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Jonny Jun 2017
You ask, is my love true, is my love true,
all i say is how do I prove,
After all the things we've been through,
ill wait for you, ill wait for you.
Wait for you my
Just so you know, dear Girl,
I can't read your messages
if I wanted to:

I can't view your page
if I wanted to:

I can't text you or call you
if I wanted to:
I deleted your number a number of months ago.

Sorry, but not really.
I just wanted you to be able to know
if you wanted to
that I've tried to read your new stuff
that I've tried to read your messages
and I've tried to send you a message back,
however, that page is not currently visible.

Know that I don't hate you
and I don't begrudge you, per se,
it's just that I haven't been able to stand even the thought of you.

I don't think of you as a *****.
I thought you were a very cool person.
That's part of what made it hurt so bad.

I know we're both young.
I know we made mistakes.
I don't wish you ill.

To me, a lot is based on Respect
and you made it impossible
for me to respect you
for a little while.

Perhaps that will change someday.
Perhaps we will bump into each other sometime.
Perhaps we could become friends once more
and see where it goes,
but don't get your hopes up
because that page
is currently not visible.
Jonny May 2016
I love you,
I love you, from the bottom of my heart,

I'll whisper that,
In your ears,
When we're no longer apart.
(I bet it gives you chills)

You did the same to me,
All those nights really late,
I'd ride my bike to you,
And I'd hop over those gates,
Then in through the window,
Where you would be awake,
(a few times you weren't)

That mile and a half,
Riding in the dark,
Sometimes it was foggy,
But there were always sparks,

I've tried living without you,
It's been nothin but a mess,
If I have to live without you,
I'll be miserable at best.

So I say again my beautiful girl
I love you
I love you, from the bottom of my heart.
  May 2016 Jonny
South by Southwest
There are no transmissions any more
Just long rocking emotions
sitting on the front porch of life
The skin of our teeth leaves
a vacuous  hunger
for the virginity of thought
But the magic inferred
leaves nothing but a sunset's ray
of goodbye upon the plains
of yesterday's regrets
Jonny May 2016
Spring is here,
Bringing memories so dear,
Deep within my heart,

I think of the days,
We used to smoke,
And watch
The squirrels at the park,

I cocked my hip,
As you took a pic,
Standing from behind,
I'll suffer through the days without you,
For it's only a limit of time.
Jonny May 2016
Hello poets and hello love,
Remember my belly button,
It had some fuzz,
Hilarious myth
That was actually true,
I was selfish the years I had with you.

I'm sorry.

I want to start completely anew,
And love every second of all that you do.
I want to learn what's all in your head,
The nights after work as we lay in our bed,
Every minute apart is completely a waste,
I dream and wish and pray for those days.
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