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i reclaim the plate
cleared it of a ***** meal
dishes to be done
restorative action
like what may be done for us
tanka style
Jon Thenes Oct 10

threadbare feline
retreats under my porch
cold Autumn rain falls
integrating my soul
part of a greater sadness
Jon Thenes Oct 10

May Day at dusk
flittermice take flight from the eaves
flirty thoughts freed
swift pacing of my heart
upon passing me you smiled
Jon Thenes Oct 10

my footfalls concuss
the ground beneath my boots
a human walk
any beasties that can flee
are missing from my experience
Jon Thenes Sep 30
rolled over in dreams
            by victorious crocodile
lulled into baffled breath
            to be fed into life
a wake
fresh out of death

wrangled in bedsheets
            i fit back to sleep
a saturated berth
  to become a softer meat
drown side up
             in a ***** swollen river

       - 04:21 a.m.
Jon Thenes Sep 25
from off of your mind
they nab only marbles
applying the host
you idolize the absent
for they make perfect houseguests
Jon Thenes Sep 24
absent of mind
i fleece medical gloves
full disposal
thoughts on a trivia spree
refine a vacuous headspace

Springs breed of Spider
crosses the bathroom mirror
breaks the barrier
daze over ; i ponder Warmth
i fumble to find it
3 Another Side

[disposable gloves]

a habit ; absent of mind
i fleece protective hand skins
into a full disposal

my mind trills
and sprees on trivia :
practice attentive thought

Springs breed of Spider [Arachnid]
crosses the bathroom mirror
breaks the world between

out of a daze
i ponder Warmth
i fumble to find it

Kigo is subtle ... use of word fleece to indicate Sheering time in warm weather Spring.

refine an echo free belfry
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