any lies.

**To all the men who read this poem, look at yourself and see if you fit this description. Do you think that your lady would say you follow these guidelines? If you're single, are you a man that ladies find trustworthy? I hope you are, and if you're not that you change that. We men need to represent.
#RealMen #RealTalk #PayAttentionLadies
Josh Gam Feb 2016
Once in every four years.
How happy I am.
I am alive.
I experience it.

Just here waiting.
What will happen next four years.
Am still stuck on myself?
Or give up it with others.
Josh Gam Feb 2016
Few minutes more.
Few words in my mind.
Few seconds remaining.
I can hear the tick-tock of the clock.

Shut down.
I said good bye.

— The End —