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Paper lust
All so fragile
Silent touch
Streaming through
Illusion of love
Oblivion is forgot
N**ever ending dreams
A little extra secret for the reader in this poem
I allow myself to fall in love
Even though all the times i fell Before
I always hit the harsh asphalt

Cause when you fall in love
You fall
Even though it might not seem as if you do

But you do
You do severely
So vulnerably, without any protection
Not even a helmet
It's your soul getting cooled
After a fire
I don't like my soul cooled

I am afraid to fall, especially in love
Cause I've got marks
But i'm still young
Too young to know what real love is
So again I have to fall
Not really a poem just some thoughts; with everything else we seem to learn, "Don't go into the flames you'll get burned" but in the flames of love we will get burned over and over again - not caring about the burns we get
How life can bring us
So many different things
Some are coated in green moss
Some can give us wings

Life is more than science,
physics and signals to the brain
The lips most have a daring silence
And the ears listen with deep fain

Put down all the logical sense
Increase your senses and let them steer
The surroundings feel, so intense
Forget oblivion and your fear
I wrote this for a friend, he keep trying to convince me that people are all steered by our biological mechanisms, I simply can't be satisfied with that explanation. I do believe in science, but there has to be something bigger in this world of ours!
Do you know what
I think you know
I hope you know
You know
I know
What you have done
What you are thinking
Mostly you believe I forgot
But believe me
I know - I remember,
I can't forget
I could never forget
That is my problem
I wish I could forget
But I can't
My mind won't let me
My thoughts tell me no
If only I could forget
About it all
One day was barely passed
I opened the mailbox and gasped.
A letter was there
and I kept my stare

Sender unknown
My heart was blown
Meticulous handwriting
Kept My head war fighting

Who could this unknown be
And what would it share with me
A name so manly it had to be a sir
Eyes were heavy and it all went to blur

Curious suspicion I felt
And my logical sense did melt
I could not send a letter back
Cause his sir name he kept intact
Internet has ruined the feeling of getting a letter, people send letters far to rarely!
The road is cold and raw
Now I would never walk alone
Only with you I would walk the path
In footsteps of a lion
Like kittens we shall stumble
                Unsafely in the dark                    
Until the light will come
To give a warm embrace
We will feel brave
Explore the world within each others
I know now you are the only one
To see me in my univers
Wanting someone without knowing who, longing for hands to touch without knowing how, longing for lips to taste you - *longing for love
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