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The world is on fire
Flames rising higher
No room for breathing
I'm dying this evening
If only i could say the right words and it'd bring you back
You always kept the family on a righteous path

I wish we could have done more of the same for you
All the craziness we've put you through
You were the most loved now that you can trust
You had the strongest heart out of any of us
The kind of tough love some of us never get you always gave
Some of the things you've done are the reasons why I'm brave
never scared to tell it like it is
To your own or someone else's kid

There are so many things I never got to ask you
Like what's the recipe for keeping the family together as you do
Something so special, like a homebrew
It was your own special family glue

You always made sure we stuck together for better or worse
I think this is why your death really hurts
I'm far from speechless
the things I never got to say to you has to be my weakness
I never got to show you how I grew into my own uniqueness

I got a lot of my love from you and my mom, I'm not here to throw shade
I just want to make sure the words I never got to say are paid
In full, consider this an I owe you
Youll always be in my thoughts until the day I go too

I love you **** Dilfia
I'm tired of apologies
The more I accept them the more I'm realizing
The ones with them make it less surprising
Now I'm lacking trust, more and more honesty is a must
Don't want to spend my whole life in an endless game again
Starting to cut the ones loose who like to trend
My hands no longer wide open for the world
I've got too much on my shoulders, and now my hands are full
Get rid of those people who felt like they had some pull
Had to leave that negative orbit and get a grip on my own gravity
I know you'll understand as the apologies ensue
Now I'm sorry this is just what I have to do
A taste too sweet to touch and on the teeth
A slow decay starts just beneath the surface
We knew we could get cavities
But the sugar...oh the sugar
A taste that can be replaced
But we love the familiar
The aches and pains that go with it
Are just chances taken
Knowing the outcome in the end a bitter separation
I should have flossed while I was younger
The people I've once said I'd give my life for
Ironically are the same people not in my life anymore
Always be yourself, together
Put on this Earth to make you smile or sneer
Class clown I always knew how to make
hard work disappear
Such a happy go lucky guy
with a knack for laughter
The world can be so cruel
but everyone deserves a happily ever after
Let's cry tears of joy together
Plan each pretty picnic
Regardless of unpredictable weather
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