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7d · 106
i reclaim the plate
cleared it of a ***** meal
dishes to be done
restorative action
like what may be done for us
tanka style
Jon Thenes Oct 10

threadbare feline
retreats under my porch
cold Autumn rain falls
integrating my soul
part of a greater sadness
Jon Thenes Oct 10

May Day at dusk
flittermice take flight from the eaves
flirty thoughts freed
swift pacing of my heart
when passing me you smiled
Jon Thenes Oct 10

my footfalls concuss
the ground beneath my boots
a human walk
any beasties that can flee
are missing from my experience
Sep 30 · 340
[crocodile dream]
Jon Thenes Sep 30
rolled over in dreams
            by victorious crocodile
lulled into baffled breath
            to be fed into life
a wake
fresh out of death

wrangled in bedsheets
            i fit back to sleep
a saturated berth
  to become a softer meat
drown side up
             in a ***** swollen river

       - 04:21 a.m.
Sep 25 · 37
Jon Thenes Sep 25
from off of your mind
they nab only marbles
applying the host
you idolize the absent
for they make perfect houseguests
Jon Thenes Sep 24
absent of mind
i fleece medical gloves
full disposal
thoughts on a trivia spree
refine a vacuous headspace

Springs breed of Spider
crosses the bathroom mirror
breaks the barrier
daze over ; i ponder Warmth
i fumble to find it
3 Another Side

[disposable gloves]

a habit ; absent of mind
i fleece protective hand skins
into a full disposal

my mind trills
and sprees on trivia :
practice attentive thought

Springs breed of Spider [Arachnid]
crosses the bathroom mirror
breaks the world between

out of a daze
i ponder Warmth
i fumble to find it

Kigo is subtle ... use of word fleece to indicate Sheering time in warm weather Spring.

refine an echo free belfry
Sep 23 · 89
rattle death
Jon Thenes Sep 23
macabre matchstick making
of the intimate skeletons three

animated in
amorous array

dry & clacking
tomb keepers

a puppetry of life's absurdist act

an amuse-meat
tattle little death
an after-mirth
what little it's worth

rattle death rattle
its the music that matters
time bleeds astray
tapping in the saddle
Sep 21 · 18
Jon Thenes Sep 21
i snail in your wake
a ringing skim of perforations and pikes
   taking readings

your signals
         manage agitated faults in me
       leased opiates
and a sensory quake

you dropped a hair tie
i form limb-like mucous spits
i join them on the far side of the object
   membrane surrounds and i engulf the collected

this       is       much       encouragement
i may increase my demands of you

i trail after you still
   sensitive to the tokens of love
       you patter behind for me
sensitive to the coding
       in the minute alterations you make
                                    of your daily routine
Jon Thenes Sep 16
a clock to the head
   triggers a seismic action

all that was needed

        into a surplus world

workings adapt
  to another set of living signals

view is challenged
and readings
       from the assigned past
                  are unfocused

ideas of what's to become
         are vague as a dreamers ordinances

              challenged is the stream
              challenged is the lifeboat
               challenged is the dream

love flares up
        in foreign places
and fears are accounted
        sworn and radiant
set proud where they were all along

you wish
   above all else
to grow tomatoes
and jar tomatoes
and sell tomatoes

you are flawed
       to be
more honest

your outlook is true
and your fellow players
and your previous established family
are unable to ward you

you feel sore for others
and their incapacitated priorities

new company is needed

seek others
who may have had
a similar clap to the cranium

                            - the Forget Me knot
Jon Thenes Sep 16

autumn eve sun sinks
The lowest insect projects
long shadows
criminal fingers like yours
took lighter being from me


the reply

shade swells to dusk
a cloak for lovers 'crime'
give freely and take
balanced nature
listen to the night ferals
first version :

autumn eve sun sinks :
from even the lowest bug
long shadows project
fingers criminal like yours
took lighter being from me

reply :

shade swells into dusk
a cloak for the lovers 'crime'
give freely and take
a fair balance of nature
listen to the night ferals
Sep 9 · 62
subject observations
Jon Thenes Sep 9
turmeric leaf wilts
the root is ready to eat
and be replanted

Geese trading seasons
formation against grey sky
'Traitors !' (just kidding)

The nervous surface
puddle clipped at by light wind
Even cupped, can't light match
Jon Thenes Sep 4
a gust of life
one day bellows another
so collapsable
guests stumble in fallen tent
a temporary social
Tanka style
Sep 4 · 71
trial run
Jon Thenes Sep 4
to view a sorrow
plashy with puddles sallow
a practice run for Ophelia

she rages
face down in the ****** jettison
        of a theatres fire exit

after her spasm
sits up
       hefty breathing
lights up
       a used cigarette
props herself against ****** wall
and picks up a littered programme ;
a christmas time pantomime

she cries for love and the sense of others
she laughs-laboured
forum within madness
Sep 1 · 63
[ sol sot ]
Jon Thenes Sep 1
Last of Summer Sun
Cast through Atrium Window
Catnap on the Job
Bloated in Absorbent Slum
Replenishing Chimera
earlier version

Last of Summer Sun
Weighty Slumber on the Job
Atrium Window
Blotted and Soaked into Sleep ;
Bewildering Recharge
Aug 31 · 29
Jon Thenes Aug 31
we gandered for food
they pepper sprayed sleeping bags
threat of the homeless ?
intolerable welfare ;
preyed on by authority

they garnish our sleep
projected from our cycle
and the battle we keep
fought lonely in dreams
our belly ache

this distended menace
our unsheltered numbers
threaten a stubborn structure could seem
Aug 31 · 66
Jon Thenes Aug 31
you are considered a dead thing
slowed down by decent refrigeration
and declared
'personality put to pasture'

a name would help with the paperwork
Jon Thenes Aug 27
"While I gaze upon it
I feel a certain distance:
The moon light
Makes its way to dwellings
Everywhere, I feel."

      by Ki no Tsurayuki

My Reply

Bright Issues the Moon
dusts the landscape with pale ash
slackens our taut customs
we're brought closer to our hearts

[Bonus Material. Earlier looser version :

When brighter the Moon
unknots our taught habits
spends our ideas
freely in its pale light
we act closer to our hearts]
Jon Thenes Aug 27
"Although I try
to hold the single thought
of Buddha's teaching in my heart,
I cannot help but hear
the many crickets' voices calling as well."

                      by Izumi Shikibu

My Reply

The Buddha once heard
noisy Crickets at their play
received good teaching
did the crickets from the man
who practiced great stillness
Jon Thenes Aug 27
the summers tail end
construction dust by floodlight
in the nights costume
the urban influence crowds
my already harried brain
Aug 19 · 23
Jon Thenes Aug 19
oh for the hollow
a hanger for a headspace
apparition free
of the cram of clever things
for impressing on others
Aug 17 · 28
Jon Thenes Aug 17
all of this
    is addled
all of this is tamed
    behind clothed eyes...

Persists a sable seascape
            flotsam is cerebrum
a featureless osmotic cathedral
  distant of all
a sense deposed vault
        of the heavens muggy other

I am formation
   the information
         and I am blip within

a wink
   notice from the euphoria
a gloss eye like obsidian
   alter praised pedestal
   lustcheivous spire
   with a height for a sky burial
   limpetted with devilish bloats

then it actions
                 lighthouse blinks ;
warm claps of welcome dishonesty
drum pats
              of a restorative oblivion

in the other place
my bodies face
                   plates a smile
my body
      a slack slap of meat
         on a ***** clothes heap
my bodies head
                the vices lapsed child

back in the gourdular cavern the bloats loosen
and slip down spire into the sable conducting liquid
Aug 15 · 55
Jon Thenes Aug 15
cruelty was intent
bent only to effect harm
pep up in power
as the action of a child

Aug 15 · 183
Jon Thenes Aug 15
heel to elegance
but don't let it stew in you
one detached glance up
from your stooped bow
and you'll see
Aug 15 · 107
play it safe
Jon Thenes Aug 15
be a calm fellow
fluent amongst urgency
paper over breath
keep grave distance and cleansed wits
flourish no void currency
Tanka style
Aug 12 · 19
Jon Thenes Aug 12

Token of luck
to drown out the hush
how best can we serve
this nervous piston ?


Fool moon of fusion
this ugly mission
a dunce
tight with loss
mitt in fist
with the lady grace delusion


Black plastic bag
take in a drag
         a hearty lung full
of these blemishes


down on the dock
          by the lock
heavily patrolled
this ugly fission


Black plastic bag
take in a drag
a heady strong glut
huff out this menace


Under a bridge
many vacate
lush bathe in the drink
who can afford
                        the plush cushion of reason ?
Aug 2 · 95
diurnal degrade
Jon Thenes Aug 2
Pendulum beds and woes
        accounts for the urgent night
The clock is choring

Feverish nocturnal motion
Animals thread a little heat through the eve
Aerial beings stir the air
A quick beat can be drawn

Underlying ...
     fear is foundation of excitement
and anxious youth take this strum
        to their clumsy congress

The worrisome world
        has heaped up
The act of days
The workweeks edifice
        bares a stubborn plaque

This knotted bind loosens in the nights
and desperatly so
        in weekend blowouts

when regarded
          is personally distorted

the machine
          doesn't ebb and grow
It pits mechanism energy
          against its own material death

Night span
         the diurnal degrade

The Night is where we can be re-met
            receive our charge
            and obtain a revision
Aug 2 · 94
river absolvent
Jon Thenes Aug 2
down to the river
to wash my hands free
of another sots mud

i relieve my lies in the bushes
i shrug acts
           lax from my shoulders
bathe off soft data

merely a being
and that is all

Jul 26 · 16
Jon Thenes Jul 26
Disperse             this hearse driven feeling
  clap it between monkey symbols
    matter-**** it
  to the currents

  from under
        the murky work
and the media
that dictates the worst   idea of my personality
and into the great dunder maws
                            of the life humour
Jul 19 · 236
Jon Thenes Jul 19
rude verbal attack

                 heaves from me

can't unmake the bout

become unmanageable

deconstruct our good union
Jon Thenes Jul 17
night expands darker
ideas flood us foolish
an invasive ink
pen scratches dishevelled page
an irrelevant writ dries
Second line originally had the word  'flooding' which made the syllable count one too many. I was also suggested to change the forth line. Here is an alternate ...

night expands darker
ideas flood us foolish
an invasive ink
gags upon dishevelled page
an irrelevant writ dries
Jul 15 · 287
Jon Thenes Jul 15
rain drained down
upon us cold
paraded away our labours
pegged at out bare backs
and showboated us all
as temporary
and lacking in good humour
Jul 13 · 62
Jon Thenes Jul 13
under my observation -
the telephone
waits to ring
Jul 13 · 73
Jon Thenes Jul 13
my spry    greedy eye
consumes villainous input
(to nurse in this thirsty mode)
beauty    is available
anti Tanka
Jul 1 · 68
a doze of scope
Jon Thenes Jul 1
the heat
observation :

the hummingbirds in flight
are small
like darting beetles

the beetles in flight
are large
like slow whapping hummingbirds

i am pulled
by my mulling
and a dose
of applauded nature :

it wasn't that long ago that the dragonfly
had the wingspan of an Andean Condor
and the menace of a military drone

it wasn't that long ago that a common houseplant
could provide refuge
for The Swiss Family Robinson

in the future
when the blue whale
and other sea monstrosities
are extinguished
could a wolf or polar bear
happily adorn
a fashionable businessman's breast pocket ?

in slumber nonsense
summer eve
and the heat
i am a microbe and a behemoth

a comfort experience
Jon Thenes Jul 1

muscled through passage
birthed into his life
quick to the breath
wordless, you pass me your name
Nicholas wasn't on our list


muscled through passage
birthed into his life
quick to the breath
relieved, i release my worry :
promised beauty is fulfilled
Tanka, homework, birth, event
Jon Thenes Jul 1

My friend gets published
fans himself with magazine
printed on the face
I feel joy at his good work
no impeding jealousy
Jun 11 · 92
Jon Thenes Jun 11
ground swell
and furniture at odds
storage collage
the breathing flutter

head blood flush
rush until taunt
and breathing...
                     an ail

off of still
pudding the chamber
tow my breathing
as ought

a gentle petitioning
takes effect

my senses are hooked back up
and i observe i am sat awkward
; floor and wall
untightening into feeling
Read like The Shipping Forecast if you like
Jun 8 · 71
Tanka Kigo Homework
Jon Thenes Jun 8
Floods of relief
supplants the Thaw
bathed of pollution
i peacock my presence
fashioned for new company

After the snows
landscape runs conjugal
Decay to Life
I yawn in gelid air
wake to the view
Jun 7 · 47
Tanka pivot homework
Jon Thenes Jun 7
man whales on a man
penalty out of law
a violence observed
i bare to get anger  
instead I view cold  

courtly on my birthday
a candle forest of flame
blaze of age
marked memories
struggle for the trail ahead
Jon Thenes Jun 1
a dog night of heat
yet a clear scan of heavens
nourished universe
my mind untravels it all
sleep when I am depleted

hot night
yet visible stars
busy creation
inspires thought
delays slumber
Jon Thenes May 30
come out of your grief
there's no crime in life ;
this signature
        these beliefs

you'll be sought out
           by the weave in your manner        
found you chasing a hollow banner
show us all                    
           a snapshot of your soul

there's no sleight of hand
just your self divorce
welcome to design

chalk it up to our crude behaviour
can't sanitize mother nature
feed us all
         the habits of your soul

wasted time
              entombed in your glamour
clapping in delight
                      camera chronicles
out go the lights
                    and out goes the kindness too
so mad at the way you're treated          
so ugly as the pressure beats you down
hand us over              
the very shame of your soul

let us know your final decision
sat flickering                
            before your television
grant us access        
to your broken soul
address your face in the mirror            
ask it's advice like you are its wearer
let us in                                        
the burrow of your soul
fess up                                            
             the officials have the room
open wide                                      
and humanize your role
wilted soul
no folding time in a holding cell
May 26 · 94
Jon Thenes May 26
the sand beneath time :
a scape of copping hopefuls
vandals feigning as Mages
talking up the coffers
and offering angry solutions
May 26 · 71
Jon Thenes May 26
all sky up on the mighty
begging of your own boundaries
heady with the ego

you present leadership
in a blunt tottering charge

an unfastened distraction
fear dominated
  and flinging fear
   as a sense blunting weapon
  scattering the people
cleaving them confused
polarized and susceptible
May 26 · 61
Jon Thenes May 26
we met

us two
we met

canine and cannibal

             in bedlam

    applying echo location
in some sensory dumb world
  of warm liquid suspension

we met

full of exploring
            ballooning growths

                      for the other

vetted together from this madhouse populous

antisocially clutted

                                    - asylum & sanctum
May 14 · 29
Jon Thenes May 14
my love is gone...
my love has gone next door
my love popped round
to perform frottage with the hedgerow
and lust after the new lawnmower

whilst i built 'The Good Life'
my heart got distracted
it grew a cavernous attraction to the neighbours
and their immaculate lawn

my love is licking their heavy curtains
chasing their well groomed dog
watching their home entertainment centre
and kipping on their sofa
(made comfortable with extra science)
my love has repelled from me
to ****** toward another life
a life neatly removed from a catalogue
and free of creative revolution
May 12 · 96
Jon Thenes May 12
i went looking for you tonite
           in some daring fit of vision
i sought after you in my own flesh
i stared through the screen for you
i near blinded myself in a streetlight

i took on a fierce drinking session
                                      - a pounding of the bellows -
                                   i fought for you in the fire fight
and in a blight of fists
        i fought amongst barbarian company...


                          ...though i thought i'd dredged my fill
                   i was shy by many-many shards
            and   one
                           and still... no you

i stumble

a drenching
i got dazed and a bit ****** up
with sick up in my gory hands
my mates look foreign at me
and i can't  get them words

my friends will not be moulded to assist
they are leaving me behind

you are demonstration, demon and a cost
you wear a fancy shiny sleeve
i love you
leisured up
                 you lure
                drunken ravage
fierce hole
        take some finance
i earned it *****

.......this is not you
    you're not here
(i am adamant)

on a mission
i pummel on the veils
in a fusion i rose the dead for a consult
but they fumbled 'bout awkward
much confusion
they picked at their seems
avoided eye contact
probably wanted brains
or replacement parts :
a useless summoning

looking for you
i am well travelled
time and space and different versions of stuff
it's been spectacular
i've seen the bulk and can make a bigger picture
this odd fella laughed and gave me some kind of herb
i'm massive
i'm quite mad
in my lunacy I'll hunt you down
moon n' sea
gather you
a study
ungut beauty
splay ; enforce you a spread of wings
      and examine
I'll be utter with your subject
be thorough with your data
because I'll never be forgiven
thieving away
the god from beauty....

and i'm sure your just round the corner
a collision in the scriptures
and we'll merge

I'll make the night
      livid mural
stars and crashes
         flee out into the night
now it is milk
and i am tourist
in my own hand
thought fails fluid
May 12 · 57
Jon Thenes May 12
withdrawn from our colour
retreat to the basement
with unillustrated lives fled
reflush our pallor
and flesh out lily liveried
astray from the light
bottled mighty in our culture dish
and reinvent
look ** ;
to the silverfish !
May 3 · 76
Jon Thenes May 3
floody gusts of
            fought up clamoury
      and the gums of our armoury
      that our cravy brain sustains
an addiction ditty
May 3 · 98
Jon Thenes May 3
every immoral chime
      every grievance
every ventilated crime
           is within place
        it is not at peace

   a natural allowance persists

  much art makes up cruelty
  (generations in the nursing)
  correct in the wilderness but
  a curdle within The Human Idea

a great work is needed to charm
   to able us harmless
    a reigning
   and rebraining ..
    .. a self applied restriction

                      -    the Whole Wild World wearies of our project
                          ( earn our continuation )
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