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Feb 26 · 44
I hate the way he does that
I hate that persons way
I hate how she does that
I hate
I hate
All day

I hate the morning sun
I hate the stars too
I hate so much my mouth spills fourth
With hatred just for you

You’re a different colour
Your religion is different
You talk different
You smell different
You’re different
I hate you!

I don’t know why I hate
I sometimes wonder why
But no one else cares
So why the hell should I?
May 2016 · 101

Don’t give up on your dreams
They’ll surely pass you by.

Act though in your youth
And quench the thirst of your eye.

Times will approach when you cannot act on your own ambition;
A life you’re sure to hate.

What are you waiting for?
Get up!
Get out!
And earn not accept your fate!

— The End —