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The traces of your touch
Still linger on my skin
The shadows of your memory
Still bombard my thoughts
An infinite loop
Of bittersweet nightmares

But sickly satisfying
The desire to fight
Turns to plea’s of death
Attempting to end it all
By drifting into eternal slumber

But I always wake
From my desolate dreams
To a living terror
That day by day
Rips me apart

I need you here
Im going insane
So I hold on
To my agonizing hope,
My most precious pain
who's to say that what you call reality
is even real at all
maybe the fantasy I have created
is the truth
but you insist on trying to blind me with lies

What if i'm right
and good defeats evil
truth conquers lies
and light shines through the darkness

What if i'm right
that true love exists
and theres someone for us all
waiting for us to open our eyes and look
what if i'm right
and I can go throughout life like I live in a book
My temptation,
My alluring forbidden fruit

A succulent and sweet taste
Lies within those soft lips
But still, i must distance myself
With you just beyond my grasp

My temptation,
My alluring, forbidden fruit  

With fair skin, as soft and white
As a winters first snow.
Captivating me with your touch

My temptation,
My alluring, forbidden fruit

No matter how hard I fight it
From the very first taste,
That first stolen kiss
I became addicted.
To you, My sweet forbidden fruit
cold and heavy chains
bind back my heart
locked in a cold damp cage
and you threw away the key

I cant move on
stuck in this cage
with a lock that cant be broke
and chains that wont rust away

forever waiting
for your thoughts of me
hoping you will remember
to return and set me free
Who am I?
I have a name, but it isn't mine
it belongs to who i was
not who I am

Names are for those that are their own person
who have hopes, dreams, and visions for the future
not for the brainwashed drones of society
only living day by day without any dreams for themselves
just merely existing, waiting
waiting for the next order that so they know what to do next

Who am I?
I am just another drone
another nameless pawn only known by a model number.
The hollowed out corpse of who I used to be.
The brain that housed my ideas and visions of the future,
taken out and replaced with a chip.
The heart that held my hopes and dreams,
torn out and replaced with a battery
so when our chips short circuit or battery dies
they can just throw us out like any other broken tool.

Who am I?
I'm just another drone.
Some where along the way to where I am this moment in time I lost myself, forgetting what made me who I was. Finally realizing what happened I set off on a journey to get myself back, starting with this poem. It's bringing back the inspiration I once had, and set me on the path to re-discovering myself. I will find what I lost, and this name will never be taken. I wont forget it, or what it means ever again. I'll write it on my skin, carve it into my heart, and brand it on my soul, proudly wearing it and flaunt it in the faces of those that tried to keep it from me.
Moon shining brightly
high in the midnight sky
A howl from a lone wolf
breaks the quiet night

The strength of the wolf is the pack
without the pack the wolf will cry
the strength of the pack is the wolf
without the wolf the pack die

The forest cries out
hearing the lone wolfs howl
He is without his pack
the forest wants to comfort some how

The strength of the wolf is the pack
without the pack the wolf will cry
the strength of the pack is the wolf
without the wolf the pack die
staring at a blank sheet of paper
expecting the words to just appear
my emotions to raw to form
into the letters needed to express.

beating at my chest i pull and tear
begging and screaming into the night
trying to get a grasp on to any courage
I might have so to tell you
that everything i need
everything i want
is just you

Desperately clinging to pen and paper
needing to write it all down
this inconsolable loneliness i have without you
how the world was just black and white
then i met you and it was like seeing color
so vivid and bright, for the very first time

how just the slightest touch from you
ignites a fire under my skin
bringing life into the dead world i live in
and gives me a reason to go on

still so much to say but there isn't enough
words to describe what I feel for you
if you ever doubt anything i do or say
just have faith in my words here
for they are the truest i've ever spoken
no matter what, i'll always love you.
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