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Jonathan Lau May 2015
boys and girls,
of ages alike,
flocking to the school
with no surprise.
meeting friends of old and new
though some sting and bite.
experiencing a new environment around
with no limits and boundaries.
Jonathan Lau Nov 2014
hanging mistletoe,
hoping that it snows.
Jonathan Lau Nov 2014
indescribable of how much I wanted you to,
i want you right beside me,
forever and always.
the conversations we had
are all beyond description,
we share laughter and sorrow
and in the midst of everything,
we develop friendship and love.
but you are going away,
far from my reach
and all I could do now is to wait,
because patience and time
will bring you back to me again.
Jonathan Lau Sep 2014
shattered into pieces
like jigsaw puzzles
so painful
like a knife through my skin
a bullet to my head
that very moment
darkness reigns
missing pieces hiding from the truth
and the sweet memories we have
are slowing fading away.
Jonathan Lau Sep 2014
too many in this world,
many different flavors, shapes and sizes,
they may be my friends, close friends, acquaintances or even strangers.
but there's this special girl,
adorable and funny,
yet wild and naughty,
but best of all,
she's a sweet little pretty angel.
  Aug 2014 Jonathan Lau
You take forever to reply
But I'm still waiting for you
When you walk away
I stand there waiting for you

You thought I forgot what we had
But it's impossible to forget my heart
The most vital thing to me
Is in your grasp

I'll be waiting for you
To give your heart back
Cause you still have mine
So its fair I have yours too
  Aug 2014 Jonathan Lau
Patrick Sugarr
long have i been wanting
to feel your heart beating
with your arms gently wrapping
until my body is quivering
i really really want to hug you, R. I can do it anytime, you know. but to be hugged by you, i swear i'm ready to die.
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