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I feel like a ghost
Am I even here?
If I said a word
Would YOU even hear?
Learning magic tricks
Watch me disappear
Had your chance to find me
Now I'm living in your head

Just a memory
Do you remember me?
I remember you were stealing all my empathy
Said that you want change
Change is what I'll do
I do it for me
I wasn't good enough for YOU
There's no one out here influencing me
And the people I look up to
I dont even see
Heart is sinking
Skin is crawling
That old feeling is back
And im afraid of falling

Pain brings strength
Heartache brings new Hope
But the sinking feeling never gets old
Spread my wings so I can fly I'm not done exploring
Every time I reach new heights when I'm only soaring
Retrace the skyline for the things I've missed
Eyes get blurry peering through the mist
Skin golden brown I stay sun kissed
Jorge Echevarria Dec 2020
This year I found some inner peace
Holding onto my sanity if only a piece
Never smile but always say cheese

Smiling more than ever is my new past time
Thanks to the friends who are my family
It feels like a crime to hide the way they help me shine

So bright, I remember I can see in the dark
My paths been illuminated but only about 6 feet
Enough to take a few steps and see where it takes me

I wanted to be taken away to a place I've never been
But I dream of those places and it drives me insane
That it took me this long to switch lanes

Missed a few exits along the way but never looked back
Each new path led me to infinity
and beyond this boxed vicinity
I get back on track
Jorge Echevarria Dec 2020
Take me away take me away take me away
I need the time I need the space I need the change
Holding me back slowing the pace I've gone insane
Stuck in a loop I wait my turn I play the game
Jorge Echevarria Nov 2020
Some claim flavorless
A dish that is best served cold
Welcome, Mariners Revenge
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